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Contacts List Pro

  • Productivity
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User Reviews for Contacts List Pro

One of five apps I use daily

I enjoy “Contacts & Groups,” and I use it daily to manage communications with over 70 employees, vendors, family and friends.

Art-os11, Oct 11, 2018
Bad update

I really like this app but updated it on my I Phone 6 using IOS 11.4 and when I first tried to use it the APP went into a tutorial which I could not stop so had to go through it rather then just making my call. Mercifully the tutorial finally ended and as soon as I tried to find my contact the APP shut down. Now every time I try to use the APP shuts down. I guess I should be thankfull that it doesn’t make me watch the tutorial again before it shuts down.

Brian44444444444444444, Aug 23, 2018
Great contact app

Great for organizing a lot of contacts! Also great for sending mass messages, organize contacts into easily accessible folders, deleting duplicate contact info to clear out space and setting reminders to contact people at a certain later date.

Emily Bartow, Apr 07, 2020
Kind of a Mess

Interface is awkward. Heaven help you if your contacts have multiple phone numbers. Groups won’t tell you which is which and it won’t even remember which one you chose last time. So, you’ve got to flip over to contacts and figure out which phone number to select for an SMS. Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe this behavior. I’ve got to find another app.

GAPas, Jan 05, 2018
Super Buggy

I downloaded the app about a week ago have already lost massive lists and groups. Every time i use the automatic feature i seem to lose lists of1000 contacts or more. Still feeling out this app so far not happy as i am having to reform groups repeatedly. Would be a great app if it worked seamlessly. So far i give it 3 stars.

Graduate Geek, Dec 29, 2020
Great app

Am in the process of changing to this app. Works well for me so far. Phone was erasing my contacts. New phone but decided/to keep this app anyway. It is well organized and well thought out.

Iron Wings., Apr 04, 2022
Needs bugs fixed

I purchased the full unlock. And when I try to send a mass message, I can’t even see which option to pick because they are all white and blend in with the screen. Also, when I do manage to get something typed out, it shows the entire thing as an iMessage instead of a SMS. Please fix this issue since I paid for the unlock feature.

Jsmooth84, Dec 09, 2019
Very Helpful

Have a number of very specific groups that I interact with. Makes searching a breeze.

Lu for, Oct 18, 2020
Great app!

I previously used another app to manage my contact groups, but it didn’t support the current iOS. This app actually replaces 3 apps I used regularly on my iPhone and iPad, as it also allows you send group texts and emails from within the app. It has everything I was looking for. There is a bug in the support info that doesn’t display the full content of the articles.

PacPolin, Jan 06, 2018
Overpromises and underproduces

This app will fail you when you need it the most. Don’t depend on it. And for sure you can forego any effort to get tech support. One time it works and another time you can’t even send out as little as 9 SMS’s at one time. Look for another app IF you can find one. It’s a losing battle anymore to get apps that are really practical!

Wyomike56, Feb 20, 2018


How do you make a group text? How do you delete multiple contacts? How do you merge duplicate contacts?

Contacts List Pro is the BEST app for group texting, deleting more than one contact, backing up your contacts and cleaning your contacts of duplicate entries. Contacts List Pro is a free, easy to use and simple app that combines 4 popular features that will solve the everyday problems you have currently (ALL IN ONE APP): *Sending and managing group texts *Deleting multiple contacts quickly *Removing and merging duplicate contacts *Backing up contacts fast ACTUAL USER TESTIMONIALS Prayer Group - "I have 23 ladies on a ParyerGroup and I email Daily - This app is a huge time Saver" HS Baseball Team - "Excellent for my HS Baseball Team - Love it! Allows me to communicate with my 3 teams and 3 separate parent groups" Golf App - "Great golf app for supporting group texts" Contact Searching - "The iPhone contact app is very slow when searching contacts, Contacts List Pro GROUP TEXT MESSAGING -Instantly send a text or email messages to your groups - Because you're a small business owner with 100's of clients and you do not want to share contact info or replies with each other. You're a church organizer and you need to set up individual groups: Men, Women, Youth, etc or you want to make Group chats with friends and family not annoying -Easily add/remove contacts before sending DELETE MULTIPLE CONTACTS FAST -Hate having to delete one contact at a time? Maybe you have 20,000 contacts because of an emoji app or you accidentally imported all your contacts from Facebook. Maybe you changed jobs or retired. -Delete multiple contacts -Find contacts with no name, no phone, no email REMOVE OR MERGE DUPLICATE CONTACTS -If you're looking for a duplicate contacts remover you have found the right app, whether it's because of upgrading iPhones in the past, or you want to reduce your contact list by 50%, Contact List Pro cleans and organizes your Contacts better than any app on the App Store. CONTACTS BACKUP -Having a hard time cleaning up your contacts because you're worried about permanently deleting contacts or having issues with iCloud not syncing with your contacts? -Quickly create a Card and email to yourself (or any email address) and save that file on another device. Import the vCard into Gmail or Outlook or any other contact list manager. AVAILABLE IN 14 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese ADDITIONAL FEATURES -Set reminders to get in contact with people -Personalize text or emails with first name and last name -Send text or emails using templates -Create your own templates -Share links photos, videos with Groups SUPPORT •FAQs and Support on our website https://groupcontacts.landen.co?token=16f8007a81 • Submit bugs and issues directly from the App • Customer support at 860-237-3610 **Feel free to suggest other features you'd like to see in the App! NOTES *To send private Group messages (contacts cannot see other contacts and replies only go to the Sender), please turn off Group Messaging and iPhone *You can find our Privacy Policy here: https://contactslistpro.landen.co/privacy

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