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User Reviews for Crowdcast Mobile

Libra full moon activation

I loved it!!!! I have long had a past life memory of being abused by my father after my mother’s death. In this life, my mother died when I was 15 and my father abandoned me and my younger brother when he started dating at 3 months after her death. When my husband died in 2016 soooo much grief engulfed me. A couple years after he died, I dreamt I found a doll in a small coffin that was hidden in my mother’s closet - I took her out and held her for a short while and then replaced her in the coffin and left her in my mother’s closet. This activation brought her back to me!!! So happy to be reunited with her- I can’t thank you enough!!! Many blessings!❤️🙏😘

arlyliu, Apr 15, 2022
Michael Connelly

It was terrific. The moderator was very good at keeping things going with interesting and probing questions, and as a long time Connelly reader, it was great to hear and see him responding about his process and characters, with whom I have developed what seems like a near personal relationship. The only problem-perhaps unique to me-was that I experienced several audio/video glitches during the broadcast which to a minor extent interrupted the flow for me. All in all, kudos to the Savannah Book festival for making such an enjoyable evening possible. I only wish there was more time for audience questions.

Carver32, Dec 17, 2020

There was a conference on Crowdcast and after purchasing a ticket I was sent a link. Using that link I went right from the email on my iPad to the conference. HOWEVER, the browser window was too small on my iPad and I couldn’t use the “comment,” “Question” or re-size window options. Frustrated, I downloaded the app thinking this would solve the problem. I put in my email (I had a profile, or so the website window said) but what I got when I signed in that email was a “link” emailed to me that I was instructed to follow. Which took me right back to the browser!!!In short, I could NOT use the app to go to MY event. If I signed in with, for example, my facebook page, it didn’t recognize me as me (not the same email) and that I was a member of this conference I was attending. So, no going there. If I tried to sign in with my email...well, the app wouldn’t let me do that. It just keep sending me email links back to the browser window! What’s the deal Crowdcast? Your app will let me do all kinds of things (adjust the window and such) but it won’t let me access my conference. It won’t even let me sign up as a member unless I use facebook or gmail or twitter NONE OF WHICH I COULD USE IF I WANTED TO GET TO MY CONFERENCE! Meanwhile, the browser will let me access the conference but not do anything but watch it! 😡😝👎🏻

DOZILLA, Jun 28, 2020
Basic functions are not refined

1. my external mic directly connected via usb works in all daw or hosts but when I go into the green room it immediately cuts it out. When I use the web version it doesn’t cut the audio channel but it does not register a mic is connected. This occurs also when connecting through my audio interfaces.2. I am not a fan of entering my account email only to have the system email me a login where I then have click through the email to relogin. How this wasn’t fixed in demo phases is flabbergasting.3. When sending a video stream from a secondary device the system sound has became unstable many times during a standard broadcast

goldenlotus12, Apr 08, 2021
Shake the nations.. Michael Dalton

Excellent teaching on the prophetic and hearingGod. There are so many voices on the internet these days but Michael is a voice you can trust because he owns his assignment to only speak what he hears from God and he only speaks if it is in agreement with what the Word says. Today’s teaching lit my fire to listen, be attentive and search the scriptures for what God is saying...to me and so much more. I am speaking Blessings to you Michael and for “that fullness of understanding and wisdom in fulfilling your purpose” to be released to and over you and your ministry. God’s voice through you is clear and crisp. It causes me to long for more.

jackson tribe, Jun 13, 2020
Mission board member of our church. We also sponsor women 2 women pregnancy resource Center.

It was a little difficult to connect. Followed instructions and finally noticed someone else being cut off also. Told to refresh and had to do it three times. Sometimes lost sound briefly… about five times. Documentary absolutely the best ever!!! ‘ For such a time as this. ‘Will be getting many to attend a filming. This movie will be the testimonies that inspire and bring a saving knowledge and truth to transforming us out of broken guilt to healing, out of darkness into light and out of ignorance and rebellion. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR FOLLOWING THE HOLY SPIRIT’S PROMPTING TO CREATE THIS DOCUMENTARY!

Keratoconus, May 10, 2022
Design Cuts Review

What a wonderful Community of talented Artists, Designers, Brush and Tool Creators. The Live Videos which are then available in their Design Cuts Archive (if you weren’t able to see the live event) are absolutely invaluable for us neophyte Procreate users. You have allowed us to advance leaps and bounds by giving us access to established Artists and giving us a window into their actual design and execution process. Being able to have a ‘bird’s eye view’ as the artist creates, demoing brush choices, layer usage, and SO MUCH MORE has been invaluable to me. And one of the best things is the availability of the brushes they’ve created for us to purchase at discount prices! Design Cuts has become my Procreate learning community of choice as the Artists are so generous with sharing their ‘tips and tricks’ as they are demoing and teaching. But bottom line, Design Cut Community members are such a happy, innovative and passionate group of artists who love sharing their passion with others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Design Cuts! You are the best!

NHcoyote, Jun 24, 2021
Great, some feedback

1) accidentally clicked on the “how’s it go”.l because it popped up suddenly and the hit box is large did I vote thumbs up or thumbs down? Hopefully up, not sure. Was on the right side of the screen which maybe gets more random hits. 2) the video/audio cut out a few times, either because my phone put the app to sleep, or another time after a timer I’d set went off. Phone calls would probably do this too. I would have given up if I was a less technical user, but I eventually found the refresh button. Maybe make that button more prominent. Especially when most of my screen was taken up by the “chat disabled” message. That space could be better utilized. Again though, make the refresh button more accessible please. Overall a very nice experience, thanks.

Rashkov, Jun 12, 2020
Great but

I love the interviews I’ve been able to see in Crowdcast. Because of numerous glitches in transmission, we all missed half a sentence of what the author was saying, and we missed that half sentence way too often. Many times it was a sentence and a half. It was a thoughtful, honest interview and I was quite disappointed that I didn’t hear it all. It affected the quality of the interview experience. Now, the problem could have been that the author was in Stockholm and the rest of us were in the US. Also, given the choice of this poorly transmitted interview and no interview, I’d take this interview. What a conversation! That’s probably why I found all the lost words so disappointing.

Sewp62, Sep 14, 2020
Forgiveness will save the world

It is so moving to hear from members who were so devoted to follow True Father without ever seeing him, not even a picture of him... and the sister who shared that looks so young all these years later. I believe this is the fruit of True Father's prayers and love and forgiveness for Japan and the key to healing our world. This entire program is so rich and so heartistically beautiful... I can’t wait to see what else is coming. Thank you for making such great effort to put this together. Thank you... I just love it! 🌸💗 Rebecca

TP's Daughter, May 28, 2020


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