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다음 카페 - Daum Cafe

  • Social Networking
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Kakao Corp.
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User Reviews for 다음 카페 - Daum Cafe

Mixed experience

I am having a nice time accessing material posted in the artist cafe I joined, but there is a persistent glitch that is driving me crazy and limiting my use of the app. Whenever I try to attach a photo to a post, Daum Cafe freezes. The only way to move on is to relaunch the app. This is despite having granted photo permissions to the app. It’s totally maddening in the midst of an otherwise good experience.

BklynMG, Jan 15, 2023
Overall good

Overall experience is good especially with beta version of translating post to English. Though sometimes the translated words seems a little weird, it is much better than nothing. But translation sometimes doesn’t work if the post is pretty long. It will be better if there are options to translate all displayed comments to English.

echolivia, Oct 31, 2019
최고의 카페 앱

Hi. This is a korean american speaking. I just want to say that this is an amazing app that allows fans to better connect with their idols or maybe just a bunch of people willing to find their own group that have common interests. For the people who are giving this app bad reviews just because they don’t understand the language: why don’t you go learn korean instead of doing that. Maybe that will help you, who knows?? This app isn’t meant to cater to international fans, ok? They only put the english beta translations because so many people were throwing tantrums.

Ellie sonu, Mar 26, 2020
Features are good, but 1 problem

It has features that are promised. No problems there. However, this app somehow doesn't follow the protocol for "go back" command by swiping from the left of the screen. You'll have to work it to actually swipe to go back, instead of using the button. Funny thing I found was that it'll work almost every time with the left thumb, but 1/10 of the time with the right thumb.

harrymaeng, Oct 28, 2016
It’s real trash app.

It’s teash app. Don’t use it.

Hyoung j, Dec 31, 2021

What about if you live somewhere else other than korea ? When I try to join a Fanchat it asks for “User identifications “ 1.Its in korean, 2.It asks for a provider which are all korean providers. I’m also having the same problem with translations from korean to English !! plz if you can fix the translation and maybe not have the whole user identification it takes a lot of time especially if your not a Local korean . And it ask for a lot of unnecessary things too! I personally just want to Join a Fanchat without doing all the complicated things just to do soo.

Koreaboo🇰🇷, May 29, 2019
I’m very angry!

i don’t normally write reviews but i CANNOT stand this app! It CONSTANTLY logs me out and then REFUSES to let me log in. All my details are there and saved and when i press log in the app freaks out and crashes. i had been logged in for not even 12 hours before it logged me out despite having ticked keep me logged in. I’ve seen people complain about the english which that isn’t a problem, it’s a korean app, learn korean if you’re that annoyed and wanna use this app. now if you can’t even LOG IN LIKE MYSELF WELL IDK WHAT TO TELL YOUI used to use this app with out a problem! i’d be logged in for MONTHS before getting logged out after being inactive for a while which i didn’t mind because i would log back in but i got that right taken away from me so there’s that 😐

MagaliBorgesxo, Feb 19, 2020
It needs to be fixed

I liked this app but when I put my phone number it said that it cannot be sent and I don’t have any other phone number pls fix the issue

piiuueoosmwhsbyyv, May 18, 2021

i love this app. it allows me to get in contact with my favorite idols :D one thing though, i hate how we aren’t able to check WHO viewed our letters. I’ve been writing for quite a while and random people have been reading mine— although it’s a personal letter? It also gives us a chance to know if the idol we wrote to, read it. I hope you can add a feature like that!

Rachel da queen, Oct 01, 2020
Love it!

Thank you for adding English, it makes things so much easier to navigate! I have not had problems with the app in my many months of using it. Easy to switch between cafes and fun to customise the home screen XD Thank you!

Selena Van Clarke, Apr 02, 2018


Daum Cafe has served as a place to share your stories since 1999. Now you can enjoy Daum Cafe's special features more conveniently through the app! ◈ Huddle-free Space Table - Create posts and comments directly in the Table of your favorite topics. - In Public Table, you can talk about various things freely without signing up or registering. - In Verified Table, you can set gender and year of birth to meet only verified people. ◈ Real-Time Popular Posts - Top 100 hot posts are displayed in real time! Time will fly while you read them. - You can also see weekly and monthly popular posts for the past six months. ※ Popular posts are collected based on posts on cafes which are open for search. ◈ Brand new editor & commenting - Now you can modify what you write on your PC! - you can easily attach various items such as photos, videos, emoticons and polls. - A special feature only available on Daum Cafe App!

You can write comments while looking at a post and its comments. ◈ Daum Official Fancafe - Cheer for your star as much as you love. - You can use Star schedule and Participate/Level-up boards only on Official Fancafe! ◈ Decorate your own home screen. - Add your favorite cafes or boards on the home screen for fast access. - Choose an image you like and set it as the background image for the home screen. - Tap "Gallery Mode" to see "only" the background images you have set. ◈ Notification features - Set Favorite Boards and Friends to receive notifications for new posts. - Set "keyword notification" to receive notifications for posts including the pre-registered keywords. - Set Favorite Posts to receive notifications when a new comment is added. ◈ Bookmark and other features - Bookmark posts that you like. You can group them using tags and access them from PC too. - Get in touch with your Cafe friends using DM features. - Other useful features are also available such as Cafe Theme, Password Setting and 3D Touch. ▷ About App Access Permission 1) Required Permission - None 2) Optional Permission - Album: To upload photos to a post and for the app home & member information. - Camera: To take photos - Microphone: To record videos - Calendar: To save the schedule in my calendar ※ You may still use the service even if you do not grant optional permissions.

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