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Obviously Genuine
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User Reviews for Deduce

A Fave...and excellent customer service!!

Yes, it's challenging, but it is far from impossible. One of my favorite games. The keyboard doesn't appear on my iPhone 4S. Not a deal breaker, just an FYI. Dials are easy enough to use. Voice recognition capabilities would rock so guesses could be entered simply by speaking. A fun thinking game!UPDATE: Can I give a sixth star for amazing, personal response to a review?! Larry of Obviously Genuine (developer of this great game) contacted me to tell me how to access the keyboard on my iPhone 4S. Simply swipe to the left and the dials magically become a keyboard! (I've become that person I roll my eyes at...the person who complains about something without first reading the instructions! Egad.). Honestly, this was the first time I've ever had a developer personally respond to a review. Thanks, Larry! Top notch game AND service!!Get the game, folks. Why are you still reading?! :)

Barkley09, Apr 26, 2013
Excellent word game! Fresh idea.

I've had this game on my idevices for many years, and I always come back to it. Definitely gets your brain working! Fun game, simple UI, great options for play! No ads or anything annoying. Really well developed! Can be as challenging as you want: Can be incredibly difficult or nearly mindless, it's up to you. Just a truly fine game!

benoibe, May 12, 2015
Excellent Game

Great game to pass the time, especially if you love word games. The UI is not super intuitive, but makes sense if you read the instructions. This is a minor complaint though, as the play is engrossing enough that you quickly forget about the UI.

Deduce Player, Jun 10, 2010
Almost Great

Why can't we just use a keyboard? Why can't we unmark letters by touching them again? Why is it that I can't find the common letter usage info without touching the hint button until it either offers it or runs out of things to tell me without having offered to let me see it? I like this game a lot, but those things are irritating.

Hentron, May 06, 2011
A new take on an old classic

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to spend hours playing Mastermind with my sister and anyone else who might be interested.. Those colored dots were both the source of agony and exhilaration.. The author of this application has taken that classic and breathed new life into it, using letters, rather than colored dots (although the background colors tend to remind me a lot of those dots).. I've owned this app since version 1.0, and the improvements are outstanding and show a lot of well-thought out efforts by the developer.The latest version is no exception, and having the "floating tips" on the iPad app help focus your concentration when you're staring off into space wondering what 6 letter word to guess next.I would give this app 5 stars, and do hope for continued success. I do have one request, which is to be able to skin the UI so that there are times I can escape my youth and not be so distracted by the colors.

Jargon MG, May 12, 2010
Fun, challenging, and educational.

I've been playing this game for quite a while now. Other games get installed-played-uninstalled, but this one stays on the device, outliving all of them. The novice mode gets you well prepared for "classic" games, giving you a solid idea on how words in the English language are composed. Also, it will certainly expand your vocabulary, and the Dictionary feature is indispensable.The gameplay is engaging. Ironclad logical deductions boost your self-esteem, while occasional lucky guesses bring you that "jackpot" sense :-)

Jerry Zeinfald, Jul 21, 2013
For the logic minded

This is a modern and certainly slicker version of an old game that probably died when Jotto was born. I have enjoyed it for many hours and in a series of e-mails have appreciated the developer's willingness not only to give support but to consider modifications in coming versions. What is now missing but possibly in it's future is the ability to "duel" in real time with an adversary over the Internet with each selecting a secret word chosen to stump the other! It will get my five star rating when that appears.

Jluria, Sep 17, 2010

Simple concept and pretty easy to play in a line while waiting. I'd love to see the graphics changed from the purple color splash screen and the main screen background; and the iPad layout optimized a bit more for the space.

Scott G., May 25, 2010
Update on a classic game

If you played any word games growing up you would love Deduce. My kids like playing it and with the suggest feature they didn’t get stuck thinking of words. It allows you to save games and share them with friends. A fun game to fill a few minutes.

TNuzzi, Jun 07, 2010
Great App for word lovers

This is a challenging and addictive game where you have to guess a six-letter word using only guesses of other valid six-letter words. You only know if you have a letter in the right place... It doesn't tell you if it exists elsewhere in the word... So it is much more challenging than a mastermind type game. I'm completely hooked.

Zanbabe, Oct 26, 2011


Note: This version of Deduce supports iOS 13, but requires at least iOS 10.3 or later. Deduce is a fun way to learn and visualize the process of logical deduction for players of all ages. It's a uniquely challenging brain game requiring clear thinking (and a small element of luck) played with six-letter words.

Deduce a mystery word by exercising both your vocabulary/spelling skills and your ability to make logical inferences. The goal is to discover the mystery word with as few guesses as possible. Deduce acts as an assistant who enforces the rules, provides hints, keeps track of your progress, sets up match games, and awards achievements. No ads, no in-app purchases, just pure fun! Reviewers have said: "One of my favorite games", "Other games get installed-played-uninstalled, but this one stays", "Challenging and addictive", "Very original and lots of fun", "I'm completely hooked", "Hope I can stop playing it soon!" Features: 1. Game Center integration. Statistical results, scores, and saved games are associated with the active Game Center player. If you are not logged into Game Center, you may supply your own player name for separate game tracking, or play anonymously. If you use Game Center, scores are reported to Classic, Novice, Match, and Puzzle leaderboards. A Champions leaderboard ranks the overall quality of your play over time. Achievements may be earned based on the quality and persistence of your game play. As you earn Deduce achievements discover 50 19th century literary giants of the western world, who were also masters with words. A portrait medallion is awarded for each achievement -- collect them all! 2. Online Matches will return in a future update. You may play a Deduce match race with an opponent, or challenge a friend by selecting his or her mystery word yourself. If you are not racing to deduce the same word, watch your opponent's game as it's played. Text chat during or after the match. Until this feature returns, you can challenge your friends by sharing a Deduce game number via Airdrop, email, or iMessage. 3. Mystery Word definitions. When you finish a game of Deduce, a definition of the mystery word is provided. Increase your vocabulary as you play more games. 4. Game records. Keep or mail beautifully formatted PDFs of your games or matches to yourself or others, or print your games using AirPrint. 5. Global settings. Use the Settings App to specify global options for Deduce, such as autosave (which automatically saves a limited or unlimited number of your completed games). 6. Easy sharing with friends or other devices. Find a particular game really challenging? Send it or airdrop it to nearby friends. 7. Improved user experience, improved marking and unmarking, and simpler game play. Use letter dials or a keyboard to enter your guesses. On an iPhone or iPod touch, pinch/spread the guess list to enlarge it for easier manipulation. On any device, swipe across the guess list to eliminate or restore guesses with no hits. Reorder your guesses at any time. Having trouble thinking of words? Use the Suggest button! Need advice about your game play? Tap on Sherlock for tips and encouragement. 8. Select your favorite photo as a backdrop for playing Deduce, or use one of our two built-in backdrops.

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