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Cvent Events

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User Reviews for Cvent Events

Crashed, Completely Useless

Worked for one day, then crashed in the middle of a conference event. Couldn’t use it for anything after.

aaandrewk, May 20, 2022
Doesn’t work on my Mac laptop.

I wish this would work on my Mac laptop and I wish I could print the notes from my conference from my phone. Why offer the notes ahead of a conference if I can’t print them from the app.

Bayou mom, Sep 28, 2022
Can get it to work

Freezes after loading. Several have got it to work at different levels. I have deleted and reloaded. Same thing open freezes

DaneZahner, May 09, 2022
Preferred Event App

I have used a few other event apps recently, but Cvent’s remains the best one in my opinion. Easy to understand with lots of functionality!

Drumma Boi, Sep 19, 2022
Key feature lost to UI

This app is… okay. It’s better than nothing for a conference-type event. It has a lot of info gathered in one place, which is great. But the Schedule screen, which to me is one of the most important parts, is useless because you cannot see all of your events for a certain timeframe in one screen. Swiping on “My schedule” switches to “All Sessions”. Swiping on the Day bar goes to different days. But swiping left on the actual schedule block does NOT show you the rest of your schedule. That should scroll to show the rest of your events in that time. For example, at my conference Cvent shows basically my entire schedule as “Registration” because that is technically an ongoing event for everybody. I cannot see my actual seminars because Registration takes up the whole schedule screen and I can’t swipe left.I hope this adequately describes the UI problem that I think could be easily fixed.

JustLikeOnTV, Nov 03, 2021
What a Travesty

The CSBA wants new board members to use this app, but FAILS to provide a way to be able to take effective notes even though they show an attachment that has the note taking page. The only glitch is they can’t be downloaded or accessed to use. This is not the first year downloading was invented. Unbelievable!

Majesticu, Dec 02, 2022
Apps make my day

I love having an app for everything. This app makes navigating an event much easier. I especially love that when I view my schedule it calls out when I have “free time” automatically.

MarisaChew24, Apr 27, 2022
Fails to use iPad screen

App is set for iPhone and iPhone only. Using on iPad shows the iPhone sized thumbnail that shrinks down to fit on the iPad. Rotating the screen only makes the app take up even less room making it harder to read and leaving 2/3 of the screen blank.

RedGWolf, Jul 13, 2022
Nifty app

Useful app. I would recommend that the QR code be integrated with Apple wallet. Thank you.

Th3C0untOfMOnt3Cr1st0, Oct 27, 2022
Buggy and unreliable

Most of my event data didn’t show up at all for most of the event

ZZ1949, Oct 02, 2022


Cvent Events is your place to easily plan out your event experience, find where you need to go next, network with other attendees, and learn more about sponsors and exhibitors. In the app: View Multiple Events – Access the different events you’re attending all from a single app Agenda – Explore the complete conference schedule, including keynotes, workshops, special sessions, and more Speakers – Learn more about who’s speaking and check out their presentations Sponsors and Exhibitors – See the event’s sponsors and exhibitors We hope you enjoy the app and the event!

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