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Crack List Puzzle

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User Reviews for Crack List Puzzle

Watch for spelling errors

I enjoy the game. I’ve noticed some spelling errors once in awhile along the way. But when I got to Round #23 and had to figure out that “wild files” was supposed to be “wild felines” and then that “panther” was incorrectly spelled with an e on the end, I had to say something. Please watch spelling errors.

Brenwo92, Jun 30, 2022
Not enough coins

You only make 25/50$ for the first few games top of list. Plus be advised this is a European based game. Guessing vehicle brands or cigarette brands are SOLEY euro. In America I can't remember what brands are overseas- "Rothmans" cigarettes? Never heard of them. Give us some love please use some American brands too so it's fair please thanks.

florenciaflores, Aug 09, 2021
Mistakes in game

There are mistakes that make game play difficult… for example girl names that only use the vowel a….. Anastasia is one of the answers. I is another vowel so this name shouldn’t be used. Another example is external body parts…. Bone is an answer. Unless an accident is involved, bones are not considered external body parts. Otherwise, If accuracy was better, it would be a good game

jocherno, Aug 15, 2021
The videos don’t work, nor does the Contact button.

None of the videos load, even after paying for the ad free version. This means that I can’t earn extra hints and the developers can’t earn ad revenue. Please fix. and I can’t even record this as a bug because the contact us button does nothing.Also, please change Mt. McKinley (Mounts list) to Denali.

mcdisney2001, Aug 23, 2023
Fun but….

I do enjoy this game but it gets frustrating with the spelling and grammar errors. Especially since you lose a life if you click the wrong set of letters which you can easily do if something is misspelled. Also some categories just don’t make any sense. I came across one that was 9 Wild Files. What the heck is that I thought. I ended up having to look it up only to find it should have probably been 9 wild felines. That’s quite a difference. Fix these errors and it would be a top notch game. I just don’t think there should be grammatical and spelling errors in a word game. Maybe that makes me a snob.

Mel Czzo, Oct 04, 2022
More levels coming?

I really love the game and it’s very addicting. I can see how it got it’s title! Will we be seeing more levels/lists past 14? If not, then there is no reason to keep the app on your phone.

mobile_gamer, Apr 22, 2021
Way too many ads

The ads are so intrusive. There is an option to pay $4 to remove ads but I didn’t get to the play the game enough without the ads getting in the way to determine if it was worth the money. Having a lives based system isn’t fun and seems to be in the game to just get people to watch ads. Also there are ads where you can’t mute the sound which should not be allowed on iOS aps.It had potential but the attempts at monetization really drag it down

Moggious, Dec 15, 2021
Not giving me coins

I paid for the no ads and I’ve also put in money for coins etc.. I do enjoy the game a lot , it passes the time and it can be addicting although unfortunately when I complete levels I have seen that I am not getting credited with the coins I won for the levels I beat. At first I thought maybe I missed it going in and I was wrong but I just played three level and out of the three I only received coins for one of the levels I beat. I usually don’t write reviews ever but I felt impelled to write this because it’s not right that people are spending money and time on this app and not receiving coins that are supposed to automatically added when a level is beat. It might not be a big deal to lose out on 25 coins but it is when you spend your own money on coins for the game.

nikleeden, Jul 08, 2021
Challenging but fun

I did have an issue with list #118 as the list was for girls name with only the letter a in it, but Anastasia was on that it’s. I tried using the contact us button within the app but it didn’t work for me. This game can be a bit repetitive but it’s a good challenge. Also I think this was made by a British company as they have certain spellings that aren’t common in the US, such as tyre companies.

photochika42, Aug 15, 2021
The games ok- OFFENSIVE ADS

This game had frequent ad pop ups, but one ad in particular- something to do with survival- depicts young girls being very sexualized and the violence is very gory. Let’s just say it doesn’t fit the genre of the game I’m playing and I decided to delete this game because of who they choose to work with. Unethical in my opinion, and I’m not highly offendable by any means.

thejonespack, Mar 29, 2021


Welcome in CRACK LIST : the perfect mix for quiz and word game fans ! Test your General Knowledge by playing with words to guess the answers to lists of all kinds: • 6 US cities that end in “O” ? San Francisco - Orlando- Sacramento -… • 7 chocolate bars ? – Lion-Twix-Bounty.. • 8 female singers who only need to go by one name ?

Beyonce- Madonna - Cher… • 9 black and white animals ? dalmatian - panda- penguin… How to play ? nothing easier : all the answers are mixed in a word puzzle . Just paste all the right pieces together to complete the list and go to the next level. The three first answers are often the easiest ... Next, you may use the remaining letters pieces to guess the missing answers Hmm ... - Having trouble to complete the list ? Don’t worry, our power-ups have you covered : • power-up "+1" reveal the right answers piece by piece • power-up "trash" eliminate the fake pieces • power-up "remix" redistribute the pieces of the puzzle Breeze through hundred of levels of various topics : General knowledge, food, celebrities, animals, sports, music, movies, TV shows, brands, science, and more!.. Train your brain and enrich your knowledge with surprising and fun lists and become a World Crack of Crack List! The ideal game for short, fun breaks every day

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