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User Reviews for CryptoQuiz

Nice for pick up and play

Fun quick game I can just play on easy mode to pass a few minutes... although it's difficult to stop once I start . It has a nice user interface and plenty of good puzzles that can be very challenging on hard mode (if you like 'em that way).

Aeaea, Dec 19, 2010

Got this when it was free. Addictive and challenging!! I really enjoy it. Thanks for having it available for free for a bit!! Looking forward to any updates and more puzzles.

alliskye2, Oct 30, 2011

Spent 15 minutes discovering everything I hate about this. Top of the list is that it scrolls to the bottom of the list every time you guess a letter. Then there’s how little information there is about the interface. And that the menus are hidden behind the keyboard. And I discovered that I don’t like cryptoquizzes, which is not really the fault of the app. Thought I was getting cryptoquotes also, but—nope. Or if so, they are so well hidden I couldn’t find them. Deleted.

Bewildered137, Dec 21, 2017
Off to a good start

Thank you for making this free and I hope your birthday was good.CryptoQuiz is a nice app for solving cryptogram puzzles. It is stable, easy to use, and works as advertised.I really like the ability to input my own puzzles -- in plain or encoded text. That's useful when solving the newspaper puzzles with family members... we can do it in parallel. Surprisingly this is a feature only CryptoQuiz offers.Ideas to make it better (and I'd pay for it if it had these features):- I'd like to select or deselect puzzle categories. For example, I don't want to solve lists of words; I'm more a quotation guy. Most of the categories therefore are in the way rather than enjoyable so I'd like to delete or deactivate them.- I'd like a view option where the puzzle is on one line and the solution letters are above or below. That's more natural to how I solve it with pencil and newspaper.- I'd like an option to turn off hints, i.e. it telling me when a letter is wrong.- Landscape (I use an iPhone) would be nice but not critical.Thank you for sharing your app.

FGol, Dec 06, 2010
Pr_tty _ood!

I like this, even tho it crashes everytime i open Settings. It's like it's forcing me to listen to the super annoying "royal trumpet" sounds each time i win. Please fix that!

LimpChristian, Dec 22, 2012

The UI can use some work. Was annoyed by having to click done on the keyboard to switch views frequently. Fortunately there was a setting for it but perhaps just having the menu on top of the puzzle will provide easy access. I like the multiple views. Putting on Gap View is almost like playing hangman. Overall it needs some polishing on the graphics and UI but a decent puzzler game. Naming your own puzzle would be great either. There's potential in the game but it may not be in the same ballpark as a paid app yet comparatively.

luvAnAnimal, Oct 29, 2011
Great puzzle

I found this puzzle app very user friendly. I really enjoy it. I have downloaded other apps like this and they weren't as good as this one.

Luvpengs, Oct 29, 2011
Very handy for solving the cryptograms in the paper

This app is very good at helping to solve the cryptograms in the newspaper - let's you quickly try many different possible solutions and was so surprised how quickly it enabled me to solve them. Great tool if this is what you're trying to do. So far, the built in puzzles have been pretty easy to solve. Wish there were some tougher puzzles, but maybe I've just not come across them yet.Has not crashed on me yet after several days of use.

ReallyDeepYogurt, May 03, 2011
Almost great

This is a fun app but it's missing a few features that would have made it great;When adding my own puzzle it would have been great to have the ability to NAME the puzzle.When saving an added puzzle, it would have been nice to save the answer.Would have liked the ability to work on multiple puzzles and set them aside for future working. (ie; a "puzzles I am working" on folder.)Would have liked the ability to undo one letter instead of stepping backwards through the whole guess process as an "undo..." I would Like clicking on one letter and undoing just that guess. (this is, again, in the added puzzles feature.)I noticed that some of the included puzzles use the same names and titles. (example; classic tv puzzles reuse some the same show names in the list)Other than that, it's a lot of fun. Looking forward to any future updates.

Steplander, Aug 02, 2011
Correct spelling!!

It sure would make this a little easier if the words were spelled correctly. Last time I checked Shpeherds was spelled Shepherds.Create more categories, maybe even create different levels (easy, medium, hard, and challenging).

Too Easy!, Apr 30, 2012


Solve the hundreds of cryptogram and crypto family puzzles included in the game or add your own for even more fun. Features: - cryptograms, cryptoquiz and cryptoquotes - easy to use touch interface - each puzzle has a new code and picks from many family-friendly topics with many possible answers for each topic - full editing to add your own puzzles (in plaintext or code) - modify or remove the included puzzles - many unique topics to keep things interesting - (still) no Ads or in-app purchases - puzzle topics cover a wide range of subjects from quotations, sports, entertainment, science, geography and childrens' shows (and add your own) - choose from easy and harder modes - fully featured game play with scoring, undo, hints, letter frequencies - puzzles are saved automatically so you can continue where you left off anytime If you love word games and puzzles you will love cryptoquiz.

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