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User Reviews for Crostics

Fun, but...

I loved being able to play one of my favorite word puzzles as an app! I was mostly pleased, but I wish that the clues said when it was more than a word (2 words) (3 words) etc... I also prefer longer puzzles, but that’s not a huge deal.

Ab12359, Apr 30, 2018
Love Love Love!

Why did my previous review disappear?? Have never had that happen That’s really annoying!! Don’t want to retype. Love the beautifully clean interface, fun clues, quotes, and help button right on the keyboard. Can’t remember what else I prev wrote. Just download. I love their other apps although I haven’t tried their one that isn’t free. There’s are one of the only few that I actually buy more puzzles. I did email the authors about needing more puzzles. Am replaying old ones but ready for new ;-). They are very responsive. As I’ve gotten better, my requests aren’t so needed ;-)

AshleyZM, Jan 24, 2018
Will there be Book10?

More books, please! Very easy to read. I use night mode. This app is best and my favorite. Looking forward to getting more new books.

Azgem4587, Nov 18, 2020
More please!

Love this! I played everyday until..no more puzzles. I really miss it and can’t wait for more to be available. Such a different word game. I love that you can play two ways. Please make more!!!

Babchi, Feb 17, 2019
Wish there were more

I greatly enjoy doing these puzzles. I wish there were more to buy.

Book Walker, Apr 17, 2021
Additional puzzles too expensive

This is a great app and I really enjoy playing. Most other puzzle apps charge .99 cents for sets of 50 puzzles. $1.99 for only 24 puzzles is too expensive in my opinion. If the price drops, I would buy.

dancingpurplecat, Jan 08, 2018
Extremely Addictive!

Hoping there are more books of games to come soon. Thoroughly enjoying this app. Very easy to play - but very challenging as well.

KOinMD, May 18, 2020
Fast Fun

I found these puzzles easier than others but I really like them. The app has a few quirks, e.g. freezing occasionally, strangely resizing occasionally, but overall I like the way it navigates, especially through the quotation part of puzzle where it automatically moves to the next open square instead of just the next square. I wish it had options, e.g. I'd like to turn off the feature that lets you know you got a clue answer right. For me, it's part of the challenge to let the quotation confirm the accuracy of the clue answers.

SniffNY, Feb 09, 2021
Custom keyboard is great, could use auto light/dark mode switch

Custom keyboard is great. I can type faster with fewer mistakes with author’s custom keyboard than Apple’s original keyboard. Author John is responsive and polite. Clues are a good mix of easy and hard.Interface is a joy to use: both modern and easy to tap.Sound effects are minimal and delightful - never getting old.Happily paid the $9.99 for the additional 192 puzzles. What a great game.Only nitpick: could use automatic dark/light mode switcher.

ul, Jul 14, 2020
Nice casual time killer

This is a good game for killing time. You can jump in and out even in the middle of a puzzle.The user experience is good. I like how easy it is to jump back and forth between puzzles. I don’t lose track of where I am like I do in other word games of this type. It just feels good to play. One temporary announce was having to press delete a bunch of times to clear a word but I see now that you can long press for that. The puzzles themselves are decent though there are some differences if you’re used to the Dell/Penny Press puzzles. They have two letter clues and they’re often easier than they could be (e.g. the state abbreviations). Having two letters from the same clue in the same word in the quote is not allowed in the magazines. The first letters of the clues don’t spell the author and source. And it took a bit for me to realize clues like “helps land airplanes” refer to a person and not an action. I suspect much of this is dictated by the smaller phone screens which would be much harder to manage for the length of puzzle you normally see. Either way, it’s a fun casual game and I’ll be purchasing the puzzle packs shortly.

UsherMocha, Jan 20, 2019


Like word games? Crossword puzzles? Then you’ll love Crostics, the new word game where you reveal a hidden quote by answering clues, and decipher clues by filling in the quote!

Letter in the answers are linked to letters in the quote—answer the clues, and you uncover more and more of the quote, or fill in more of the quote to decipher the clues. Beautifully designed for iPhone and iPad, Crostics puts engaging puzzles at your fingertips without the pain of erasing pencil marks from paper. The result is more fun with less distraction. And no ads! Crostics includes a free book of 24 puzzles and you can buy more right in the app. There are a wide range of difficultly levels, so whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player you’ll find a good challenge to stretch your brain! If you like word games, you’re going to love Crostics! Features - Unlimited hints - Undo - Play in portrait (and in landscape on iPad) - Play in Light or Dark mode - Learn how to play with the included help

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