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Course Hero: AI Homework Help

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User Reviews for Course Hero: AI Homework Help

Horrible content but good service :)

I was so mean to the costumer support lady. I demanded a refund and was being so rude about it because I barely used it and got a bad grade on it. I ended up getting the refund AND meeting a very nice lady. I told her about how I was feeling towards school and she gave me some advice and was so sweet to me. Her name was Kimberly and she was an angel. I might have gotten a bad grade, but I met someone who was delightful and made an exception to give me a full refund. She also told me that college is full of emotions, and I just need to take a deep breath and move forward and that it will be alright. Maybe don’t buy the membership? But I would recommend using the site for tutors and using the free stuff.

allisen reed:), Nov 28, 2018
Makes life SO much easier

Because of course hero I have more time to focus on less important things than school. I can breeze through assignments one by one and then get some well needed rest or game time in. It’s the very reason I’ll make it through high school but I think to avoid plagiarism you should combine the answers from this with a website called quillbot. You don’t need to pay for quillbot if you don’t want to but with or without the premium version it helps rearrange your answer to seem more fluent and also toss away any suspicions your teachers have when it comes to cheating. It’s the ultimate combo

AlphaScholar, Sep 21, 2022
The WORST in business

STEER CLEAR. DECEPTIVE PRACTICES. Will not permit you to view or unlock any documents until you have submitted 10 docs for 1 unlock. I submitted 14, 6 were denied and 9 were approved. It still kept asking me to submit 10. Every time you get close to submitting the threshold of 10 documents - it will reset and force you to submit another 10 or pay for a $10 monthly subscription. It will not allow you to remove or delete the documents you posted. You may delete the account but they will keep your submitted study materials and will not honor their end of the bargain by cheating. I am very disappointed and feel cheated. They took my submissions and did not reciprocate on their end - plus they will keep my submissions whether I delete the account or not. Go with Project REAL or google classroom. Don’t waste your time here

Ann4Emm4, Dec 09, 2017
Came here for flash cards left $120 poorer

I downloaded the app expecting at least SOME free content, but that would have been too easy. So I paid the year subscription which is really just paying for 30 unlocks...which if you want an additional 30 is $70...I have yet to find anything but actual answers to tests (so still making my own flash cards) or other people’s essays and answers. It’s not anything advertised for the free app and even after you pay for it you still don’t get full access or maybe not even what you’re looking for. I canceled my subscription within minutes and emailed within a half hour asking for a refund. I didn’t use any unlocks as none of the content offered matched what I was looking for, I have yet to hear back. If you want free flash cards use quizlet. They have premium options too that I haven’t explored, but if I wanted to it’s significantly cheaper. So far I’m getting better help for free from a different app. If you’re a college student you’re better off spending your money on an actual tutor, or food.

cjmiml, Mar 05, 2019
False Advertisement

Got an account and paid for”One month access” which was$40. I was just billed again and I was never told I’d be billed every month until after I confirmed payment for the first month. I will not be using any unlocks as I don’t need them nor did I even ask for them. I expect a refund, however can’t get customer service to help. Couldn’t even figure out how to stop my membership from recurring next month so I just deactivated my account. If I do not receive a refund for this month, and get billed again next month I will be extremely upset because I’m 16 trying to save up for a car while paying car insurance now and this company is stealing my money. Would not recommend this at all. Forty dollars is about eight ours of me working that they just took from me without my approval.

djdhendhdbrheb, Jun 09, 2019

This app is so terrible and frustrating to use. I downloaded it as a way to maybe help me with my homework, but it literally locks everything and makes you pay. I find the fact that you have to pay for homework help absolutely ridiculous. This app lies to you and says that the only thing it needs you to do is sign in to unlock a document, but that is a total scam. If you do not select a payment method they will not unlock the document. You can unlock documents by submitting a picture of your work, but still then it declines your pictures and keeps the documents locked. I’m not going to pay over $100 just to get one single document unlocked. That is absolutely ridiculous and frankly I don’t know how this app has 4.6 stars. If I can give it no stars and write a review at the same time, I would. That being said, save yourself loads of frustration and do not download this app. There are other awesome options out there.

GonzalezSierra, May 03, 2021
Tutor Questions aren’t fully submitting?

The content itself overall is fine. I usually use the website on my laptop which is where I submitted 3 questions. They were kinda long I suppose. I also uploaded images to provide information necessary for the question to be answered. When I submitted them all, every single response I got from the tutors was that the question was incomplete or missing information. Obviously it’s not the tutors fault, but I wasn’t sure why they couldn’t see it. I tried opening the questions on my app and only about two lines were shown without any more of the question available. The images were provided.I have no idea why the whole questions weren’t shown, and it’s very frustrating! My comments on the questions that even gave a pdf link to the whole assignment didn’t help as no tutors seemed to be able to answer anything. Very confused and frustrated. I contacted support. I don’t expect anything too soon since I only contacted them very recently.

Lmk37, Oct 06, 2020
App crashes when I attempt to log in to paid account

I bought a subscription while using Google and then after the transaction, the pop up for an app appeared and I figured it would be easier to navigate. I immediately downloaded and attempted to sign in through Google as I had done when I made the account a few minutes prior. The second I tap on the Google button to sign in through that method, the entire app crashes and forces me to restart. I decided to see how far I could get without logging in and could only get about half of the answers I needed (once again, I have bought a subscription already) so I turned back to the website version and can now not even find the assignment that I was using despite it being the perfect copy of everything needed. Extremely annoying that I bought a subscription and now cannot even take advantage of it. Money was wasted.

Can’t view recent unlocks from My Documents

I find the now one month and three month subscription price to be ridiculous. Also never liked that you have a number of unlocks uses each month and have to use that to unlock the document. But I can understand why it’s like that. Wish that the uploads would go through a good review process. One time I unlocked a study guide but it only showed the answers for the questions that showed on the preview. The rest was blank. Also for the last couple of months a lot of times the preview for the documents won’t even show up. But I do find a few documents that are extremely helpful which is why I’m going to keep the app. But wish Course Hero would fix the preview issue. Also I haven't been able to view my recent unlocks when I go to my documents. So I have to search for them again which is very annoying.

NellyC58, Aug 28, 2018
Terrible Scam

I started this program on my windows computer for convenience and then downloaded this app. The message that says your documents will take around an hour to upload is false. I’ve had mine in nor 12 hours and for 12 hours I’ve had 3 out of my 50 assignments uploaded. Those 3 were successfully upload within 10 minutes and since then no progress has been made. I put my trust in this program because I saw the exact document I needed and now I’m not going to get it in time for class. I could’ve done the assignment easy, but I trusted this program to work. Wrong mistake and now I’m going to fail my ASL class. Also, the developer responds to every review with the exact same message, and then once you email their customer support, they don’t email back. Waist of your time. Just do your homework and don’t put your grades on the line with trusting this garbage company that enjoys stealing ridiculous amounts of money from students.

Pizzadudegut, Jan 23, 2019


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