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Destiny: Lovers & Stories

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User Reviews for Destiny: Lovers & Stories

great game so far but

i hope u guys add another way to earn free diamonds and keys. love the grapics and story.

Bsbwoman84, May 12, 2022
Good stories and animation!

I can’t wait to read more🤩

DonnaSmith00, Jul 27, 2022

Nice but needs free keys T T

Silverose925, Jul 23, 2022


Join Destiny to choose your romance, start a relationship either in a vibrant campus, a castle full of unknowns or the flashy showbiz! Who is your destiny lover? Should your lover be a vampire or billionaire?

Should your lover await in the catsle or in the college? Or you could simply be the fantasy, perfect lover! ALL visual stories are original and well-designed, play/interact your destiny: - A brand new life on your own choices - Meet your destiny lover the way on your own choices - Romances with ALL OF THEM on your own choices - Start a fascinating adventure into the enchanted world Let me present our featured stories: Alpha’s Obsession - 5 Stars The big studio heir and the famous movie star; the werewolf of masculine charm and the gentle vampire. How will you choose, or take both? Immortal Lover - 5 Stars When your immortal vampire lover finds you reincarnated and chases you again, will you fall in love with him again? And what does he love--the past or YOU? My Mafia Master - 5 Stars At your most delicate moment after you lost your memory, it is your fiance who helps you regain your passion and hope. But he's been hiding some terrible secret from you...Are you going to be a happy fool or a sober loner? My Pet Professor - 5 Stars Professor with the best look, boyfriend with the right qualifications...let them be your own pet,if you dare. Undercover Heart - 5 Stars You will be a hot and talented journalist and destiny fall in love with a undercover corp, when this relationship put you both in dangerous situation, what's your decision: career or love? Queen's Choice - 5 Stars Will you obey your father's arrangement or follow your heart? Now to make a decision and take the hand of: sanctimonious playboy or puppy dog? Bargain Of 100 Days - 5 Stars Your boyfriend is cheating on you while the billionaire asks you for a 100 days to make you fall in love with him. Will this “bargain” blooms into a romance? Download now and make a romance decision!!!

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