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Cosmic Challenge Racing

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User Reviews for Cosmic Challenge Racing

Dear ivanoich games,

This is a good f zero clone+ the game is fast paced and demands you to git gud at the game+ the game’s level editor allows to post tracks online you made with your time on them+ the graphics look very good for iOS.- I wish that the level editor allowed you to move more- frame rate issues- section 4 level 6 needs to be dialed down the difficulty a bit since you have barely any room for downtime since I was 7 literal milliseconds or half a second over the ghost.- the game crashes on the ivanoich games logo 30% of the time.Fix the negatives and I will give you 5 stars

Doomie 72, Feb 24, 2020
Longevity & Futuristic

I have had this game in all of my iPhones ever installed & I play it cause it gives me the almost perfect feel of what a pro space racing on a top end smartphone should be, not to large in size unlike its peers. In fact it’s a lovely lovely racing video game 👌🏾

eke4president, Oct 06, 2022
Incredible but one thing to Fix

This games tracks are so astonishing, and their cars is the best thing but the one and only flaw is whenever I start this game it freezes on the start up screen other than that everything is perfect.

EldestFern96886, Nov 17, 2019
Fantastic game to play when your wifi is unavailable

As someone who played racing games like Asphalt 8 and 9, ReCharge RC, and Sport Racing, I never knew I’d be so hooked into a space racing game, yet Cosmic Challenge altered that thought completely. The racing physics are absolutely amazing, the graphics are smooth and graceful, and don’t forget the AI that actually boasts intelligent programming and navigation statistics (unlike the racing AI in Asphalt 8 and Dragon Raja, where they crash and are stuck against a wall).The main reason why I wanted to install this game was to have a racing game to play offline, and seeing just how positively Cosmic Challenge Suited the task, I thought I’d give it a try. Needless to say, track builder makes it so things never get old, there are plenty of ship designs to choose from, and the controls are challenging, but in a positive way: This game really is a “Cosmic Challenge” because it’s so incredibly addictive, challenging, and different from other racing games out there: give Cosmic Challenge a shot and you really won’t have any regrets 😊

Jftech01, Aug 05, 2021

I like the gam e and all but there is one thing that you need to fix to make it more realistic space has no gravity other than that the game is great if you like a challenge

Ksntigger, Nov 30, 2017
My new fav game

Im best entertained by cosmic games or games that are based in space and this game makes me feel like I am flying a mini spaceship at the top of the galaxy. I was looking for something new and different and this game is certainly that.

Lani_ionic, Nov 18, 2021
I want more!

The game is great, but the only thing I want is more content. I mean there are 2 additional rows for ships! Also some more levels please.

Sharonc30, Dec 23, 2017

The game is god tier but I beat the entire thing so there’s really no reason for me to keep it, it needs an update.

Super awesome dude 2.0, Feb 12, 2020
F-Zero meets Trackmania

Ivanovich games has created an impressive intrigue on the racing genre, as he has made hovercars feel fair, and also fun.This game resembles if Mario Kart 8s Antigrav sections were actually hovering and not just fake hovering.

The See-er, Jul 26, 2021
great for racers!

This game is a really fun and challenging and I have a blast playing it I also realized that the Saturn space ship is practically the perfect spaceship for the game because it's top speed, acceleration, and maneuverability all equal making it able to out preform almost all of the others and it's almost comical to see the first default vehicle able to blow the other 4 racers out of the water 😂 this game is fun and we'll made and I appreciate the kind of simple idea of "pick a vehicle and race it" so good job to the developers and maybe a second version with more ships and levels would be even greater!

Zeruiah Wild 1, Jul 08, 2019


The most challenging multiplayer space race competition awaits you! INTENSE RACING Welcome to the most challenging Space Race competition! AMAZING SHIPS Master different Space Ships and move forward to incredible levels and scenarios, racing against challenging opponents.

TRACK EDITOR Build your own levels with the Circuit Editor and share them easily in social media. COMPETE ONLINE Compete online in the different playing modes and win incredible prizes! FEATURES - Awesome Graphics! - Save your game progress in the Cloud - Online competitions every week! - Create your own Circuits! - Share your circuits on Social Networks or QR - Access the huge amount of community circuits! - Support of several game controllers - Achievements and Records in Game Center NOTE: Cosmic Challenge works properly only in devices with 1gb of ram (iPhone 5 or higher, iPad 3rd generation or higher, iPad mini2 or higher ipod touch 6th generation).

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