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User Reviews for Crossword

Crosswords without Complications!

I've done nine puzzles so far and I like this app! I've not seen any ads. It's very much like doing a puzzle in the newspaper. It's challenging enough to be interesting, but not so difficult that it becomes frustrating.I find I can enjoy doing the puzzles while also relaxing, which is exactly what I want in a crossword.I recommend this app if you like crosswords without complications.I truly HOPE the developer doesn't "improve" the app and thereby ruin what it is. By the time I run out of free puzzles I'm quite sure I'll go ahead and spend some money to get more (if it's not terribly expensive).There are some British words but I don't mind that, it makes it more interesting to me. Thank you developers! 😘🙋🏻❣️

Abbyant70, Nov 08, 2019
Too many ads

These puzzles are usually pretty interesting, though not too hard, but every time you leave and have to go back into the app, there are far too many looooong game ads to try to get through. I have to be in a very tolerant mood to even pursue one of the puzzles.

Addicted to Times, Dec 16, 2020
Weird clues, too oddly laid out

The way that the words are laid out within the square don’t allow for much overlap, which means if you’re stuck on a word, there probably isn’t a way to get another letter without “revealing” one from the menu. I really like solving crosswords without checking the answers as I go, or revealing letters. It’s just too easy to get stuck in this game, and most clues don’t lend themselves to being easily guessed without a few letters.

emmzy0303, Nov 28, 2021

I like the puzzles app and the way it is structured is well thought out and has wonderful clever hints. Crosswords pure. Getting started I could work most of them and have come a long way. However, I am an American - a younger country, only 244 years old. Not British or European. These puzzles are for people who speak the English language of their countries. I speak American. Do you see the trouble? So, while I learn a lot, most times I like to just work the puzzle to enjoy putting letters together to make a word instead of using the Reveal feature all the time. I'm assigning four stars because there's nothing to be done here with cultural differences.I don't want to give up this app but it's just too frustrating and therefore tedious to me.

Fredricka52, Apr 11, 2020
I love the crossword!!

ever since my retirement in 2003 i was severely worried that the health of my brain would decline over the years, this was a prevalent worry of mine until i started playing crossword games on my Motorola 2011 phone. My brain feels like its 18 years old again. Oh those were the days, ol' johnny bob-smith took me to the senior prom! but now he's dying of dementia. He should have played the crossword! I have narrowly avoided a slow and painful death with the download of this application. I love crossword!!

HAYLIE., May 18, 2022
British Game

This is has good crosswords that are challenging but not ridiculously hard. The only thing is that I am American and this game is from a British company, so some of the answers have different spellings than I’m used to and a few of the words we don’t really use here. Once I figured this out though I was able to figure out the answers with not too much added difficulty.

hel aint 'er, Mar 18, 2022

This is great game. Not too easy, but not impossible to solve. Keeps you engaged. I think the only improvement could be the following.1. You can have a hint button, click it to get another clue. 2. The levels should unlock automatically once you solve a puzzle. Moodyblues63

Moodyblues63, Dec 18, 2021
Great app but a few flaws

I love crossword games in general so obviously my rating is high. It would be five star if it weren’t for a few problems. First off absolutely every question is sited from another crossword puzzle, no unique questions at all. Though I do understand this because it’s hard to come up with questions for what maybe 100 puzzles?The other complaint is payed access, sure I get that this company needs a way to get money but, can’t you at least give us 50% of the puzzles free instead of 10%?

Good Value Plenty of Fun

This app has numerous puzzles for $3.99. Not having any issues with ads. Plays well once you get used to it, and the free puzzles take care of that. (The last crossword app I got was outrageously expensive.). Here you get a ton of good puzzles at a reasonable price. This is what apps should be like. Highly recommended.

Whatever2000000, Mar 24, 2018
Great puzzles, totally worth the price

You get to try out a lot of puzzles before you commit to paying any money. Then it’s a one-time cost and you never get hassled to spend more money to access other features. No ads, no interruptions. The puzzles are really good - medium difficulty, in my opinion, which is perfect. Challenging, but not frustrating. Yes, there are some British terms, but the clue always notes that for you, and it doesn’t hurt to learn something new about our friends on the other side of the pond! Kudos to the people who write the puzzles and offer this app with a hearty free trial, fair price and a no-hassle experience.

wordybord, Mar 07, 2019


750+ professional crossword puzzles for your coffee break. 45 free puzzles with all features enabled, and no ads. These are casual level puzzles suitable for all. Features: - great for iPads and iPhones - pinch zooming grid - landscape mode with clue list - cheats and answer checking - Resume button - useful preferences to enhance gameplay - no ads - Backup and restore

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