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Dizzi: Video Effects & Filters

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User Reviews for Dizzi: Video Effects & Filters

Glad I didn’t buy discounted year subscription!!

Thanks for getting back to me and giving me some options to get this resolved. I just emailed your team and hope to hear back from them soon.Previous review:This app doesn’t work. Don’t get me wrong. There seems to be a lot of really cool video filters but when I saw the instagram ad using an AI cartoon video that’s why I downloaded it. When I opened the app and got past the paywall I saw the feature I wanted, “AI vision.” It has video filters called Tooney and Mythic. When I select either one of them it presents to me a screen of the Dizzi logos as if it can’t register any of my videos when I know that isn’t true because the other video filters work. I can’t get past this point to even try what I was so impressed with. To the devs I would be happy to re review and test this part of the app. I’m a UX designer and have tested apps with devs before.

@davessuccess, Mar 12, 2022
Some changes good vs bad

I really love this app and purchased it originally for the dual cam. Good vs BadGood - new features- fun optionsBad- you have to press so many buttons to get to dual cam- less features in dual camLike positioning second cam- the tutorial button is always there and annoying. Trust me I get I know the system I don’t need it alllllll the time up there- until you press record the screen keeps all the visuals up there distracting. I already selected what I want get rid of the othersStill a great app but the original mission is being changed but they forgot why we got the and paid for the app originally.

afif cherif, May 17, 2020
App keeps crashing after downloading

Not sure why this keeps happening, I’ve had other video editing apps without issue but this one, immediately after selecting my free 3 day trial keeps crashing. I’ve restarted my phone, closed all the apps and made sure my systems were updated. After all these steps I got to use the app for 10min and then it started crashing over and over. After it does so each time my phone vibrates (like when I get notifications only it’s when the app crashes). I’d really like to use the app but not if this keeps being an issue.

Angelika Helina, Jun 23, 2022

I was so excited about this app that I purchased a subscription for a year. Big mistake. They had a great two-cam effect that was their main feature where they had your head cut out—and then they totally removed it and changed the app to be a watered down version of instagram filters. The two cam effect they have now is like all the other apps and is totally not creative or attractive—again they are just Instagram copies. It’s really disappointing that instead of building on top of what they had—they completely change. I wish I had never purchased a yearly subscription. I never imagined they would turn completely around to a Instagram copy cat. Save your money. Just use Instagram. On top of that, even if you are a paying customer, the make you like them on Instagram and tik tock to GET filters. Now, I think if you PAY you should get all the filters. It’s just all around bad.

beijing based, Aug 10, 2020
Nothing worth using

It could be a great app if the options they have available actually made good looking images. I will say the color correction section has some of the best looking presets I’ve ever seen. Even the creative presets were phenomenal. But noting this app can do is worth $7.99 a month. I don’t support apps that have outrageous prices with the free trial. They only do this because they think people will forget to cancel the free trial. Some other apps like this in the App Store are $40 a year. That’s a completely understandable price for an app such as this.

Blackbery-12, May 30, 2022

As somebody who loves to edit but doesn’t know how to do velocity editing this is a great app all you need to do is just tap the little bit sync thing and then they are you have a great velocity you can edit it yourself if you want to put some flashes on but other than that the app is great😭

Lana Pplays, Oct 25, 2021
Updated cartoon effect is the best around!

They just updated the Cartoon effect and it's awesome! I'm having a ton of fun seeing what different people look like cartoonified. Unlike every other filter out there, this one processes facial features to make them more animated looking, not just layering on some filters. I would say that feminine features sure look good, less so with male faces. That still needs work...Can't wait to see what they do next!

Markus Stratus, Jul 11, 2022
Awesome! But…

I love this app. It’s really cool and has a lot of filters kind of like the ones on Instagram, but that’s not what bothers me. I gave this only 4/5 stars because I have one really important feature that would have made this app way more convenient for me, and that’s allowing music in your videos real time while you’re recording. I know once you record a video that you can add music after, but that doesn’t allow me to lip sync the song or dance correctly to the music I put in after. Before I got the app,I thought this would have been like Tiktok or Snapchat recording, but with that issue, it really makes this a bummer. Other than that, tho, I really recommend the app to people who want a cool recording app like this one!!

PandaPlays2000, Dec 02, 2021
Infuriating. Face track cuts off my body and there’s no Undo button.

The face track feature cuts off my feet (the bottom of the frame) and there are no options to adjust it. Using the Canvas button also does not allow me to zoom out to the original video size after I’ve tried and turned off the feature. Also there is no Undo button so I have to exit and completely start from scratch. I will not be using this app.

Sam N W, Mar 11, 2022
Just a few random effects

Almost everything requires the paid version. And when you save it, even if there is no moving special effects, it changes the image in to a useless space-clogging movie file. So if you want to use it, you then have to take a screenshot/lose image quality and then use another app to crop it. You can get way more from other apps for less…or free! Facebook, a horrible place to find apps!!

strago1337, Dec 16, 2021


Capture all of your day-to-day fun and craziness in the most original way! FEATURES (Not ready to pay for Premium? Enjoy tons of cool FREE STUFF!) ▶Add a thrill to any video with a variety of trendy, mind-blowing EFFECTS and FILTERS! ① VHS, VCR, Film, Vintage – For those nostalgic about the past. ② Sky Change, Fisheye, Paper, Aqua – For those who crave some real change of scene. – Color the sky or add the moon and stars. – Turn on a fisheye lens. – Tear your shot like paper. – Go underwater with Aqua. ③ Sparkles – Add a bit of magic shine and extra glitz. ④ Light Play, Night City, Rays, Shutters, Palms – For those who like playing with light, gleams, and shadows. ⑤ Album Cover – For true music lovers. – Create your own cover for your favorite album. – Style any photo as a cool arty cover. ⑥ ColorMix, Color Pop, Duotone, Gradient – Change the way you see things. – Switch colors or make everything B&W with just one color popping. ⑦ Cyber, Pop Art, Creepy – For those who are into experimenting with reality. – Add glitches and red, blue, or purple light for a surreal, futuristic atmosphere. – Turn everything into an artwork or horror movie. ⑧ Petals – Light and tender.

Perfect for sweet, romantic videos. ⑨ Frosty, Autumn, Fall, Sunny, Beach – Filters for any mood and season. ▶Stand out among hundreds of plain videos with these jaw-dropping CAMERA MODES! ▶DOLLYZOOM◀ – Zooms in or out the background of the shot while leaving the foreground unchanged. Just like in those Hollywood movies! ▶MOTIONTRACK◀ – Makes the background move around you. Try using it for dances! ▶TIMEPLAY◀ – Speeds up a video and lets you come back to real time at any moment with a smooth transition. ▶BOOMERANG◀ ▶2CAM◀ ▶BeatSync◀ – Reflects a song’s beat in the video. ▶Add your own MUSIC or choose a tune from our library. *TikTok Content Creators Wanted* Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] if you’re willing to freelance with us and help build our brand on TikTok. Have any questions or suggestions? Want to share your impressions? Any feedback is very welcome at [email protected] Get Dizzi Premium - 3 subscription options: weekly ($4.99, 3-day trial), monthly ($4.99), annual ($54.99). Please note that the price of a subscription may change. - By subscribing you get unlimited access to all the app’s functionality for the whole duration of your subscription period. - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. - Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. “Free trial” > $4.99/week, or renewal equals the initial subscription chosen and its current price unless a special price is offered. - You can cancel a free trial, manage your subscription and turn off the auto-renewal anytime through your Account Settings. This must be done 24 hours before the end of a free trial or subscription period to avoid being charged. - Privacy Policy: http://exosmart.uk.com/dizzi-privacy-policy/ - Terms of Use: http://exosmart.uk.com/dizzi-terms-of-use/ - As soon as you purchase a subscription, any unused part or time-span of a free trial period will be forfeited.

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