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User Reviews for DataMosh Deluxe

Easily the best on IOS

From ease of use the great results, DAC has given us a datamosh app that slays the current crop. Unlike most glitch apps that do pretty much the same thing, just a little different, DAC is unique in its capabilities and execution. Put it in your arsenal and be amazed :)

Always Don't Mess With Me, May 09, 2021
Won’t work

Why is this glitch app so glitchy. I couldn’t get it to work. Shutdown after trying to import. I’m reinstalling to see if it will work.....Moving my rating to three stars as reinstalling worked. Still just ok. I think a tutorial would help but some things I’d like to see are the capabilities to edit your photos in app to create the video instead of having to import a video into the app.

Bananasg, May 16, 2021
More of a toy than a tool

A bunch of obscurely named presets with basic sliders that don’t seem to change things up much. The reactivity to music seems basic at best (honestly can’t really tell if it is working) you can’t preview your settings until you start rendering. I suppose I am being a little harsh but I expected more for 5 dollars on the App Store.. even as a toy it feels basic.

Bretlebee, Jan 13, 2021
Good bit

I thought it would allow me to add a fx to videos with pre-recorded sound. not separate sounds from the file section. Will this be a feature in the next update? if not I don’t want the app anymore. It’s a nice app but it’s not doing what I needed to do

djsonic, Jan 20, 2021
Cool, but kind of limited uses

Great video effects, but doesn’t allow you to use your video’s captured audio without a really complicated workaround, as described in the FAQ. Good option if you’re editing together multiple clips with a separate audio track (like a music video, as described) but not for casual use cases.

dontstaylong, Jan 24, 2021
Love it but

This thing is great and I use it constantly for my work. I do a lot of Passthrough‘s for what I do and just discovered that the app is storing all of my takes in a way that I can’t access deleting them through the app itself, I have to use settings. They don’t seem to be anywhere on the app and are taking up almost 2gb.

elstonngunn, Mar 07, 2022
Best Datamosh app out there

I have been playing with this app for the past couple of weeks now and am very impressed with what it does. I have checked out a bunch of glitch effect apps but none of them create true datamosh effects like this one does. I recently discovered the audio feature and have had a lot of fun watching my videos react to the music. You never know exactly what you are going to get which makes it all the more fun. Would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is a fan of glitch art or datamoshing.

lil_tekamaki, Jan 15, 2021
This App Rules!! -Like seriously

Immediately out the gates this was both fun and nostalgic with the retro-wave graphics. Turns out I love merging the compliment of old videos I’ve taken with my phone and moshing them together with random stuff. The filters are easy to use, however the options are quite vast if you get deeper into the functions so it was mind blowing when realizing how many options I had but it can be used more basically if you don’t wanna get too deep into the fine details. It’s refreshingly easy to use and the results are totally wicked. Overall, I’d say it’s fun and leaves you with a final product that is both intense and professional looking. Hands down, this is my new favorite app. One warning though... it’s kinda addictive as I just couldn’t put it down once I started. Otherwise, well worth the money and then some.

Mike AlivE, Feb 04, 2021
Very Slick!

This app is seriously fun to play with and it appears to be the most promising data mosh app out there for audio reactivity.Extremely cool to experiment in! You just keep trying different combinations and then BOOM you strike datamosh gold :)Recommended!!!

skiphunt, Feb 10, 2021
Needs some UX work.

I know “real data moshing” can’t be real time. But why not at least render a small sample of what the what the output could/would be. It’s a huge usability issue not being able to actually see what the sliders do. >The knob on the “select datamosh” screen seems very wonky and should be revisited. > once i rendered a video and it was put into the “saved videos” screen, I found they were hard to tell apart from others i previously rendered. you might want to have some type of automatic naming convention> if you’re responding to reviews with “email us and we’ll walk you through the app!” you obviously have a usability issue that needs to be addressed. your app should walk a user through the process. > Your ad/intro screen seems a little misleading from what the app actually does. maybe create an ad/ intro with your app instead of using after effects or whatever you used ?> also was bummed the tutorial section is legit a “coming soon!” lol Hopeful for updates, it seems you have the skeleton of it down, just need to start focusing on the UX side of it. I hope the devs see this as constructive.

todddk, Apr 28, 2021


!! ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD for the only app to feature 100% recycled pixels from organic lama hair !! VOTED NUMBER ONE most creative app ever in 20 saved simulation theory simulations of simulations! !!

HIGHEST GROSSING APP in the history of all underground caverns! !! VOTED NUMBER ONE app in the fourth, fifth and sixth parallel dimensions in your mind! !! WINNER SEXIEST USER experience in 10 horizontal universes! ****!!!!PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY!!!!!***** You need to work for the results to find the magic with this app. If you want a more predictable real-time app than do not purchase this app. There are lots of amazing apps that have realtime glitch filters and FX that provide instant satisfaction this is definitely not one of them. DataMoshing does not emulate glitch it is a type of glitch. We have to break the video frames and then reassemble them in creative ways. If the app was real-time we would be time travelers. That’s the next update. Beam me back Scotty. Old school manual DataMoshing takes hours by hand. This takes seconds. Well aren’t you lucky. Giving Back To Artists: We know how it feels to be a broke artist and to not be able to afford the tools. We are going to be releasing many more video, music apps as well as hardware. We want you to have all the tools! Please email us if you are struggling financially and we will put you on our list to give you all of our products for free or at a discount until you are back up on your feet. What users are saying! “Man after my third mosh I realized that putting probes into animals brains with the intention to read peoples minds is a bad idea. It never ended up working out well in science fiction novels and I read a lot of them! After the fourth mosh I realized that living in a bubble on a toxic barren wasteland in space is not a good idea for mental health! Thanks DAC! You’re a life saver….Literally. Go Doge! -Elon Moshk "I can’t look at my wife’s face again after I saw her face melt ™ Now I am going to therapy three times a day! Thanks DAC for the memories!" -Kanye Westinghausen Mosh jr. "I thought I knew everything until I was humbled after my first Mosh. Now I live on top of a mountain in a cave thanks to Datamosh iOS!" -Quinten Moshintino "Data Mosh for iOS made me get in touch with my inner child. I love yoga now! I am super stretchy and chill! I also look great! Thanks Destroy All Circuits! Namoshte" -Chrissy Karma Moshkin "Great job! Dada Moshio would be proud!" RIP -Ralph Moshio It has taken us almost two years to make this app. It is a labor of love. We honestly didn’t think it would do this well. A big thank you to all the Glitchmanauts everyone that have supported us along the way and have given us countless suggestions to make the app the best it can be. We hope you enjoy it and much as we do. Please keep the suggestions coming. Its called email. Oh yea baby —— > [email protected] This app is dedicated in loving memory to Dada "Pizza Face" Moshio. 1930-1984 RIP. You will be missed.

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