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User Reviews for Countdown°

Widget broken

While all the dates I entered are counting down correctly, as far as I can tell, the widget/notifications/item features at the top of the list is not the next one up. It is the first one I ever entered. Unless the developer fixes it, I will forever be told how long it is until the next St. Patrick’s Day. Also, although it does reset the countdown number, the year it shows as counting down to remains as 2019, even when that date has past. This last one is true for all items.

- Leisel, Apr 30, 2019
Best countdown app, easy all around (10 star rating )

I started using this last year and it’s very easy to navigate, no glitches and they give you so many options of what your theme (page) colors of pictures could be from their library or you can use your own by uploading one of your pictures if you wish, but there’s something exciting about seeing the countdown pop up as your special event approaches.It is also a free service, I have never seen ahead any charges and again, I only use it for the very important people in my life as far as birthdays go or special occasions like graduations and vacations, I do not put everybody (friends/extended family) birthdays in it because that’s what I have a calendar for.It is not a necessity in life to have this app, but again there is just something exciting to watch the countdown of those special occasions pop up. Really happy I found it and I’m sure you will enjoy it too. I really would give it 10 stars if I could because it is one of the better apps I have found for a Countdown that is easy to use and read because there are so many out there and I had tried them but for one reason or another either you had to go to MIT to figure it out or it just did not look right or easy to read when the countdown would pop up, but again this one is very easy to use and read.

aaopv, Nov 21, 2019

On of the FEW countdown apps that allows you to display years, Months, weeks, etc without buying the “Pro” version. Many of the available apps are locked on months/ weeks, or restriction how MANY countdown events you can have unless the paid version is obtained. No frills app, but it works well! Good job developers!

airport-radarman, Jul 28, 2021
Overall great

I’ve been using this app for about five years, and I’ve never had any issues. I’ve quite a bad memory, so it’s useful that I receive push notifications when an important event is approaching. My only wish is if there were a delete multiple option. I recently graduated and I used to use the app to keep track of my incoming tests, but now I have no need for all of those dates, so I’ve been trying to go through and delete them. However, the one at a time process is very repetitive. Other than that, it’s a great app!!

bry hahaha, Jul 18, 2023
I have a memory loss.

I could not be more grateful for this app! I am 30 years old and have a pretty bad memory loss; this app has significantly changed my life for the ability it gives me to check in and remember all the appointments, birthdays, celebrations, holidays, work days, I need to remember! I use it everyday. Check it every morning! It is very easy to use, I love the fact you can use it as a widget too! That makes it much easier to use when I just swipe yo the side once; to see what I have coming up for that day or the next! Love this app! It’s a game changer! And a life changer for me

CadenQ24, Jan 01, 2023
Wish It Had A Few More Features

I generally really like this app, but I would like it so much more if, or really wish it had, custom repeat settings and compatibility with calendars other than Apple’s calendar. For example, I would love to count down until direct deposits but that’s biweekly, and right now that’s not a repeat option. Also, I like and use Google Calendar, not Apple’s calendar app, so it would be nice to be able to sync, import or export to it

geodepigment, Sep 04, 2020
Love this!

I lose track of what happens on certain days and my iPhone reminders aren’t enough for me. They don’t constantly remind me what happens that day. With this app, I keep my events in order and on track. Everything from what I’m supposed to do that day to birthdays! And you get a notification at 12am to remind you what’s going on. Spot on!!!

Its Christieee, Sep 27, 2018
Great widget functionality

Tried a few of these, and this takes the cake. Solid and simple countdown functionality with customizable background themes. The widget functionality is much prettier than others' and is an awesome way to see a goal every time you swipe down to your notification center. Great work!

jhert88, Sep 20, 2017

App works fine, except I can’t figure out why the numbers are all wacky for how many days are left. My birthday was in June and it’s August. It said there were 5 more days...? So idk I’m just confused right now. I thought maybe it was the amount of reminders left (once per month or something?) but that doesn’t match up with the once per month reminders left for my event in November... so I really don’t know. I like the rest of everything. It works nicely. Also I don’t know how to get the notifications to turn up on my lock screen. A little disappointed on the front. Oh well. U still like it.

M Reyn, Aug 08, 2018
Feature suggestion

This may be available in the premium version (paid) of the app, but I feel like a major allure of countdowns is that you can see down to the second of when something will happen. (Year/month/day/hour/second) or at least (day/hour/second) would be a good way to also be able to display the countdown in my opinion. I did discover that if you tap the countdown number it'll display in (months/days), but again, this is lacking the (hour/second) allure of countdowns. Perhaps a calendar feature would also be nice (with week/month/day view available), but then of course you're running into the territory of just being a calendar app. However, it would be nice to have the countdown feature and calendar feature all in one. What I do really like about this app is being able to change the background, easily create & edit countdowns, and be able to organize your countdowns by life/work/birthdays/etc. It's a very visually appealing and functional app. Would recommend this app to other people!

meow-kapow, Jun 16, 2019


“Countdown” is an app to remind you with your important schedules and events everyday. This is best countdown app available in the AppStore and is optimized for iOS14, with blur effects, vector images, and various features. Basic Functions: 1.

Sort your events 2. Share your events 7. Custom categories 5. Repeat event cycles 4. Customize reminders 6. Main daily event alerts 3. Customize date settings 8. Display completion events on the icon. Special Functions: 1. iCloud backup 2. Date calculator (Swipe left from the main screen) 3. Use as a widget 4. Custom themes 5. Supports 3D Touch 6. Unlock using Touch ID 7. Pattern lock protection 8. Past event notifications 9. Lunar calendar settings (available only for Chinese Version) 10. Changeable date format (300 or 9M 25D) 11. Supports widget themes 12. Custom background images 13. One day pass the target function. 14. iOS calendar events import and export.

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