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Gnoodl, LLC
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User Reviews for Cover Art Studio

Great App. Minor Issues.

I love what you guys have done. The only two things I’d like to see improve with the app; 1) Add lines or a graph to show where the center of the text, images, etc. are being placed and 2) Add more variety and higher quality imagery. Otherwise, I’m completely satisfied with the parental advisory logo! 😁

ArtWalkOfFreedom, Dec 07, 2019
App Makes Cover Art Too Small

I have used this app in the past so idk why all of a sudden this issue has come up but this app makes my cover art dimensions too small for stores. Every time I save a cover art from this app and attempt yo upload it to Distrokid, I get a “Your image is too small. Your image is 800x800 but stores require at least 1000x1000 pixels in both height & width.” Notification on distrokid. Is there a way to change the dimensions of the images that can be edited on Cover Art app.

bnrose96, Jul 24, 2021

How would I save my current cover project to go back to l8r without having to start from scratch?!!! Everytime you let it sit to long or leave the app and come back your work is gone! Other than that it’s awesome and has the capacity to create very creative beautiful cover art!!!!~ ❤️💕🤞🏼👩🏼‍🎤Foreign Request

Crystal Cierra Mitchell, Jun 05, 2021
Highly Recommend

Any artist that is trying to add some flair to their cover art for their project, this is a good app to use that has some nice effects and fonts and numerous things to help the art look great. I was happy to find it and utilize it for my first album🙌🏾

Hannibal M, Oct 09, 2023
Beginner Friendly

I made my very first album cover using this app and I loved it! I just wish you could add text and there was more of a selection of pictures. Other than that it was great! So happy I found this.

jil_boo, Mar 03, 2021
Broken app finally fixed

I know the creator of this app personally. One of the worst human beings I’ve ever met in my life. When I first met him he forced me to download the app. Every time I pointed out a bug or something that didn’t make sense he would ignore it and try to distract me with another broken feature. I opened this app by accident because I was trying to delete it but then I decided to go through it one last time. Surprisingly enough everything that was wrong with the app before was fixed. And now I’d say it works pretty well.

Jimmys regular, Mar 25, 2023
Glad I found this app

I’m an aspiring artist and since I’ve found out about Cover Art Studio I’ve used it for every project I’ve been part of!! Super simple and easy to use, and the updates have improved user efficiency as well so S/O whoever runs this thing!!

JOHNNYADAMA, Aug 10, 2022

Please take all those updates off, the app was fine how it use to be it worked better than now the only issue it had was that it would crash sometimes ,you guys should’ve just fixed the crashing but all these updates just made this app terrible i use to love it but now i hate using this app its terrible Guys updates are suppose to improve an app but you guys are making it worse and worse after every update.

joseph mckenzy, Jul 22, 2022
If you make an app and charge???

If you guys wanna make an app like this, cool, if you wanna charge, cool, BUT FIX IT!!! You can do anything with text at all. Plus half the time when you are typing something in the screen it locks you out of doing anything else. App would be awesome if they actually updated the features. This thing is extremely hard to work with unless you want an album cover with no words at all.

PapaFreak76, Jun 02, 2021
Was working now not saving

I was really appreciative of this cover art so I can make quick covers without the hassle! Now everytime I save the image it does not show up in my photos ! Fix this immediately

PrestonMac1200, Jul 12, 2022


With this Free Album Cover Maker you can take your photos and turn them into album, playlist, song or mixtape cover art in seconds. Cover Art Studio gives you the creative control to create your own vision for your next album cover. These days a great album cover is a great picture and a parental advisory sticker, ask Drake.