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User Reviews for Comfy

Great concept, need to fix the bugs

The UI is simple and easy to use. The concepts is a feature high in demand in the work place. I am having to delete and reinstall the app on a daily basis due to "connection issues" where the "retry" has no effect.

aDesigner173, Sep 13, 2017
Not correct

This app is so frustrating to use for our office. The descriptions for work spaces are not correct. It makes you “confirm” your booking an hour before, so if I book it for 8 am I have to confirm at 7 am, but it doesn’t prompt you or send a notification, so I have yet to remember to do this since at 7 am I’m busy getting ready and getting the kids out the door. And then you get to the office, realize you don’t have a booking, and can’t even remember which one you booked (app doesn’t keep a record of it). Overall just not effective and very frustrating. Most people at the office don’t even use it because it’s not accurate, so everyone is just roaming around looking for an open desk.

BritLovesU, Apr 27, 2022
Doing the work but the interface is horrible

It’s so hard to navigate and find what I’m looking for. The app should be dead simple: Find my location and let me give feedback about the temperature. But the first part is soooo hard. I don’t know how many taps I need to do to find my location. I lost count. All the navigation options are unclear. If I set a favorite I don’t know where to find it or how to change it. It’s a very useful app that I wish was much easier to use.

GalgalGalgal, Sep 04, 2018
This is not working!

This is not a good idea for open space office! Our office was at 64f this morning. Everyone in our office is complaining about having this feature available to change the temp setting. It’s not working!

lebyjwbrhwkfbgjwka, Nov 12, 2018
Sweat no more

8 ppl in a conference room for 6 at 75 deg. Comfy got us to 72 in 20 minutes. You may also be able to heat and cool the bathrooms😃

Pozzaconsultant, Jan 15, 2019
It doesn’t average and turns the office into a sauna

We have a handful of people voting all day to turn the heat down but we get maybe 5 minutes of a cool breeze then back up to a heat wave. We consistently sit around 75 degrees with no long lasting relief and it feels awful. There is nothing comfy about this process.

Qawsedrfmnb, May 09, 2019
No app, no support, no access

The app doesn’t work, I open it and stays on a page telling me to select the building and goes nowhere, nothing to select.The app support link doesn’t work, opens a Zendesk page with an error.There’s no way to change the temperature and we are toasting in the meeting room.

Shyamalamadingdong, Feb 11, 2020
still failing

Attempts Microsoft password usage and Authenticator, but fails still to successfully login. Additionally, app controls during this process are placed in the ears of iPhone and are unreachable. Where is QA in the Market Release process? Built-in quality? Quality by design? One star awarded since I can’t even get into the app (but used to be able to) - and this is the only company-secured app I can’t log into.

Steel Drums, Jul 29, 2022
Great concept, poor connectivity

When the app works, it’s convenient and great. That said, connectivity it sporadic AT BEST. You will frequently have to quit the app and reopen it in order to get it to connect to your building. Sometimes it will even lock you out for 10 min even though your request did not go through. If they fix the bugs, then this would easily be a 5 star app.

SuperJames1234567, Jan 08, 2021
Lose access from time to time

Not too bad but:- only one change every 10 minutes- no desired temperature. Just up or down - lost of connexion requiring either to be connected over wifi or to reinstall the app- temperature changes are done only through the app.

The Flonc, Jan 16, 2019


Comfy is the workplace experience app that empowers you to get the most out of your office. With Comfy, you can book rooms for meetings, find a desk that fits your needs for the day, request temperature adjustments, and much more. Note: For log in, Comfy must first verify an approved corporate email.

Unfortunately, if your email address is not approved, you will not be able to log in to Comfy. Ask your office manager or building manager if you would like to install Comfy in your building.

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