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ColorSnap® Visualizer for iPad

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ColorSnap® Visualizer for iPad

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User Reviews for ColorSnap® Visualizer for iPad

A little gem

I used this app to assist with a room refresh. I purchased a few main items I wanted in the room and used the picture sampler to choose my paint colors. Once we put the first coat on, I was a little worried that my colors didn’t fit. However, once we finished with the second coat & then filled the room with the items used for the picture sampler, everything looked amazing together!This has become my new little gem for room decorating.

101-232, Dec 22, 2021
Color Snap

This Review is Relating to Apple Mobil Devices: IPad Pro;IPad Air2; and the iphone7#. NOT Desktops.-1 Cumbersome -2 Selection to Paint is sporadic meaning sometimes it will pick up an entire area not requested; other times no matter what tools are used the defined area only grabs small portions. Consistent & repetitive no matter how slowly or specific the attempt.-3 will often get message that the paint number or name cannot be found when I have found both previously when doing a paint search to add to my shortlist colors-4 receive message that ColorSnap is working on the problem when not able to receive requested info and then has gone on for 1-3 days!-5 would like to create more colors than what is allowed for comparisons & not have to delete others I am considering-6 would like to immediately save to a named folder or file for future use or reference-7 I love the ‘Compare Colors’ option that allows you to change the colors to place side by side; move the colors to create different scenarios for visuals to show clients

Ace Bridge, Sep 27, 2020
Crash,crash & crash

Worst app ever used. Crashes constantly, you can never finish a project. You can no longer save projects and retrieve them. Years ago this was not a problem, now it can crash every few seconds. Suggestions beyond the crashing. 1. Break apart each wall in a stock photo. This would allow me to show clients an entire color palette. 2. Not every home has white trim and cabinets. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to select between 4 different finishes. 3. Better coverage of color to cover extreme areas, bright sun and dark shade.

Carly3579, Sep 28, 2020
Good start, then...

When painting my own photo I have many things to like abouth this app — I can use my own photo, use multiple colors, select multiple areas... all good. Then there is always this moment where the photo goes this funny white-grey tone and I can’t erase what feels like a mistake and I can’t re-color an area. It’s good enough to give my painter an idea of the plan, but not quite good enough to really see what the result will be...

durmite, May 01, 2021

I found this program helpful. If you have used any apps that let you adjust color and light or face tones on a picture this will help. I notice that the color that goes over the picture is slightly translucent to allow seeing the image of the home behind it. So I feel it doesn’t give the true color. I would loosely compare it to looking like one coat of paint instead of the final two coats. But it certainly helps one think through what direction to head for!

Kay from Chi Town, Jul 26, 2018
Unable to upload room photos easily

I was disappointed in this app when trying to use it. I’ve been a fan of the Sherwin-Williams paints and colors for many years but I didn’t find this app helpful in trying to make color selections. The app is fairly glitchy even after installing updates. I was unable to take a photo of my room directly from the app. I then attempted to take several pictures of the room with my iPad camera and upload them into the app via the “paint a room” feature. This didn’t work well either because after selecting my photos I wasn’t able to close the selection window and upload the photos without closing the app and reopening it. After several tries I was able to upload a photo but found that the colors selected were not true to life. The colors selected were substantially lighter than the full sheet color samples we’d gotten from SW directly. In all, I found the app frustrating to use and was disappointed in the results. I’ll probably just go back to getting small samples of paint based on the color sheets and go from there. Was hoping this would be a timesaver but didn’t find it to be helpful in that way.

keemun76, Dec 17, 2022
Helpful, but only to a point

I downloaded this app to help facilitate some decision making for a planned home project. What I was looking for was an app that would let me 1) upload a sketch I had made, and then 2) recommend colors based on the sketch, which I could then 3) save to palettes for when I shopped.It’s great at #1 and #3, but only so-so for #2. The color selections looked great on the screen but were a bit off when I compared them to what I saw at the store. That's probably not the app’s fault per se, but you will likely have to find yourself choosing a color in the store other then what the app recommends at home, which is why I cannot fully recommend this app. (Ironically, another nice ancillary feature is that the app shows you where in a Sherwin Williams store to find a particular swatch. That’s terrific! If not for.... well, see above)Overall it’s fine for what it is, but not the one stop shop you’d like, though again it may not be entirely the app’s fault.

Low Fool, May 24, 2021
Disappointing due to lack of colors

I was very excited to use a paint visualizer to figure out my options, especially since all the stores seem to be out of or seriously lacking sample sizes of paint. Unfortunately, this app isn’t updated with the full color palette…so the color sample cards I have are not options.I guess even worse than the colors not being in here, is that the Lowe’s paint visualizer had a couple of the Sherwin Williams colors that this app did not. Of course Lowe’s still didn’t have the full color palette, so that won’t help me either.Such a shame to spend as much time as i did to find numerous color palettes and options for every room of the house, just to be back to square one.

Pregirl, Aug 30, 2021
Just use the web browser experience; the app isn't worth the frustration

I previously used the desktop site for planning the color updates we wanted to make to our living room. It was a little tedious on a laptop, much like trying to map out a route on a web browser to gauge distance walked. I was excited to learn there's an iPad app, especially since I just got an apple pencil as a gift. I was convinced it would make it easier to draw out the sections to color.unfortunately that is not the case. I'm using the app on a new iPad air (4th gen) and it's super buggy to the point of being unusable. Sure the pencil helps make drawing th areas easier, but the app just selects and fills in whatever it thinks was your focus. It's super unintuitive to figure out how to select a previously drawn section without filling it with the wrong color. I need to draw selections because my condo used to be a rental and every wall/ceiling is the exact same color, so the AI for knowing the different surfaces just can't work well, given that there is no native distinction in the pixels. Since the pencil was so much easier to use, I thought I'd try the desktop site on my mobile browser. But alas, their sniffing outmy device type and the mobile site experience is not available. They force you to use this barely functional app when using the iPad. I wish there was a way to bypass, but I can't find one. bummer.

smashllleeeee, Nov 12, 2020
It does not work

Downloaded and tried to use this app to see how colors would look in a room we are looking to repaint. Difficult to navigate and understand privacy settings. Much more control needs to be provided here. Then, when trying to add a Sherwin-Williams paint color in the app, I kept encountering an error message indicating something went wrong. Restarted the app twice to no avail. App is now deleted from my iPad Pro. This current version is not worth your time. Hopefully, future versions will work.

WillStan, Jul 22, 2021


Turn inspiration into custom paint palettes that will lead you to your best color decisions yet with ColorSnap Visualizer for iPad. Explore color and virtually paint any room with the swipe of a finger. Match colors from photos, save colors and even paint your own walls.