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User Reviews for Cryptogram Round

No complaints

The game is very simple and easy to play intuitively. My daughter (10) has enjoyed filling in the letters and learning wonderful quotes from people she’s never heard of. Haha. But really straight forward and fun solving. I will be sorry when the free rounds play out, not excited about putting more money towards games, no matter how fun. But that’s all of us isn’t it. However, not being bombarded with advertising is nice too.

blm25, Nov 05, 2021
Excellent Cryptogram Word Puzzle!

Clean and clear design without distractions. No annoying ads or distractions so you can focus on the puzzle. I like the format of completing levels in each round to build your skill. I also like seeing what the quote will be - sometimes they are funny, sometimes thought provoking. I could do without the “cheer” at the end of completing a puzzle but that’s not really a complaint or issue. The games by this developer are great. Also check out their Sudoku - it’s great too!

CatsNQuilts, Mar 24, 2021
Greta game and please fix one of the quotes

Overall this game is a wonderful way to spend time, learn famous historical quotes and beckmes addictive after only a level or two. I bought all the levels and am having a blast! I only wish there was a way to put the quotes into a list as you complete the levels. Many are particularly relevant to discussions and/or useful when teaching classes.Please correct level 24 puzzle 6 as the quote by J. Christopher Herold is incorrect. It is “those who mistake their good luck for their merit are inevitably bound for disaster.”

ElDough, Jan 05, 2020
Best games!..Lazy day

Sitting here with strep throat so I downloaded a few games to pass the time.. I have always likes cryptic games and they were the first ones I started with when playing the big book of variety with paper and pencil...and I was sad when I completed them all!..I have been entertained for hours working these puzzles and the quotes make you think..or chuckle at times...when you figure out all of the letters!..I haven’t put it down..or switched to anything else!.. it is nice to not have to fill out all the blanks when you figure out a letter placement..and I like when the letter turns red when I don’t have the right letter in the right blank. Thanks for keeping me entertained ..and keeping me from having to run out to the store in the snow..I can sit here and enjoy the puzzles and recover!

ellegrawe, Oct 31, 2019
Great fun, well-written and informative!

Cryptogram is a rare jewel — a fun word game that is intuitive to use and very well-written. It’s difficult enough to be satisfying but easy enough to be enjoyable without straining the brain too much. Love the way the letters populate if they are correct and the way they show in red if wrong — gives you a chance to try another letter. The crowning touch is that the adages and aphorisms are really worth solving. Some are funny, some are clever and some are gems of wisdom. This is s great game!

jmanA2, Apr 19, 2021
Fun and relaxing

I enjoy games. I like the block games that require you to get a certain number in a row to clear. But often these require luck of the drop. I love RPGs too, but often I lack the dexterity to beat the bad boss. Word games, like these Cryptograms are perfect. They help me relax, it’s something I can “beat” every time, yet the puzzles are challenging enough to hold my interest. They also often give me “food for thought”. This has become my first choice of games. It also helps that it isn’t too busy. No flashing lights or bright, distracting colors. Just those lines and letters. Enough colors to not be bland, but nothing to overwhelm.

Mama_NC, Jan 20, 2021
Good cryptogram game and quotes

This cryptogram app has several helpful features that enables both novice and longtime crypto puzzle person. One can have letter hints and wrong letter indicator. When a blank spot is highlighted all spots of the same letter are highlighted so one can see frequency and locations of the letter. If you need to exit your work is saved. Once solved, one finds an interesting and/or funny quote revealed. Great app when looking to fill some time but too busy to devote long periods of time.

Pc604, Aug 11, 2018
Good game!

There are many crypto games but I like this one the best. It’s well crafted. Some of them the letters are too squeezed together and I can’t recognize a pattern or they’re too large or too small. The graphic design of this one suits me very well and I like this simplicity of it without any frills (besides a little happy tune when I win a round). All I want are relaxing games that don’t have whirlygig graphics and jewels to buy and things like that. I like simple and relaxing.Also they have actually nice people on board. I had run through all of the puzzles levels and couldn’t figure out how to reset it. If there had been more puzzles, I would’ve bought another puzzle pack. But I felt stuck because I couldn’t go back and start all over again with round one and I couldn’t go further forward. So I sent them a note and they told me how to reset it - very friendly. Nice people, nice game.

Trolley Molly, Aug 06, 2022

I’ve always loved cryptograms and it fascinates everyone around me. I used to teach everyone at work and we would race to see who could finish the one in our daily newspaper. I’d often find them in puzzle books but there wasn’t as many of them as other puzzles. I could do these all night and there’s always gonna be a new one. Oh, I almost forgot that they help you look smarter because you learn famous quotes! I love this app!

Tyrreacakes, Oct 01, 2018
Best cryptogram game

I’ve played through level 53 now, and really enjoy this cryptogram more than any others I’ve tried. For the most part it has really good quotes - some are very thought provoking, some a bit humorous. I also enjoy the level of challenge, and think the design of the user interface is very well done. It’s easy to use, has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The graphics are simple and very enjoyable (I like space and Labradors lol) My only complaint is that while I love the different colors for different levels, I play this in bed to wind down at night and have trouble seeing the highlighted letters on the yellow levels when my screen is dimmed. Not sure there’s anything the developer can do to fix that though. Thank you for a very enjoyable game!

Uglyartsucks, Sep 05, 2019


Cryptogram Round is the best way to solve cryptograms anywhere. You've played millions of our cryptogram games over the years and we've listened: • No ads • Handpicked quotes • Hints • Puzzles include punctuation • Puzzles size to screen, no scrolling • Auto advance after guess • Optionally show incorrect answers • Show letter usage counts • Share quotes • Play in landscape or portrait Enjoy our witty and wise puzzle quotes with friends and family, knowing that each time you solve a puzzle, you gain an insight and strengthen your mind.