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User Reviews for Creepypasta

Pretty good

Not to bad I haven't had any problems with it yet. I think it's put together well where you just go down a list of stories and read which ever one you want and that's it. There really isn't much to it. I find when apps have allot of features they become more difficult to use but this one is pretty good. The reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that close to 95 percent of thousands of stories available are locked. The way to unlock them is by rating them (that's why I'm doing this) you could also download some other free app or you can pay for all of them one time. The fact that they want to pay makes me just want to go to their website and read as many stories for free.

bskwoodworks, Jan 23, 2018

I personally love creepypastas. To me they’re like late night scary stories my friends would tell by a campfire. That is, IF I had any friends to begin with, let alone those who actually like to tell stories. These stories range in quality and in size. Phenomenal for any time you have down time, and it’s also free, so why wouldn’t you give it a go and see for yourself? The ONLY reason I only give this four stars is because some stories contain small, really insignificant grammatical mistakes. I don’t like it, and it sometimes kills the mood of a good story a bit, but to many I’m sure it could be easily overlooked.

MrVonHatred, Jul 08, 2018
Best way to Creepypasta

Well worth unlocking all stories. I’m hoping the sorting options don’t go away with implementation of the not-yet-included “by rating” feature, if that’s coming. The many sorting options make this always fresh and far superior to other apps and the website. Also, i highly recommend reading the reallllly long and highly worth it 50 foot ant stories, start with Humper Monkey, then 50 foot ant’s first story. There are 5 total by ant and one by monkey so far. Ant and monkey aren’t the same person, but exist in both story lines to some degree. That’s the no-spoiler version. Again with those stories, you can read about the Army I grew up with. And the West Germany I lived in, during the years they took place. I was THERE! Different part of west Germany, but still. Moving on:I love this app-I use it daily. It’s replaced my kindle unlimited subscription. There’s horror and sci-fi within. Some content is definitely x-rated. If you need a trigger warning on any thing, stay away from Creepypastas. Also I’m loving the Poe! This App’s creator has done an amazing thing here.

MsMorgen, Jul 16, 2020

This app is perfect! I have a 8 year old who is a easy scare and she really wanted this app, I said no but looked into it, I got the app and tried it and as long as she doesn’t get scared she can have it. Parents please let your kids get this like I did mine. You can always change your mind, just heads up it’s not a texting story it’s just a story only on a device. WARNING: MONITOR YOYR CHILDS ACTIVITY. I don’t recommend anything with to much violence, or other inappropriate topics: the app is supposed to have a warning saying if it’s to “mature”

nickname 8589/, May 27, 2020

So far I like creepypasta I love scary thrilling story’s on fact u have a creepypasta myself that has been passed throughout my family! Here it is, One cold winter night there was a family in a small house in a small town it was 1845 and you could here the sounds of wagons approaching and the footsteps but when it turned 10:00 on the dot everything stopped as if time was paused this was unusual in this very town but as the kids were sleeping in there homes this specific kid heard the door creek open from the downstairs and then he saw the door to his bedroom open in a flash then right beside him he head a creepy but gentle voice say bye bye and he died… The End! So did you like it? This was my great uncle and once his parents found out in the morning as u imagine they were devastated but 2 yrs later they had twins one boy and girl so yea bye I love creepypasta!!!

Robkox user 101, Jul 30, 2021
Don’t download this they steal content

They steal these stories off Reddit’s forum r/NoSleep. They leave the names of the users, but no link to an account or where to find them. They do not ask for permission to use this content, and is unfairly making a profit through it. Developers please, either make original content, share profits with creators, or at least ask for permission and leave links to their account for credit purposes. This is incredibly unfair, and I believe it would be illegal if the users had copyrighted these. To which I believe technically it is according to “Article 13,” which makes everything that can possibly be copyrighted illegal to take without permission; in the USA at least anyway. I may be wrong on this little fact, but please try to be fair about it. I would like to apologize if this sounds rude or disrespectful towards you but users on reddit are outraged by this, and I’m trying to help work it out in a formal, respectful manner and I’m doing my best to keep it that way. None of my stories have been used, but I am speaking on the behalf of the users who’s stories have been unrightfully taken without their consent. Please take this into consideration. ~r/NoSleep users

ShadowCrinkle, Feb 16, 2019
The scary man

Hello I am about to tell you a story about me and my friend that night my friend max I was going while I was waiting for my friend max to open the door I saw a couple of people they had pocket knife and some one was close by so I saw him get murdered and I ran into the house and we wanted to watch a movie and we fell asleep and then our other friend randy we heard him text us and then we went to the door to get randy and I will never forget randy was dead at the door and In the house I heard a loud bang and the man was standing there on Max’s dead body and I ran away I will never forget this well by

the man of silece, Dec 09, 2020

I was mining and then I was done I found coal but nothing to out of the ordinary until I go back up and there’s a sign that said Hello I broke it and put it back in my house i went out closed my door and fit some mobs Whenever I got home the door was wide open and a sign saying How was your dayI typed who is this and hid and watch 1s latter i went back up and the sign said Unknown and I broke it and saidIs this HerobrineI watched a gain it said again Unknown the torch broke😢the signs 🪧 were every where and I turned around my Minecraft crashed but the sign behind me said Good bye I got a 🦠 virus and my computer broke it ba is d uh fjjdhsoagdh CD odhsoshidhdjdhdkdgdidjdgdkskapifpwypgyepqgroe uwutreirueudjk Good bye

vndnkahfi go oshdod, Jun 06, 2022
Love this so much

Alright, I just want to say I absolutely love these. You have a ton of short stories that I personally love. You also have medium sized stories, big stories, and huge stories, but you have to pay for most of those. Those stories are usually around two goes to read, or the biggest one. The stories can be organised alphabetically, or by the read time. And better yet, it tells you how long it would possibly take you to read the story. A lot of them you have to pay for, but it's only two dollars. I read some other reviews saying there were some "Classics", like BEN_drowned, Laughing Jack, but I haven't found those. But there are still amazing stories and I love basically all of them!Another nice thing is it's always on what you might call "Night mode", with a dark back screen and white text, and when you turn your device sideways, it doesn't, which is nice because I could lay on my side, and still read it easily.Sorry for such a long review, I just want to give as much good stuff about this as I can. The only reason I gave it four stars and not five is because I don't really want to pay money •~•But I love this app so much!!

Vriska Serker, Aug 26, 2017
Great stories, app needs a bit of work

I’m really loving all the quick stories and the longer ones too. The only issue I have has to do with functionality. When you click on a story from the main page, the screen flips like a page from a book. After reading the chosen story, it would be nice to tap the screen or swipe left to turn to the next instead of scrolling down or going back. Also, it would be awesome if the “Read” stories were taken off the main page after being marked as “Read” and put into a sub-folder of some sort. Overall, really fun app but needs a bit of polishing.

WakingPanda, May 14, 2021


Features: • More than 14500 hand-picked stories • No internet connection required • Voice narration • Clean text without distractions • Mark read stories • Sort by title and read time • Search for keywords across all stories • Add stories to favorites • App remembers where you left within story • Dark mode ready • Print stories • iMessage, Apple Watch and Today Widget extensions