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CropSize: Photo Resizer Editor

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User Reviews for CropSize: Photo Resizer Editor

CropSize Magic

Using CropSize I am now able to have a more streamlined workflow for managing my wife’s website images. She is an artist, and so I have to work with a large number of images.Some while ago I devised a scheme whereby artwork info could be embedded in the IPTC section of a jpg file . . . Title, Medium, Dimensions and Portfolio. I used IPTC fields Heading, Caption, Supplementary Category and Category to hold the information.I upload the full size image file embedded with the IPTC data I need. Using PHP and a little JS, I extract the IPTC information from the jpg file and use it accordingly, while at the same time create a thumbnail for each portfolio front page.All worked well when I could sit or stand at my iMac and use Lightroom. Medical reasons presently prevent me from doing so. But I can readily work while reclining in a lounge chair with an iPad Pro, Apple Keyboard and Pencil.Lightroom CC for iOS is nearly worthless, so I’ve spent the last 3 days investigating means to accomplish what I need. CropSize does exactly what I needed for editing IPTC data.My only wish list item is to be able to load image files from a location other than iOS Photos. My website images are in the website directory, so I have to copy an image to Photos, process with CropSize and then copy back to the original directory before ftp to server.So again, thank you for producing such a great tool and providing it a very reasonable price.

Anadzeal, May 29, 2018
Works great

Had to resize some photos taken with my iPhone to post on a blog website.This app works great. It took me a few minutes to figure the whole thing out and some experimentation saving the photos on my iPad. The selecting of photos from my library then choosing what I wanted to do, then accomplishing the resize, then saving and eventually retrieving and posting takes quite a few steps but does work great.

Balboa01, Mar 28, 2019
So close!

This app would be perfect if it just had one feature that currently is missing:Live photo support (with sound). I understand if this also means it would support video as that is what allows a Live Photo move. There are resizing apps that are nowhere near as robust as this one but integrate live photo support.Maybe a future update…

BillyBuckets, Dec 15, 2022
Functionality I missed from Optics

Ever since the old "Optics" app went kaput I've been aching for a replacement. I finally found this one! Optics had the pixel-accurate cropping via the dimensions-displaying selection marquee and an eyedropper tool. Apple's screenshot tool has an eyedropper, so I still needed the measurement/cropping tool. I'm so happy to find this app! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃Now I just need one small tweak: one of the things I loved about Optics is that the zoomed image was NOT antialiased. This app blurs the edges, which makes it very difficult to find the actual edge of an object within the image. Please let me see the pixel edges crisply. Thank you.

Boodlums, Sep 28, 2021

All I need is an app that allows me to resize images (in cm or inches) and then either save them at the new size or at least let me print them at the new size. This app claims to do just that. But it doesn’t work. There were so many good reviews I decided to take the $5 chance. It was a mistake.I choose a photo. I choose the size — 4.5 x 6.5 inches. I check and double check the size. Make sure everything’s correct. I print it. Of course it prints the image at 8x10. Why? Because that was the size of the original image. In other words, it does nothing.I’m happy someone’s getting good use out of this app. Unfortunately it couldn’t handle the job I needed it to do.

Celeca7, Jul 22, 2018
Incredible time-saving multiple photo editor

This app will save you tons of time thanks to its capability to apply the same series of edits (resizing, color adjustments, and more) to multiple photos. You can even save presets for later reuse. AND it supports iOS 9! Totally worth the purchase.

Ipadphan, Apr 14, 2020
Interface not very intuitive, needs work

I got this app, in order to stretch images captured through my anamorphic lens adapter. The app is able to stretch my pictures to the correct ratio, but it took a lot of tinkering with the dimensions menu. The interface does not make much sense and feels clunky and limited. Also, it would be nice to be able to crop and stretch videos, too, but the app only does still photos.

JimmySlaughter, Oct 15, 2016

Does what it says; however, it would be nice to be able to select images from files in addition to the photo library. When having to resize game assets, I have to import to photos first and then process. Would eliminate an extra step. Then it would be super excellent!

keithrdavis, Nov 18, 2022

I'm on the road all the time and only have an 11" ipad Pro to work with. I'm trying to create a portfolio webpage and couldn't find a batch image resizer until I found CropSize. I wanted to resize my images to a specific width letting the height fall where it may. CropSize to the rescue. I had one specific option where I wasn't sure what to do. Contacted Alex and within minutes he sent me a guide with annotated screen shots!What a guy. I don't often leave reviews but for going above and beyond and creating a super Handy foto utility I'm happy to say buy Alex's CropSize now!

Les Hall, Jun 01, 2022
Ability to save a workflow is AWESOME!

I routinely capture screenshots on my iPad Pro 12.9 and need to crop and downsize images for Keynote and PowerPoint.This software makes it EASY.I simply resize, then custom crop the first one, then save it as a PROGRAM (workflow). This creates an optimize file size with the image cropped to my needs.I can then select multiple images and in an instant optimize every one.This makes my iPad Pro MUCH more useful. I used to have to use my Mac for this workflow.

mrwinslowsr, Mar 16, 2017


Resize, Crop and Prepare your photos for any social networks, websites, blogs, emails, presentations, documents, sharing and more. Convert to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC formats. Adjust colours and add or erase metadata.

Select multiple photos to apply the same changes to all of them. Use many advanced options and tools to achieve the best precision and quality. Check out guides here (https://www.cropsize.com/guides) to learn more about editing with CropSize. PHOTO CROP: • Scale, Move, Resize crop frame using one and two finger gestures in all directions • Specify crop position and size using keyboard • Adjust crop position and size using one-pixel-correction(*) (tap marker) • Rotate image in the range 0-360° in any direction with 1° accuracy • Specify rotation angle using keyboard (long press slider) • Set crop aspect ratio using standard and user defined presets (long press Ratio button) • Use crop in default and Inverse Crop modes • Get all actual information about exact position, size, rotation angle, etc • Get file size estimation for current crop state PHOTO RESIZE: • Resize in 4 different resizing modes: Stretch, Insert, Clip and Canvas Size • Specify a new size up to 9000 x 9000 pixels using keyboard • Set size in pixels, inches and centimetres • Set a new size using standard and user defined size presets • Adjust position using gestures and one-pixel-correction(*) for Insert, Clip and Canvas Size • Resize proportionally using percent slider • Specify relative size using keyboard (long press slider) • Preview in actual size • Get all actual information about exact size, position, percent, etc • Get file size estimation for current state of image PHOTO FILTER: • Use a set of beautiful photo filters and effects, including Saturation, Contrast, Chrome, Bloom, Vignette, Sepia, Sharpen, Blur, etc • Apply unlimited number of filters and effects during any single editing session • Change filter intensity using horizontal slide gesture within the image • Zoom, move, view before/after using two finger gestures BATCH PROCESSING: • Apply all edits to all selected photos directly at the end of an editing session • Apply all edits “in one click” to all selected photos using Programs(**) GENERAL FEATURES: • Select main units of measurement: Pixels, Inches, Centimetres (settings controlled) • Flip and 90° rotate image in any direction using one-finger swipe gestures on the main and batch screens • Undo/Redo unlimited number of steps • Get detailed and actual information about the image: image size, file size, file format, full photo metadata, file size estimation and more • Preview image at almost every stage of editing PHOTO METADATA: • View full photo metadata: Basic, TIFF, EXIF, JFIF, PNG, GPS, IPTC (load screen) • Edit DPI, Creation Date, IPTC metadata (metadata screen) • Preserve/remove GPS, EXIF, TIFF, IPTC, JFIF metadata (metadata screen) IMPORT AND EXPORT: • Select photo(s) using the built-in Photo Library and Camera • Open up to 50 photos shared with CropSize from outside • Compress images using formats JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC, Auto • Set a compression quality when JPEG or HEIC is selected • Specify a filename or filename pattern for the editing results • Select metadata profile to be used for export • Save photo(s) to Photo Library, Files, etc • Share photo(s) via Email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, etc • Perform all other standard tasks such as Copy, Print, etc (*) One-pixel-correction is a CropSize unique tool that allows user to move or resize an editing frame in a specific direction by one pixel for each user click or tick while the button is pressed. (**) Program is a CropSize unique tool that allows user to save entire editing session to the app storage and then use it at any time to apply all saved edits to a new photo or batch of photos. ————————— Website: https://www.cropsize.com Guides: https://www.cropsize.com/guides

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