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User Reviews for Contacts Journal CRM

Best App for Small Businesses

This app is amazing. I own an small event planning and design company and use Contacts Journal CRM as my go to app for CRM. This app keeps me organized. I use the app to record client touch points, to record time, and to keep track of correspondence sent to and received from clients. The ability to set up email templates helps me to have seamless integration between my business email accounts (Goggle Business) and this app. Most importantly, I don't just look on top of my game when interacting with clients, I actually am able to perform more efficiently and effectively as a small business over since I integrated the various tools provided by Contacts Journal CRM into my workflow. In fact, I Love the app so much, I purchased versions for my Macbbok, iPad and iPhone. The developers are very responsive and provide timely feedback and instructuins to help users maximize the full functionality of the app. #WorthTheInvestmet.

ABC1244, May 12, 2019
Great CRM for sales

Still my go to app. I’ve been using this for over 9 years and I use it throughout the day. I love that it’s a one time charge for unlimited access, and the updates keep coming! Support has been great when I’ve had issues or questions. I needed something to be my memory when I make calls and visits. It automatically date and time stamps entries so I can look back and say “when was that?” Everything is searchable - contacts, logs, to-dos. And everything can be easily exported for reporting. Love the map showing where the contacts are nearby. And now they have added archiving - this is a great feature! Contacts from previous jobs can be archived, but not lost. I resisted spending the money at first, but I’m so glad I did!

Busy non-mom, Mar 08, 2022
iCloud sync and Siri Commands

Auto sync with iCloud doesn’t work the way I would like it to work. I deleted contacts on phone app to 168 records. I Sync’d iCloud with google account to 168 records. When I used auto sync on this app it brings all my old deleted records back giving me a total of 216 contacts again even though I hand deleted these records on this CJ app too. Tech support was very responsive and gave me some work arounds and said they will provide some user options for syncing with iCloud in a future update. They didn’t have it set up to auto delete their app contact records to match iCloud for fear that you might also lose To-Dos, Logs and other information that is only in their app. Also, Siri add new contact doesn’t actually complete the action for me on my iPhone. Again, tech support has been very responsive to give me some things to try directly in the Apple Shortcuts app to get it to work right. Other than these issues I am extremely happy with all the capabilities of this Contacts Journal app and love the fact that this company is so responsive. Highly recommended you give this app a try.

garythelazy, Jul 20, 2020
Wonderful Customer Contact Journal

Very well thought out. Relatively easy to use. Very flexible and will customize to the way you work with flexibility in adding custom fields. Export function is terrific. Output any section by contact to email, print etc. love the contact sync function with apple contact app. Keeps it all tidy. Logging to to multiple contacts is sweet. Just some ideas. Device sync in iCloud a bit sketchy. Haven’t got it to work. Manual sync with Dropbox is not appealing. Template merge is good. Would like to see the log heading appear first and not “template”. Would like output/share option to either log or file. Need to have option to place subject line or heading in log share. Now you need to add this on top line of copy/ share sequence. Be nice to have shortcut in todo to be able to add (temporarily) task to my todo day today, without rolling/changing date to today. Worth the money if you’re serious about organization and contact management. Like an admin in your pocket. Highly recommend.

Gjc1234557, Mar 03, 2020
Visually Lacking

I’ve tried several personal and business CRM apps and this one is the most simple to use. I really like the export feature so I can see all my logs for each person on one sheet. The map tab is really cool to see where contacts are, really nice when traveling and realizing there’s someone nearby you can meet for a quick meeting or meal. Also like that it syncs across my Mac, iPad and iPhone.My biggest problem is...It’s so ugly! You’re unable to change font color, sizes, type face, etc. From what I’ve read in the reviews, the app has looked the same for years. Exporting creates a PDF that I think is Times New Roman. Bleh! The most annoying part is the profile fields on the Mac version only shows one line so if I type something long, I can only view it on my iPhone. I also stopped using the To Do list because when I linked it to my calendar, the only option for time is a start and end date, no all day feature. Now I use Fantastical for tasks.The app also duplicates my contacts. Some kind of glitch from the Apple Contacts. Apparently, Apple combines Google and iCloud profiles for convenience. But this app creates two profiles. So I had to go through and unlink Google, delete the profile in Contacts, then go back and delete the duplicate from the app.Overall, good app that I’ll use until I find something better.

Glad_e, Jan 06, 2019
The BEST CRM tool for your Apple products

This is the most amazing CRM tool I’ve seen in the App Store! I use Salesforce everyday for work and I wish it had a lot of the functionality this app offers!! I’ve emailed the support team and I thought I would never hear back, boy was I wrong! Even for a simple functionality I didn’t understand they replied the next day with an answer. I love that they always update it to make it better! I’ve showed all my friends the app and how I can manage all my C-Level contacts right in the palm of my hand and not miss a thing! The app is so intuitive too! I could go on and on but no one likes to read long messages. BUY it you won’t be disappointed!!

J-run14, Apr 18, 2020
This is a fantastic tool if you don’t need all the extra capabilities of a true CRM!

I travel to meet up with clients quite a bit. I was using a routing program ($70 per month) combined with Microsoft one note and also keeping track of a spreadsheet of visits with customers to turn in for my reporting. I did find where some CRM‘s have add-ons that allow you to do the routing, but I didn’t want to spend $150 a month. $70 was justifiable, I could save that in gas. I’m just that “cost conscious“. I found this program. It easily allows me to do everything I need to do for a 1 time purchase of $25. After I imported My list of prospects, into my contacts, the program informed me they were new contacts to import. I was able to go in and pick and choose who I want to import, make custom fields for information that I need for each contact, and it automatically mapped them for me. It didn’t give me auto routing, but I’m OK with that. Everything I do can be logged or attached to each contact. I can schedule follow-ups, attach quotes and documents and have the information immediately available if the company asked me for it.Unfortunately, the only desktop version that’s available is for macOS. This doesn’t help me as I have to use windows, but I have this program available on both my iPad and iPhone and I can always export the information if I need it to an Excel spreadsheet.

Mjuge, Jul 09, 2020
Lost approx. 200 client contacts and NO HELP

After multiple attempts in the last several weeks to get help with the ICloud Sync that wouldn’t work and receiving unhelpful answers that didn’t apply to my questions I tried one last time on my own and the app proceeded to delete all but three of my client contacts. I’ve lost over a year’s work, all my To Do lists, all my downloaded pics, everything. I’m devastated and am hearing NOTHING from support to help me. I have what I think is a backup that may contain all the data but every time I try to follow the steps to restore my contacts I get an error message on my IPad and my new MacAir. Why can I not get my data from ICloud??? This makes no sense. I bought a Mac just so I could easily share this app’s info back and forth between my devices and it was a total bust as far as I’m concerned. To say I’m disappointed and distraught is a huge understatement. I can’t even begin to replace all that work and client information.

notfeelingthebliss, Jan 18, 2022
Oh My Gosh!! The New 2019 Update!!!

Fantastic Upgrade! Lots more flexibility, lots more color, and it crosses over to my iPad and Mac, effortlessly! Thank you for listening, and constantly improving this app. I’ve used for many years. Make sure you sign up for the unlimited version! You WILL use this app, as information flows seamlessly from and to Apple’s Contact List. Great use of color now, in tabs and pins. Would be nice to allow us to name what the pins color represents, like a key chart. Overall, one of the most used apps in my devices! And the New Quick Add secondary app also works seamlessly, to either add a customer or prospect quickly, or to look up one fast!! Thank you for sticking with this - It has become my life-blood for my sales business!

Sunfsh, Feb 14, 2019
Perfect CRM!!!! Love it!!

My small company didn’t have a CRM when I came on board from a large corporation. I got tired of hand writing my call notes on file folders after each sales call, after each customer visit and then have to re-type again, a weeks worth of sales call notes to turn in to my boss. After downloading 10 different CRM free trial apps, this was the very best for what I wanted to do and use it for. Now, I log notes after each sales call, can attach a picture or quote (pdf) to the account profile and or log notes, edit, add or delete important information to review before each sales call, add a “color tag” to each account, to visually see when I’m scrolling through customer list, who is a Prospect, Existing, Cold Call or No opportunity customer. Best part is, at the end of the week, I can just “Export” and can sort by date, logs, etc. my entire week of sales call notes to my boss by email. It’s complete with all customer information and I can also schedule a follow up or “To Do” for each call that notifies me when due or past due. I love this app!! My company has encourage the other reps to download and use this app and they will reimburse them. It’s an efficient tool. Best $25 ever spent!!

Wolfydude, Dec 14, 2020


Transform your business, professional and personal relationships with Contacts Journal CRM. With Contacts Journal, you can: - Keep track of conversations for each contact, so you’re prepared for your next meeting - Set reminders and follow-ups for future meetings - Create Custom Fields to expand the profile of your contacts - Attach images, files, or scanned documents relevant to each contact or meeting - See your contacts on Map view to easily navigate your surroundings - Categorize your contacts list with Contact Tags, Groups and Filters - Quickly send personalized emails with Email Templates and Merge Tags Contacts Journal is an intuitive and easy-to-use CRM system, packed with power features that enable it to function just as easily as a Business and Personal CRM. Don’t keep it all in your head or locked up in a spreadsheet – use Contacts Journal CRM to track every interaction with the people who matter.

OUR CUSTOMERS INCLUDE: • sales teams • small business owners • independent contractors • professionals like lawyers, real-estate agents, teachers etc. • anyone who wants to grow their business, professional or personal relationships KEY FEATURES: LOGS, TODOS AND FILES Keep notes for each meeting with Logs; create follow-ups and reminders with ToDos; attach images and documents with Files. CUSTOM FIELDS Extend the app by defining and creating your own custom fields EMAIL TEMPLATES Create email templates with personalization tags, to send prepared emails quickly, but with a personal touch GROUP EMAILS Send email to groups of contacts. This also works with Email Templates, so each group member can have their own personalized email. CONTACTS TAGGING Add color-coded Tags to easily categorize and visualize your contacts list MAP YOUR CONTACTS Your contacts’ addresses are automatically geo-coded and placed on the Map view. You can also color-code the pins for each contact. IMPORT CONTACTS You can easily import your contacts from the Contacts app, or from a CSV file. CREATE CONTACTS Use our powerful “Create Contacts” page to efficiently add new contacts, as well as setup tags, tasks and custom fields, all on one page. SEAMLESS, AUTOMATIC SYNCING Enable the CloudSync option for automatic, seamless syncing between the Contacts Journal app on iOS and Mac, using your iCloud account. Works great when offline as well! POWERFUL FEATURES • Share Extensions lets you add text and images from other apps • Extensive support for Siri Shortcuts • Add widgets to your home-screen • Dark Mode GREAT FOR PRIVACY No account signup needed! Your data is always under your own control, and we don't have any access to it. UNLIMITED PERSONAL PLAN: • The app is initially limited to 20 Logs, ToDos, Files, Custom Fields, etc. To add unlimited entries, please purchase the Unlimited Personal Plan • The Unlimited Plan is a one-time purchase, and can be restored on other iOS devices. • The Contacts Journal Mac app is sold separately CONTACTS JOURNAL FOR TEAMS: • Share your Contacts Journal data with others using iCloud accounts • Real-time, automatic syncing between multiple users • Create multiple teams to share different information with different users Contacts Journal For Teams requires a monthly or annual subscription that is purchased through the app. The subscription will automatically renew unless canceled within 24 hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. Terms of Service: https://contactsjournal.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015780571 Privacy Policy: https://contactsjournal.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015414291 Please send us your suggestions and feedback at [email protected]

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