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Leonid Studenikin
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User Reviews for Dazoppy

Great app

I think it’s amazing because I have been trying to watch stranger things for ever but never could find an app that that was free and yes it does have adds but you still get to watch the movie for free 10/10 recommend.Sincerely, purple stinky potatoes

!this is my new favorite app!, Jul 27, 2022

I just got the app a few days ago however, I’ve only gotten to watch one movie ( not even the full thing) and it’s crashed and I check in a few times a day and the movie that I would like to continue watching will not start. Please fix this. Also, the ads? Not ideal, first of all there’s an ad every time I exit the app. Second of all, every like 15 minutes for me, there is an ad, which can be super annoying especially when your at the good part in the movie or show and it pauses and shows an ad. I’m very disappointed in this app I was super excited to finally watch a movie that I couldn’t find anywhere but I shouldn’t have gotten my expectations so high. And lastly, why would anyone pay to not have ads when we can’t even get the app to work? It’s just doesn’t make sense. DON’T GET THIS APP! IT DOESNT WORK SO DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP!

##gamelover, Jun 21, 2022
It’s ok

I love this app and love watching all kinds of shows, even without the ads. I would give this a 5 star but I’m only giving it a 3. I pay a monthly subscription for no ads and now I can’t even access the movies I have saved or even search for different ones. I’ll change my review when this gets fixed.

cjnngfy, Apr 27, 2022
Good but a few malfunctions

This app is great and i love to watch my favorite shows! BUT, on some episodes of a show called Justice League Action won't load like the others. Season 1 Ep 5 I waited for 10 mins and it still wouldn't work. Do you mind fixing this because i really like this show so far and i really don't mind all the ads but maybe you guys can also reduce the amount of ads. I know this company is trying to make money, but not so much ads. Other than that I love this app and this has saved me so much money because if i didn't have this i would have to buy all of my episodes so thank you and i hope you can resolve this in the future! :)

CrusherCeuticals, Feb 01, 2022

I love the app because it allows me to watch movies and shows I’ve been wanting to watch also it don’t only show trailers it shows the real deal so get the app today and u won’t regret it but u have to pay for premium

dazoppy, Mar 18, 2022
It’s good, few issues.

This app is great and all. But every time you exit out of the app you have to watch an ad. And sometimes the movies will freeze and then I’m unable to watch the movie and the ads are a bit annoying but it’s not a big concern or issue for me. And when you leave the app my phone automatically gets slower so if you want to watch your movie don’t leave the app because when you try and come back to watch your movie your left with ads and your phone just being slower. Other then this I think the app is good. I mean I get to watch a lot of movies that I thought I couldn’t watch without having to pay so the app needs some fixes but other then that I think this app is good for streaming movies and shows.🤎

dhd dhwsdbdb, Jul 15, 2022

This app is amazing, and I know that if someone is reading this they might think it’s fake but this is actually such a good streaming service. Unfortunately it is riddled with ads but to get rid of them it’s only 5 bucks a month. That’s cheaper than any streaming service and it has everything. I have been using this app for like a year now, it sometimes needs to update, the bad part about that is that it actually changes apps when it updates. But honestly I think it would be a good choice to cancel all the other streaming services and just get this one, it’s so much cheaper than paying for 4 different apps, all in all I think it is amazing as long as you pay to remove the ads

gigjiff, Apr 08, 2022

I haven’t been able to find that many movies but this helped a whole lot my bestie recomendad this app it me and I was like “no way!” But I was able to find soooo many movies I wanted to watch (FOR FREE) and I’m so very happy! All the ads are worth the wait if the movies are free! (Btw I’m still pretty new to this app so I might be wrong about some things)

joylovegodhipe, Aug 07, 2022

Found this app in a ad, at first I thought it was fake but I was curious so I downloaded it. To my surprise it was REAL! I clicked on a movie I wanted to watch and FREE! FREE TO WATCH! I didn’t have to pay for anything except for the ads and stuff but literally perfect app! I don’t have to pay for my Netflix or Disney+ anymore! This app is my best friend for now. But there is one issue, the ads. I’m enjoying watching a movie and pretty much every 20 minutes, a ad pops up and thank god isn’t like 3 ads but still, it’s kinda annoying. I don’t wanna pay to remove ads. I know it’s cheap but like, I don’t really wanna waste my money. Trying to save up for a Tesla. But yeah this app, IN LOVE!!! I CAN NOW WATCH STRANGER THINGS SEASON 4 TYSM!! GET THIS APP NOW FOR FREE MOVIES! DOWNLOAD IT NOW! (NOT FAKE!) 💜

mochipapi 😻💜, Aug 02, 2022

I love this app only issue I’ve come across is; while in the middle of a show or movie it’ll just blackout & crashes. I’ll immediately go back in and when I click on the title I was watching it won’t play, I’ll have to wait maybe a few hours to a day( haven’t counted) just to watch it again. I actually brought one of the subscription but for this reason only is why I cancelled it, not paying for something I can’t watch. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon🤞🏼

shay9498, Apr 01, 2022


This is a puzzle game app, which contains multiple puzzle games, providing players with a good gaming experience 1. Exercise your reaction ability through accurate color recognition, come and challenge it 2. Excellent gaming experience Source: The film covers uses the TMDb but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

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