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User Reviews for Cudos - Digital Gift Cards


I prefer Cudos digital gift cards because I only have to carry my phone and not worry about bringing multiple gift cards with me to the store, so it’s super convenient, almost like Apple Pay but with gift cards, like how cool is that?! Plus I can send them as gifts instantly, and they have most of the places I love to eat/shop!

Amberrrbuzz, Nov 28, 2019
Great app

I love gift cards... but I don’t love carrying them around or receiving gift cards to places I don’t like. Cudos is the perfect app because it allows you to store your gift cards digitally on your phone and shows family and friends your Wishlist so they know what you want! As a college student on a budget, I love receiving Cudos gift cards!

ayoooo_c, Nov 26, 2019
Cudos helps me love Fam/Friends!

I don’t always plan ahead for events and sometimes forget to get gifts in the mail in advance to my family or friends across town or across the country. I love Cudos, as it saves me time while I am still showing that I care for others that I love. Cudos ROCKS!

DWallE, Oct 13, 2018
Great App

A wonderful alternative to a physical gift card with no activation fees. Cudo’s is the way to go

Laszlok, Mar 16, 2019

If you want to save time, keep the family happy around the holidays, or have a significant other you need this app!!!

MattoxAntD, Jun 25, 2019
Awesome app and convenient for gifts!!

Great app!

mrwinter12, Nov 02, 2018
Holiday Hero

My wife must have felt outdone by me on Xmas gifts to her so she swooped in DURING opening presents just now with a $50 AMC cudos gift card. What an app! Thanks for making that possible and so easy I didn’t even know it was happening.

OT Seattle, Dec 26, 2018
The big thing is HERE! Cudos! To you!

First off, Cudos is SO easy to use, so initiative...it's as if it's been here all along but it hasn't. Cudos is a game changer for giving a quick, but thoughtful "gift of love and friendship" instantly, in the form of a digital gift card to those you care about, or as just a modern way to say "thank you!" Simply click on the logo of so many brands to choose from in the app, add the recipients email and a quick note of you wish, "click" send, and It's done! It's THAT easy. Redeeming Cudos digital gift cards at a merchant/ Resturant/ movie theater has been just as easy. 10 stars if I could. Cudos is the "Uber" of giving!

seattleSonic, Sep 22, 2016

They sold a used Sephora card worth $100 for me and when I tried to login back into the app to complain,I found out my account has been disabled by the Admin. Do not patronize them,they are real time fraud.

Ter216, Dec 24, 2020
My best new way to give

So thankful that with Cudos I can feel excited and happy that my gift cards will always be on time. Even with family, friends, coworkers or Facebook friends- I can show them Love and give any time of day or night!

xanderfelt, Nov 12, 2019


Thank you for taking the time to learn about Cudos. Our app will enable easy and fun giftcard giving to other iPhone users. We are creating an ever growing Inspiration Platform for the future of digital giving.

Now you’re able to give to friends and family around the country in seconds. Running down to a store to pick up a giftcard is no longer necessary because now you can "give on the go”. The time is here to go digital with giftcards and never look back. Who do you know that could use some Cudos today? To send Cudos, first scroll through our selection of giftcard brands within Categories or use our Search field to find your favorite brand. Next, follow our simple steps to send giftcards to other iPhone users. Recipients will be notified by email that a digital giftcard is waiting for them in the Mobile Wallet field of the Cudos app. Once they create an account with Cudos and login, their giftcard is waiting for them. It’s that easy. iPhone users can enjoy sending Cudos digital giftcards to other iPhone users.

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