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User Reviews for ConcurGov

Another terrible government computer system.

The US Government really can pick’em. SAP/CONCUR is a complete disaster. What company in the private sector shuts down a portion of it’s financial system like this for weeks (sometimes over a month) at a time? SAP/CONCUR does. Every time they “upgrade” anything the problems just don’t stop. If this wasn’t a government contract, these folks would be headed for the unemployment office. The app for the iPhone and iPad is worthless. It doesn’t work and constantly crashes. You have to constantly delete and re-download the app just to be able to get in it. Then, it just shuts down and doesn’t work. If you are a business looking into possibly using the app/ company: flee now. I only gave it one star because zero was not an option.

95B1811, Oct 15, 2021
Working better but expense scroll issues

No crashing issues with app but scroll selection for expense categories stops in the L’s.

ChrisInTheNati, Apr 12, 2019
Unable to log in on app

We are forced to log in to Concur once a month to maintain an active account. If we don’t do this, we get nasty emails from our agency, and it’s a pain to reinstate our account. We are told to just log in through the app to meet the monthly login requirement. However, on iPhones, the app often just goes to a sort of intro screen and stays there, so we are unable to actually log in. Restarting the iPhone remedies this issue, but it would be great if Concur could fix it on their end.

ConcurGovUser, Feb 02, 2022
Deserves 0 stars

Unable to open as it just keeps crashing. By the reviews I might be lucky to not even be able to use it.

JAYMEDIN, Aug 30, 2021
No way to add receipts...useless.

You have taken away the ability to add receipts to your voucher so this app is now virtually useless. The one time the government travel system actually got something right and made things easier, you disabled it. I wish I could say I was surprised by this...

Justtellmethename, Feb 28, 2018

On the dashboard, CGE documents show UNDER REVIEW (red letters) even when the document is waiting for APPROVAL. That is confusing. On the dashboard, the document should show the actual status: REVIEW, FUNDS CERT, or APPROVAL.I have pictures but I do not have a way to share with programmers.

M-160, Jul 17, 2019
Great App

Love this app. Quick, easy, never any hang ups or problems.

MeConan, Feb 08, 2019
Decent app

Can add receipts, view receipts and attachments, edit and delete expenses, but adding expenses is limited due to all the expense types not showing in the scroll area. On iPhone XS Max I only get to Ss... can’t add taxi etc....

no1lykme, Jul 19, 2019
App delays

Currently this app is experiencing major delays on Apple’s new operating system. Consistently have to close app in order for it to work. Please push an available update soon to remedy current issue please.

upset45user, Jan 31, 2022

How come I can book travel around the world on Orbitz in 10 minutes, yet I need to call in to a technician to explain to me how to use this crap?Only the government can come up with a system that is 100 times more complicated and confusing than a private sector alternative. Having to use this system is the reason I don’t travel. It’s insanely complicated to use. Even then if by some miracle you get things right, you still get random errors and incomprehensible explanations. Top to bottom. Left to right this whole ecosystem is a total joke and embarrassment. Why do I have to create an estimate, prior to previous estimate, of my original authorization, of my initial estimate of my itinerary? Why do I have to then recreate an estimate, of my official estimate, prior to my previous authorization, being properly estimated? Because the government pays out a huge sum of money to the contractor, and this is how they justify an inflated price. Nobody with any business background even has the capability to make something so inefficient. The only reason I can imaging this exists is because someone paid off their friend in Government to give them a huge contract. That can be the only reason why a system was created that never works, no one can understand, and requires massive support from the manufacturer to keep things working.

Will08618, Sep 03, 2020


Specifically designed for ConcurGov users. Only existing ConcurGov users can use this app. To perform all tasks with the app, certain configurations will need to be turned on by your organization.

SAP Concur's free companion mobile app lets you keep on top of things while you’re travelling. With the ConcurGov mobile app, you can: *Book air, rail, car, and hotel reservations *Manage and track travel itineraries *Check flight status *Create expenses for vouchers or authorizations *Snap photos of your receipts and connect them to expenses *Submit travel authorizations and vouchers *Submit local authorizations *Approve travel authorizations and vouchers

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