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User Reviews for Data Compress: Saves you money

A must have

Used to have the 4GB data plan from Verizon. Now I have the 1GB. You can see it in the data usage. I used to struggle keeping under my data and now after installing Data Compress I don't have to constantly monitor what I'm using. And there are times when I forget to turn off 4G. Now the consequences aren't anything near what they used to be. I will definitely be recommending this.

andreashop53, Oct 05, 2015
Seems to work

This app seems to work just as advertised. It seems to cut data use by about one half. This is great! Data saved is nice and saves money

Andrew874, Oct 05, 2015
Connecting problems

I’m having a problem connecting the app

Geedton2020, Jun 12, 2022
Better Interface?

I love the app, no joke, but I do want a more elegant interface. I'd like to see a graph of savings or information of how much data is saved of possible, I think it'll be really cool to see how much data you have compressed. I really hope the team takes this idea into consideration!

Hammy_B, May 23, 2016
Works great, sometimes

Saved me a lot of data usage but has big problems with iTunes and some mapping programs and once in a while won't work w Facebook. I let the developers know so hopefully they fix that.

iBarbaraStreisand, May 16, 2016
Must have app

It just does one thing: saves money on my Verizon data charges. Nicely done, too!

Kent860, Mar 19, 2016
Deleted immediately

This vpn doesn’t connect as if you have no internet. And even after removing the app, something strange happens to the vpn toggle in settings, it masses with my other vpn services...

peterzayed, Mar 23, 2020
Amazing app

I would suggest getting this app now, whether or not you have unlimited data. My data would run out in a week, but after getting this app I have around 50% of excess data left even though I use the internet more. I love this app so much

STEPHEN SF Bay, Oct 05, 2015
Does what it says

Noticeably faster speeds when I'm on the train. Nice that it compresses everything in the background.

tomvon, Oct 05, 2015
Great .

It will tell what you need to know about journey! Make sure to listen to it before you start off! I am impressed..

Willnoepl, Oct 05, 2015


DataCompress is a data savings app for your smartphone which also blocks ads. Take control of your mobile data usage and save up to 50% of your mobile data plan with the app. Why you need it: 

• DataCompress reduces the size of images and text on your mobile device so you use less data and get the right sized content fast. • Browse the web freely and share more pictures without worrying about hitting your mobile data plan limit. •  The compression happens in fractions of a second so instead of wasting time downloading data on your phone, you quickly get what you want when you want it. 

• No matter what kind of data plan you have, it always pays to use less and save money.

How it works:

 • DataCompress runs in the background of your phone and directs all of your mobile data traffic through Private Communications Corporation’s servers. DataCompress uses the latest compression technology ensuring you get the most out of your mobile data plan. Pricing 

• You can try DataCompress for free for ten days. After that, you can purchase an auto-renewal subscription for $1.99 per month, or an annual subscription for $19.99. You can turn off auto-renewal in your Account Settings.  • For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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