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User Reviews for Contacts2XL

So convenient and easy

Where has this app been? I was really impressed how easy this was to use and the value it provided. Saved me quite a bit of time as I was planning on doing that manually.

-->M3TR0<--, Oct 22, 2019
Blank file

It’ll create a beautiful blank fileThe above was my original review. The developer asked me to give more detail. When going through the steps to put my contacts into XL I was presented with a beautifully blank page. I believe I was using an iPhone 6s at the time. And my contacts came from synced outlook

6bird4, Jun 02, 2019
Awesome App

This saved a ton of time getting contacts off of an unmanaged device so we could then import them to our Exchange server and the contacts would be visible to a managed device in our environment. The amount of time and money this app saved us is crazy as stated in the title this is an Awesome App.

BeatemAtTheirGame, May 12, 2021
Contacts backup

Would backup my notes in the contacts. Has a long ref number for each contact. Would not buy again.

Deleware51, Sep 26, 2020

Does not export well to mobile excel. Phone number gets errors, which I intended.

Folsom rv rental guy, Feb 18, 2020
Something strange here

UPDATE:Gee, only took you 9 months to respond to this review! That alone confirms my one star rating. Sorry guys I've long since moved on and found a different app that actually works.ORIGINAL:Opened file on iPad and large spreadsheet opens but when I emailed to myself and opened in Excel on PC no data appears. Don't have a good feeling about this. Deleted app, hopefully no harm done.

Handyandy,jr, Mar 11, 2019
Thorough, Detailed, Comprehensive

This app does a great job of pulling the data from contacts and creating a very usable and editable Excel file. This is an app that I might not use that often, but it is an invaluable tool. It gives me some peace of mind that I have a backup file that I can use in many different ways. I hope this app gets the recognition that it deserves. Thank you!

MightyMouseNH, May 17, 2016
Solid export contacts app

Seamless export feature for contacts to Excel

Rosnerb1, Oct 22, 2019
Did not work for me

the file i got comes through in numbers format only and gets corrupted when trying to change to excel - i asked for a refund. It does not give any options of anything else...very simple yes 👐 - but too simple it does not give me what I need.

Silvia4579, Nov 04, 2019
Quick easy free contacts to excel

Did exactly what I needed. Able to quickly email all contacts in excel file. Thank you.

Wodkfmd, Jul 14, 2018


Export your contacts to a spreadsheet quickly and easily. Generate the export spreadsheet files on your device and then share it via email, messages, AirDrop, Dropbox, etc. Open spreadsheet in Excel or other spreadsheet applications.