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User Reviews for DailyPay On-Demand Pay

HORRIBLE!! Steer clear.

I helped out at an additional store last pay period. I didn’t get paid for one of my stores. When I called to fix it they pushed over a payment that was really a sort of pay-in-advance payment because the pushed forward money they didn’t have to back up that I DEFINITELY didn’t ask for. I asked for answers and what could be done, NOT borrowed money. Then that put my daily pay account into negative. I called for a week in a half to fix the problem by pay day today so I could get the money I deserve. No one on daily pay reached out to ever. I always called in. Despite them marking my account as urgent numerous times and filling escalation tickets nothing got done and magically for a week and a half while a called a manager was never in? It’s been 2 pay period and I haven’t gotten the money I worked for thanks to daily classifying my check wrong. A fixable problem that’s taken a week and a half just to be heard and hopefully it’ll be solved. And the best part is I can’t leave and get my money bc daily pay states I’ll lose access. This organization is ridiculous.

- JA, Jan 10, 2020

I love the idea of this service but it’s sketchy and the customer service reps are beyond rude! Let me explain, my bank account information continues to be disabled on the daily pay end. I’ve spoken with my bank and they only see several successful transactions. But on the daily pay side my bank account information gets disabled and I have to go back in and re-enter everything. I called customer service and I was told that the reason for this issue is my fault and I am not putting in the correct information. The women I spoke with refused to think any of this might be issues on their end. I had all of my, correct, bank information in front of me while I was on the phone with her. The lady kept trying to tell me that I didn’t have the correct information because my account number didn’t have enough numbers. My account number only has 6 numbers and she said that account numbers have between 8-10 numbers (because she googled this while on the phone with me) so I am missing something. Daily pay needs to get their crap together, own up to tech issues on their end and stop putting all the blame on their customers! I have since deactivated my account out of pure frustration! If my next paycheck doesn’t get deposited into my account I will be blaming daily pay 1000% due to their lack of ownership to the issues at hand! Moral of the story I wouldn’t recommend daily pay to anyone!!! Stay clear of this service!!!!

AGiberson, Jun 30, 2021
Frustrated old time user

A year ago I started working for a company that offered daily pay. Being a fairly decent budgeter and a firm believer that the old-school era of getting paid every two weeks is out of date and a scam, I used DailyPay often. Fast forward to now and about two months ago I took a position at a different company that also offers dailypay. I plugged in all information for my new company onto the app but I then discovered my account was cancelled due to no longer working at my previous company. No big deal, I decided to call and figure out how to get it set up. I sat on call for an hour and 20 mins, eventually gave up. Called again and again, finally got offered an option to receive a call back. After receiving the callback I did everything the rep told me to do and was told that she could see I am a long time user and that my account would be restored in 24 to 48 hours. Weeks have gone by. I finally took the time out of my day to call again and sit on the phone for hours waiting for someone to pick up. Eventually got an answer and was told yet again the same thing, that my account would be restored and my ticket was “escalated”… it’s now been another two days and still no balance to pull from. It’s frustrating, time consuming and the customer service lacks. The turnaround rate for answers on someone’s MONEY needs to be evaluated. Hoping my escalated ticket gets answered soon..

Brook6789, Jul 15, 2022
Aramark via instant pay

Ok this being my second job I don’t care about borrowing at all I would do it everyday but the updates are not daily atleast for me. First day of work on a Tuesday I see my $123 so I cash out $123 first deposit free then I waited 5 days for my Wednesday pay plus now they say only 50 % can be advanced and when asked about my first advance being 100% of my pay “minus taxes of course” they can’t explain how I was able cash out $123 when I should only be allowed $60 some odd dollars because 50% allowed amount. So on Tuesday of next week I get my $58 dollars after the $3 fee. Then I’m thinking ok maybe Wednesday I’ll get another $58 and so on and so forth but no that’s it no more money sent to my daily pay during the middle of pay period. End of story it’s not daily pay and they blame your employer and employer blames them. Change the name from daily pay to whenever it clears. Don’t ever both with this daily pay crap. No matter where you are just go to “People ready” it’s nation wide and they actually pay daily no gimmicks. Just choose the daily pay jobs not weekly if your in a bind for cash. Ps No need to have daily pay personnel comment back because obviously by the amount of bad reviews your failing as a company.

bye macari, Jan 21, 2022
Change of heart

So before I talked to this DailyPay employee I’m about to mention, I was already out the door ready to stop using DP. The overall experience was honestly horrible. Customer service sucked, I had a dude eating while talking to me and talking like he’s on the streets. Just unprofessional. Let me say there is some good agents at DP but far and few. Anyways, they were charging me $2.99 a transfer, for what was suppose to be free when you set up a Current account, But then God called on one of the good ones left at DailyPay and I couldn’t be more happier. All worries are gone knowing this man works for DP. I had run into some horrible customer service with them and week long responses just to get asked if I needed help again. Then came along a man named DAVE. A legend in my book and someone who DP needs to pay as much as you can to keep at your company. Cause he will keep customers and make the company money. I don’t know his last name but he’s a Daily Pay employee named Dave in the customer service department, most likely runs it. But man, I hope people who have issues with DP, get to talk to a Dave. He made everything more then better. Dave is up there with Jesus Christ in my opinion. Just a class act and a peoples person. It’s not the hero we want, but it’s the Hero we need! Thanks for your help Dave!!!! Talk soon

chadgarrison15, May 28, 2022
Coolest and most convenient app app ever!!!!

This app is without a doubt the most useful tool for anyone who lives from paycheck to paycheck ( the vast majority of Americans ) . The first thing I absolutely love about it is the fact that it is not a payday loan , it doesn’t charge you rediculous interest rates averaging 400% apr or higher according to a google search I just did. As a matter of fact this service is absolutely free if you’re willing to wait a couple of days for your money to transfer or if you need the money instantly deposited into your account they charge you a flat rate of 2.99 no matter how much you receive. The way it works is it is synced with your direct deposit info and knows your pay schedule and your hours worked In real time . It will basically make a percentage of your pay for the hours you have already worked available to you instantly ( the percentage is roughly half) . For example, say you make 25 dollars an hour and you work 8 hour shifts. That would be 200 dollars per day before taxes . So if you have worked 3 days you would be able to get roughly 300 dollars deposited into your account instantly for 2.99 . And when payday comes you will receive your full pay minus the 300 dollars you were given early. Isn’t that awesome ?!?! You should give it a try next time you are in a tight spot and need funds instead of getting a payday loan or pawning your personal belongings. I’m confident you will love it as much as I do .

djturbo91, May 20, 2023
Daily pay we hijack your paycheck and make you wait

Ok before you do anything with this app just be aware it changes your direct deposit to them then to your bank account. So if you have a bank account that gives you your money two days in advance, that advance is now gone. The whole idea of getting this app is to get a advance on your money, however your money arrives like normal but if you don’t pull any out as an advance then they deposit all your money in your bank account a day before your paycheck legally is supposed to arrive. That’s if they even give you the ability to pull an advance out. I seriously recommend not getting this app. You literally have to pay money to have access to your own money that you would have already have in your pocket if you didn’t download the app. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Please read this and just walk away from this app. If your manager recommends it stab them in the face. If your co-worker recommends it drown then in the urinal. It’s that bad. You literally loose in this relationship. Not only does it cost you money it delays your paycheck. Also if your manager doesn't update your time sheet but 1 time a week you loose the ability to pull money at all. Like I said DO NOT USE. DO NOT RECOMMEND TO OTHERS.

faceman5050, Feb 09, 2023
Representative are non responsive and not considerate

I found out my account was closed and under review without me knowing until I went back to my past job to work & that My account was charged for 5 hundred dollars and then some which is ludacris due to me not being able to have access to my account . I have been working and haven’t received any pay from the 3 checks owed to me due to my account being in a negative . I currently had to speak with representatives who either put me on hold or hung up in my face ! I also had to constantly email these guys because I wasn’t getting any responses . for this to be a serious issue for me and the money I worked for they weren’t considerate at all!!!! one representative told me instantly that there’s nothing he could do for me and that I would have to speak with someone else and ended the conversation! Another representative put me on hold then took me off hold to hang the phone !!! They had a phone number on file of mine that was old in which I told all the representatives to change because that phone number wasn’t in use I just got it changed TODAYYY it’s been almost two weeks since I stated that . I’m owed money and It’s sad that I have to go through the run around to get what’s owed to me !!!!

Family dollar Employee, Jul 28, 2022
No good

This is the second time I’ve had issues and getting my money, this is a pay app meaning it shouldn’t matter if it is the weekend or holiday money should be accessible as hours are reported not after the weekend not after holiday. This is the main purpose that I installed and was using this app was to get my funds before payday in a timely manner. This is A business app, not a vacation resort app if I wanted to have a delay in my pay I would have chosen to take a direct deposit. This needs to be made more to suit business people that work on the weekend as well not everyone is off on the weekend and not everyone needs to have to wait until a week day to get their funds.

Gmischler, Jul 11, 2021
Instant pay app

I just tried it out and am very excited about the app . I finished my shift and a couple of hours later, I received a notice that I had instant funds available. I requested my funds and received them in less than a minute. If you’re having trouble with the app, understand that you must ensure that you have a current valid direct deposit account set up to your employment payroll and that you won’t receive your entire paycheck, you’ll receive what you requested upfront or if you opt for the entire amount, you’d receive anywhere from 50% to 80% instantly and the rest on the following regular pay day. For example ($100 ), you’d get $50 to $75 instantly from that amount and you’d receive the remainder $50 or $25 depending on what you fronted. To summarize it , in the end you’ll end up receiving your whole pay.

JuanVet1, Jun 25, 2021


DailyPay is the easiest, most secure way to access your earned wages before payday. Get your money when you need it to pay bills on time, avoid late fees and meet your financial goals. How the DailyPay App Works - As you work throughout the week, you build up a Pay Balance - Withdraw money from your Pay Balance at any time, with the press of a button - You will receive your funds instantly (including weekends and holidays, 24/7/365) or on the next business day, depending on the choice you make - Receive your remaining pay on payday, as usual!

Benefits & Features - Your money where you want it - transfer your Pay Balance to a bank account, debit card, prepaid card or pay card - Timely insight into your daily Pay Balance as you work - Opt in to instant notifications of changes to your Pay Balance Safe & Secure - DailyPay uses 256-bit level encryption - Our payment network and customer support channels are PCI-compliant and SOC II audited Note: DailyPay is an employer-provided benefit - ask your employer about the DailyPay benefit!

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