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Dispo - Live in the Moment

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User Reviews for Dispo - Live in the Moment

Literally STILL crashing

I left a review earlier this week and put in a support ticket (which might I add no one responded to) because the app keeps crashing. It’s been almost a week now and I’ve seen other reviews complaining about the same issue, yet still no fix. It says my app updated today again, but to be honest the issue got worse because of it. Before, I could at the least take a peek at my dispos without fully clicking on them (because then it’d crash) but even that would only last about 10 seconds. Now, after it updated again, all my dispos show up completely blurred and I can’t even see what’s been processed. And before anyone says anything about space, I’ve cleared up more storage than one can clear lol, so I know that’s definitely not the issue of the crashing. I loved the app, but the issue of it crashing has become so frustrating. It’s also just sad when you take a bunch of pictures hoping you’ll be able to see them and now you can’t access them at all. Someone please fix this because I know I’m not the only one dealing with the issue.

ari_lla17, May 05, 2022
ALWAYS crashing

i love dispo, i have been using it ever since it launched and have gotten a countless amount of friends to download the app and use it regularly. i have my whole life documented on this app, i use it daily. however dispo has really been disappointing me lately. it glitches out so frequently and completely crashes. i love taking a bunch of pictures on dispo, but it is so frustrating when it is always crashing! i am too far in at this point, so i can’t stop using it. although it really frustrates me when this app is constantly going through periods of a week or so when it has no issues and then and immediate change. PLEASE fix this.

em7674!, Apr 24, 2022
The best camera app

DISPO IS SO SICKKK! I swear this app takes better quality pictures than my actual phone camera and the filter it puts on it is really nice! I like the app because when you take the picture, you can’t see what it looked like. Some people say that that’s dumb, but it’s actually nice because you don’t spend 20 mins trying to take a good picture, you just take a few and not even think about what they look like. Then the next day you wake up to a little surprise to see your dope pics from yesterday.

evan_harrell, Apr 25, 2021
Good app, small bug

I have been using Dispo for years now as my primary camera app. I love the UI, the interface, the look and feel. I’m a huge fan of this app but I do want to bring to the developers attention one small bug I've noticed. The pictures I take don’t show up in my roll until the day after I take them, which is super annoying! If me and the homies take a picture and want to make sure that no ones eyes are closed, we’re not able to. If I want to copy something down I just took a picture of to write for my homework, I have to wait for the next morning. That’s the reason I’m failing history rn. So overall, the app works great and looks amazing but it’d be much better if I could actually see the pictures I took right away

Hdjsnsmakajakajsjdjd, Oct 16, 2021
Great app

I love this app. I love that it takes awhile to see you pictures and that you don’t have to take a certain number to see them all the next day. It takes great pictures and they look better than my phone I think. If you are like me and want to buy disposable cameras it don’t want to pay for them this is the app. I just print mine from my phone at the end of each month and it saves me alot of money

i know what i mean, May 25, 2021
She has a certain “je ne sais quoi”

I really enjoy using this app! I love the idea that your picture takes 24 hours to develop, so you can take your picture, and be done. My one hope for the future of the app is a feature that makes it easier to connect with your friends/contacts who are already on the app. It’s nearly impossible to find anyone you know, and your left following strangers. Which is cool......but they’re strangers lol.

Jessie_0505, Apr 10, 2021
Rolls are confusing

Takes cool pictures, I’m glad it doesnt just put a generic “film” filter over the photos. The difference is very subtle and i like that a lot. The only problem I have is with the rolls. They’re very confusing because when I try to find a roll, they dont load in the menu. Its just blank. But i can choose which roll i want to shoot to in the camera part. But if you close the app, it deselects your roll ans just shoots to you normal library, which is really annoying. But the biggest thing is, what are rolls for? Is it an album for your pictures? Why? I can see all of my pictures in the photo section, and i can save the ones i like to my library, so why do we have rolls? It just seems like a feature they could do without until they figure out a unique way to use it. I definitley see potential in it, but right now its pretty useless. Other than the rolls the app is really cool.

k9s0, May 30, 2021
App crashes instantly now

UPDATE: After recent update seemed to be working normally, hooray! Then after about 20 pics it started to crash in the same manner it had been doing for the past month or so. And now it just instantly crashes and won’t even open, making it impossible to retrieve pics taken. Not sure if uninstalling and reinstalling would help but I don’t want to risk the photos in there that I haven’t had a chance to download yet. Very annoying!Love the way pics come out and the choice of different cameras, hate how the app has continued to crash after one or two pics for the past month or longer at least despite several bug fixes—newsflash, they’re not fixed! Also, apparently every time I go to add to my review I’m forced to write a new one. Not sure if this is some change to the App Store itself or just Dispo deleting bad reviews but it’s also annoying.

mcquake01, Mar 27, 2022
CRASH! (that’s the sound you hear using this app)

UPDATE: hasn’t crashed nearly as much the past few months, hooray! However, other “improvements” around saving and downloading pics has been not so great. Maybe one day tho so will run at 85% good UPDATE: Once again I’m sitting on a pile of pics that I’m unable to download because the app crashes too quickly. Every time I rely on this app it lets me down. Do not use for any occasion you need pics quickly. When it works it’s great. Unfortunately, it hasn’t really worked very well for a couple years. Each update seems to actually fix nothing and even create more problems. Why am I even still trying to use it, you may ask? See first sentence.

mcquake01, Aug 10, 2022
I would love to use the app (Update: ITS FIXED)

I recently downloaded the app and tried to sign up several times. I enabled access and put in my phone number but no matter how many codes were sent I couldn't get past the sign up screen. It kept saying "Please Try Again, Could Not Find User", like duh! I am trying to be 😭 I was really excited to use it but disappointed by the weird glitch.Update: They Fixed it!! I am able to use the app and i used it for my friends birthday, we absolutely LOVED it. we weren't stressed about "looking perfect" and it really does give cute little filters and vintage looks to the photos. it's easy to use and everyone gets access to the photos the next day at 9am! perfect photo app for nights out 🥳

Petty Latina, May 29, 2022


dispo is the digital disposable camera — live in the moment, and share the true you :) take a dispo, or ten, or a hundred, and share memories with your friends on rolls try out our latest cams and add a special touch to your day with just a tap who knew photos could be so fun?

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