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Countdown Days Since & Until

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Countdown Days Since & Until

  • Utilities
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Joseph Sferrazza
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User Reviews for Countdown Days Since & Until

Great app

Absolutely one of my go-to apps. Use it every day. Helps me keep track of time since things happened as well as time to events in the future. Everything can be nicely listed in order of date up or down or in alpha order if for some reason you prefer this. Events can be grouped into categories. Syncs well between iPad and iPhone. Cost for getting rid of ads is quite reasonable and it is a purchase, not a subscription model. And to top it all off, support is very fast, knowledgeable and responsive! Top program.

academic presenter, Dec 21, 2020
Great update

I’m giving 4 stars cause u took the widget off the widget screen I like it better on the widget screen then it being on the main screen please bring it back to the widget screen so I can give it 5 stars again we should have the option to have it on widget screen or on the main screen but overall amazing

josephpalma24, Dec 17, 2020
Great app, needs multi user sync

With all of the millions of apps in the AppStore, I cannot find an app that lets me share a days since counter with my wife. I want the ability to have a list of things that we do around the house that we need to be reminded to do. For example, how long has it been since we last changed the sheets on the bed? We many times lose count and the sheets can stay on the bed for 6 weeks instead of us both being reminded to do it every 2 weeks. We'd also like the ability to very quickly reset the counter with a swipe, just like this app has. This app has so much potential, and once you can sync counters across multiple users' devices, this will be the app I have been searching for!

NYKa11day, Sep 15, 2017
Useful app.

I've been using this app for several years without problems. Helps me keep track of dozens of events. Sorry it took so long to finally pay the developer for his work. Today I paid full price because it's worth it. Buy it after you've tried it.

punjiba, Oct 20, 2020
Countdown is a great clarifier

This app is a great help keeping track of all the incoming tasks, appointments, the stuff of Life. I find that knowing with a glance how much time remains for multiple calendar events to occur is very helpful in organizing my time. Countdown does a good job of displaying in time not only what's coming at the user but also what has whizzed past us. For example, someone has promised a report on a certain date. It doesn't arrive. By glancing at Countdown you know how many days late that report is. It is easy to revise any aspect of a Countdown entry (date, time, title, etc). I like how I can easily bring in calendar entries into Countdown. I wish it were just as easy to transfer entries from this app to my calendar. The process of setting up reminders is a bit cumbersome. That screen that tells us we don't have any reminders set up seems like an extra step to tap through. Can the amount of taps necessary to create a reminders be reduced? Can a sequence of reminders that I use over and over be saved and reused? "When information brushes against information the results are startling and effective (McLuhan)." Therefore the more connectivity the better. Mr developer, surprise us with new capabilities. Countdown is a good app that does the job but could be great. Thank you.

Rbwyatt, May 18, 2017
Almost Perfect But........

Needs Colors for text such as Blue For Birthday and Red For Holidays, etc... Also it should also allow for Anniversaries or Others, that can be created in the same location as Birthday in your Address Book on the IPhone. It also would be awesome if they allowed a button to sync the Reminders if you want them or not with a tab to just look at them.

rickynun, Nov 23, 2016
Good app

I tried another countdown app before this, but it only let you have three countdowns without paying which was super annoying so I quickly deleted it. Then I downloaded this one and it works perfectly! It’s simple, but functional. There are a few adds but not too many so that they get in the way, and you can unlock more features like falling objects and font color changes with in app purchases.Thankfully, you can have as many countdowns as you want. I think I have about twelve going right now. It’s also cool you can choose what type of time to use, like months, weeks, or days. This app totally satisfied my needs without making me pay five dollars every month which I’m super thankful for. Like, why would you want to waste $60 a year on a simple app? Thank you!

Rowan.., Apr 12, 2019
I love this and find many uses for it.

I’ve been using this little marvel for 3 years, 1 month, 0 weeks, 2 days, 22 hours, 6 minutes and 52 seconds and counting, and it’s always performed beautifully (first on iPhone 4s and now on iPhone X).I use it to count down the time until future events, like next week’s dental appointment and my hundredth birthday decades from now.I also use it to count the time “up” since past events, such as my birth and last week’s viewing of a certain film.Why document a trivial event?Because seeing exactly how time flies is a profoundly useful thing. I’ve kept journals since 1984, and years ago they taught me that seeing how long ago some event was makes life more precious. Last week’s movie isn’t important by itself, but some day I might see just how far in the distant past that was, and it will remind me to seize the day.The functionality in this is very impressive; for each entry you make you’re given a wide range of options, and you can always edit them no matter how much time has past since an entry was made.I love being able to set an alert for a future notification that a certain length of time has past. That’s very handy.Highly recommended!

Stuart Gardner, Jan 20, 2019
Update to 7.0.0 deleted events

I've been using this app for years and loved it. The latest update deleted all my events. Support says it's because I turned off iCloud access and events will be restored if I turn it back on. This is false. I have NEVER, in more than 10 years of iPhone use, allowed ANY app or the phone itself iCloud access. Never needed or wanted iCloud. This app has worked just fine for more than 5 years without iCloud access. If iCloud is now required, I'll be deleting it and finding a new countdown app that doesn't require iCloud.UPDATE: I re-created my events and they keep getting deleted after about a day. So it appears iCloud is now required. I'm done.

TVDan1043, Oct 06, 2022
Having problems crashing

Since the new update when I click on reset for updating the event the app crashes. I have turned my phone off and back on and I am still having problems. Love the app, I will change back to 5 stars once the problem has been fixed.

ukatsone, Sep 28, 2017


Countdown to or count up from any important date viewing the time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years or even sleeps! You can add an unlimited number of events and even set reminders, import from your calendar & customize your background! SYNC Your countdowns automatically sync between devices.

WATCH All of your countdowns automatically sync to your watch! WIDGET Add widgets directly to your Home Screen or Lock Screen. (Ad-free in-app purchase required). ALERTS Get a reminder letting you know when your event is right around the corner. You can even set custom reminders to go off exactly when you choose. CUSTOMIZE Use your own photos as a background Choose a unique icon for each event Choose from 8 time formats (number of seconds left, number of weeks left, etc) EASY SETUP Import events directly from your calendar or reminders! SHARE Post your countdowns & screenshots to social media. Text your countdowns, including screenshots.

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