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User Reviews for Diptic

Update from previous 5✴️

This should be removed from the App Store or bought by another company. Support page doesn’t exist any more. From using this daily for years (it was brilliant) I have gone to checking it out every few months only to find nothing has changed. For a while it was freezing on publishing of the final collection. (Shut the app down. Check photos to see if it actually saved. Relaunch app. Repeat). Now it won’t even upload any photos. If you look. All the reviews are OLD. So utterly disappointing. It used to be GREAT and I have found nothing to replace it.

brit bird, Jan 18, 2021
A Photographers Review

This app is exactly what I was looking for.This allows you to easily change overall image aspect ratio in addition to border size. Along with the flexibility of many different presets.Being able to ensure your photos are center stage when posting to the best social media app for photographers *cough* Twitter… is a huge plus. Hopping on the trend of posting multiple photos vertically with or without borders is super easy.And for the one guy on Reddit who was looking for a solution when posting multiple XPan photos. This is the app you want. I just can’t find the post.On the privacy side it claims not to collect any data which is always a major plus in my eyes. Most other similar apps have way to much being collected for something that houses your personal memories (check Instagram Layouts privacy labels).Great app!

CB_Apple, May 31, 2021
My go -to App to make a collage

It’s simple to use, has many layout options, and you can save straight to local photos OR share on social media directly from within the App. You are NOT required to sign in to social media to save pictures to your iPhone. For years, this has been the App that I go to to create simple collages and even animated ones. One suggestion to the developers, please add some more animations. Maybe charge for a pack of them? I hope they don’t abandon the App.

iCrapMyPlants, Feb 02, 2021
Works well and no subscriptions

I had been searching for a collage app but they all seem to have subscriptions of extremely dubious value. Diptic has reasonable In App Purchases but that’s it. Which makes sense for this kind of app. I don’t understand how anyone uses anything else. Highly recommend!

Jwink3101, Feb 02, 2021
Game Changer!

I love this app because you can change the aspect ratio! I make photo books that aren’t square (gasp!) and this is the only collage app I’ve found that gives you the option to make collages with different aspect ratios. I used to have to do anything that wasn’t square on my computer but now I can be anywhere and work on collages for my books which is so awesome when I’m traveling. Love this so much!!

lanny61, Mar 10, 2019
Long Time User

I’ve been using this app for several years. It’s solid and does a good job. I am disappointed that I don’t see new features being added.One feature to add would be the ability to save previously created collages in the app so they could be edited later. for example, I make collages of my pets and if a few months later I want to swap one photo in the collage, I have to recreate the whole thing from scratch and search all over for all the other same photos as the original.I would also like to see some new, modern looking collage styles added and maybe even a way to mix and match or build your own.

loiacki, Mar 15, 2022

I downloaded this app years ago, probably just for one particular instagram post at the time. I had no idea how much I would use it. Now I’m planning my wedding and it’s perfect for throwing together inspiration pictures to give to florists, jewelers, bakers, etc. when emailing a whole folder of photos seems like overkill. This is the rare app that I use equally for fun and business purposes. The variable aspect ratios are a game-changer. Have all my stars.

melonsinspaceandtim3, May 12, 2019
iOS 13.1.2 update just killed it

I loved this app. I’ve come back to it time and again. But with no update in sight, after Apple’s most recent 13.1.2 update, the app removed the ability to save to device, and instead offers the options to send in text/messaging, post to apps, or AirDrop. People on the go, like myself, can’t always have a source to AirDrop to, posting to social media isn’t always what I use this app for, and texting/messaging myself the image is a lame option. I guess I’ll have to find a new photo stitching/collage app. It was fun while it lasted... RIP Diptic

pixlanim8r, Oct 11, 2019
New update is terrible

What is this BS about having to log in with Facebook or Instagram to pick your photos? I want to pick photos from my camera roll in order to create a photo with Diptic TO post to Facebook and Instagram. This is ridiculous. Congratulations, you just ruined Diptic. I bought all the upgrades and supported you from the start for nothing.

QuoteMe7, Jun 04, 2017
Upgrade bad news

Newest version: Now can’t upload directly from Camera Roll…too bad, used to use a lot, saw a new version, but apparently have to upload from other apps…bad newsI've used this app for a long time, loved it, reviewed at 5 stars until this version which is freezing after saving two images or so. Reinstalling, etc doesn't solve. Please fix. I want it back to 5 stars! Tried installing the older version, same issues. Seems to be a problem in the interface between Diptic and the current OS as freezes happen when uploading or saving to/from Camera Roll.

rimjournal, Jul 31, 2021


Diptic, a former App Store App of the Week, helps you create and share beautiful photo and video collages. See for yourself why millions of people have downloaded this app!

 "A simple, elegant way to use pictures to tell your story." – Macworld DIPTIC 101 • Create collages with photos and videos • Super Customizable — Tons of layouts to choose from plus tons of ways to enhance each one. Save your own customized layouts for re-use • Add text captions, filters, colored borders, textured borders & more LAYOUTS AND BORDERS • Choose from 194+ layouts (additional layouts are available as in-app purchases) • Combine up to nine photos and/or videos in each layout • Customize your layouts to better fit your video or images by sliding interior frame lines or moving joints along the line • Create rectangular Diptics (great for printing) with Expandable Layouts (in-app purchase) • Round the inner and outer borders, as well as modify thickness and color, and apply textures to videos and images IMAGE ADJUSTMENTS • Choose from 14 filters, as well as adjust brightness, contrast, hue and color saturation • Pan, rotate, mirror, flip, and zoom individual photos TEXT CAPTIONS • Personalize your Diptic photo and video creations with a text caption • Adjust the font, style, color and size of the text VIDEO ADJUSTMENTS • Add music to any video collage and adjust audio start and stop time • Pick any song from your Music library • Customize video start and stop time IMPORT/EXPORT OPTIONS • Create Diptics with photos or videos from your library, Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook or Flickr, or take a photo on the spot with the camera • Save Diptics for safe keeping or share them with friends.

You can send via email, or share by uploading directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any app that accepts JPGs and/or video files • High-resolution export for pixel-perfect images • Import multiple photos and videos at once and swap media between frames • Add music from your music library to any of your videos 

 Let’s connect!

 Twitter: @dipticapp
 Instagram: @dipticapp
 Facebook: facebook.com/dipticapp 
 Flickr: flickr.com/groups/diptic  Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any suggestions for the new video features or anything else you’d like to see... we’d love to hear from you!

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