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User Reviews for Confluence Cloud

You need non-authenticated access to server... what!?

I wish I could try this app. I give it 2 stars because of it's strange security practice but not 1 star because I'm hopeful that this could be fixed.The app requires that the confluence server allows for un-authenticated request to initiate log-on. This is a non-starter for my (and I believe many other's) IT departments. Non-authenticated requests would be a data leakage that "bad guys" could use to attempt to compromise the system. Many other systems that require info about a server would first authenticate then communicate the details that the client needs. I wish the Confluence app would do the same. The web implementation of Confluence is totally broken for iPAD. I had high hopes for this app, but until this gets fixed, I'll be stuck remoting into a desktop machine from the iPAD to edit confluence pages.

Abe Rad, May 21, 2018
Fantastic mobile reading and solid editing

This app works great. Images render neatly in the mobile view and text is flowed well for reading. Editing works well and all basic text features including bullet and number lists, rich text, etc all work well. Comments are fast, page Like works fine. You can't create a table on mobile yet–hopefully that's coming soon–and obviously web-based macro add-ons can't be included very well in the native mobile edit view, but otherwise the other negative reviews are either ill-informed or erroneous.

Adjudged friends, Feb 26, 2018
One of the best work apps!

Honestly love this app! I use it way more than any of my other work apps. It’s super useful and intuitive and I use it to stay on top of all my readings.It’s pretty impressive how they took a really complicated technical product like Confluence and made it so simple for users on such a small screen! It’s like they knew exactly what I would want and they only made the most useful features available.Also, Dark Mode is fantastic!! Makes it way easier to read at night.

GoldenDoodlian, Jun 24, 2021
I am an Atlassian evangelist!

I have been using Atlassian products for 11 years. Atlassian has helped me to create order out of chaos for a number of my clients. Their products have helped me turn poor performing security programs into well oiled, agile teams. This gives me the opportunity to build a security program that complements the agile SDLC and creates a culture that supports security, not one that is reviled by developers.

HeLives!, Sep 10, 2019
Missing Native Features

The native Team Calendar isn’t available on mobile apps, which for some users may be the main reason why they would check Confluence on their phones: in order to check a team schedule on-the-go without having to whip out your work laptop or printing out the ever-changing schedule, just to waste paper.Please add this crucial, native feature! If it’s native, it should be supported everywhere, not just where it’s easiest/most convenient for your devs. Thank you! Otherwise it’s a great, useful app!

hjgolfman, Dec 11, 2019
Not even close

I’ve been a heavy confluence user for several years. My software company uses much of the Atlassian suite for day to day productivity. As I’ve transitioned from a Mac book to an iPad Pro at work I find myself not able to be as productive. Largely because of the confluence app. True editing capabilities are nonexistent! Certain work automatically routes you to the web version (which renders even worse than the mobile). Never mind calendars. Linking to spaces or pages takes you nowhere. I realize I might be the rare user and not whom the app is intended, but I couldn’t be more disappointed in this one. And don’t even ask me about JIRA for the ipad.

IceboundWI, Feb 26, 2019
Very good, and always improving

As someone who works at Atlassian, I have to rely on this app more than the average Confluence user (that’s also a disclaimer that I work at Atlassian). That being said, we use Confluence like you wouldn’t believe.. so much open sharing and collaboration of ideas, research, project plans, and more. The mobile app has started to take on the feel of the desktop experience. It’s easy to see what I’ve recently worked on and viewed. When I tap on different features, the app is aware of where I’ve been, and is presenting my data intuitively more and more. So, to the point of my review title — it’s always improving.. release by release. Navigating through the app is simple. The pages and spaces presented are relevant. Woot!I’ll send my feature requests via app feedback.

looperlonic, Dec 21, 2018
Fixed - Unable to open articles from search

The one thing I attempt to currently use the app for is searching for and sharing links to articles for my coworkers. At the moment, when I search for articles they appear, but when tapped to open they just blink from the tap and don’t open. Makes the app practically useless for me at the moment.

Mike P(Nick Name), Nov 10, 2020
Poor editing experience and aggressive cache

If you plan to use this app for your iPad save yourself the frustration. The editor is not even close in terms of features or layout. Even on tablet displays it still presents as if it’s on a narrow phone. Images don’t size correctly and the layout is inconsistent from the web version. Also the app very aggressively caches everything. Pages I know I have updated on the web still show up as pervious versions in the app. Even after swipe/pulling down to refresh the page in the app it still shows the old content.

Ozmox, Nov 18, 2019
Nice reader, but hardly useful for editing and collaboration

Nice for reading pages but terrible for editing and managing pages. Prime example : you can swap a page between all can view or restrictions, but not actually add other users into the list of a restricted page to edit! Tried within the web page version but the apply button is right at the bottom so safari pops up the navigation bar. There is a forum post on Atlassian from 2020 about the issue of not being able to add individuals but no resolution. Mobile seems to be an after thought for atlas Diana Ross the board in my opinion

Rajbusto, Jun 29, 2022


Confluence is your remote-friendly team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. The Confluence Cloud app makes it easy for you to jot down ideas as they come to you, create and edit pages, and collaborate with your team from virtually anywhere. NEVER MISS A BEAT - Get notifications for page activity, like mentions, comments, tasks, likes, and page shares - Search your entire site for key information - Browse any space across your site STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR TEAM - Catch up on what your team's been up to with Activity Feed - Read and share pages right from the app KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING - React to your team's work with a like, comment, or share to build momentum across all of your projects - Use an @ mention to get eyes on pages quickly CAPTURE IDEAS WHEN INSPIRATION STRIKES - Jot down notes and ideas as they come to you - Add and edit tables right from your mobile device - Create, edit, and share pages in real-time PICK UP RIGHT WHERE YOU LEFT OFF - Find recent work in a flash so you can move work forward - Open starred pages to catch up on need-to-know information ADD A PHOTO OR VIDEO IN A SNAP - Take a picture or video and add them to a page from your device MOVE WORK FORWARD, TOGETHER - See what's happening across all of your Atlassian tools quickly and seamlessly - Select a Jira link to be taken right to the Jira app - Share pages in Slack right from the Confluence app Feedback?

Shake your device with the app open to message the product team. We want to hear from you! Please note, there are two different apps: Confluence Cloud and Confluence Server. This version is for cloud instances. If you can’t log in, confirm with your Confluence admin that you’re working on a cloud instance. If your instance is self-hosted (server), choose the Confluence Server app.

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