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User Reviews for Digital DoF

Great app!

This app makes it really easy to figure out your depth of field very quickly!

Cbresciani, Feb 23, 2021
Well laid out, and useful to

As I teach cinematography, I am always looking for ways to Indurain a healthy respect for controlling depth of field. Since I have begun recommending this application to my students they have a little easier time grasping the concept

Cinematographer1, Jan 24, 2017
Very Comprehensive

This is the most comprehensive list of sensors I’ve seen in an application for calculating depth of field.Well done!

cool eythan, May 09, 2019
Works like it should

It would be nice to be able to save some camera and settings to be able to toggle from one to an other

duncandim, Jun 16, 2019
Simple, Easy, Everything it needs to be!

A great free app that does exactly what it's supposed to do.

FilmDogg, Oct 14, 2016

Hyperfocal distances are inaccurate (not even close) with my digital cameras; for example on my Fuji GFX 100 it gives a hyperfocal distance of 8.45 feet at f/5.6 on a 23 mm lens. If using this calculation and focusing at 8.45 ft, the first ~12 feet is in focus while the entire background beyond that is very soft/blurred. The actual hyperfocal distance using the above camera/lens combo to make everything in the scene in sharp focus is ~22 feet. May be accurate for very small prints though. I’ve now found the only way to find the accurate hyperfocal distance for each lens and f-stop and camera is testing by trial and error with a tape measure.

mwr user645, Sep 25, 2021
An app that’s invaluable for photography

I use this in all my cameras. I don’t have the think to get everything in focus.

N00kyp00ke, Apr 27, 2020
Why does the depth of field vary by camera model?

Will you be adding a version for the Sony Alpha 1? Why does the depth of field vary by camera model? Why wouldn't the depth of field be the same for all full-frame cameras?

San Diego shopper, Oct 18, 2021
Great DOF app!

I really love this app! So helpful when I have a group of people especially. Tells he everything I need to know ams how far to stand back. Love it!

Scholtesb, Aug 20, 2021
Great App!!

I refer to this app almost every time I shoot. Usually before I leave I check a few situations so I don’t waste time at the site. Invaluable!!

SonyA900, Feb 27, 2022


An easy to use highly customizable Depth of Field Calculator for cinematographer’s and photographer’s. Lots of cameras to choose from. Now even better, the current version allows users to save their camera settings and view all in app purchases.

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