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Color Pop AI - Coloring Book

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Color Pop AI - Coloring Book

  • Entertainment
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User Reviews for Color Pop AI - Coloring Book

Not so good

When I was playing this app I kept getting ads and it was so annoying! My screen was going black a lot right shoe I downloaded this game! I’ve looked at the reviews and they were telling the trust. The molt reason I put 5 stars is so you’ll be able to see this! I want to contact the developers and let them now how much struggle this is! Don’t waste ur time on downloading this game PERIOD it’s a waste of storage and time! It’s a bad game to me and I want it fixed! Everything it does work I don’t get a lot of good stuff! U have to watch an ad for almost everything or pay for it! It’s a waste of cash or money. Who ever made this needs help! Every single app u download u have to pay for. It’s disrespectful

,kd cvf2, Aug 21, 2021
Way too many ads

Hi, I just downloaded this game about an hour ago and I was so excited to start coloring. But when I pressed the drawing it showed that I had to watch ads for every individual brush and the pallets. I got a little frustrated but not much. But when the ads started popping up very frequently as I was coloring, I started getting more frustrated. A few minutes later I finished the drawing so I went on to color another drawing, but when I did, it said I had to watch an ad to be able to use the drawing. So I watched the ad, but then I saw that I needed to watch ads for the same brushes and pallets all over again. I started getting very frustrated so I decided to delete the game. I don’t understand why I can’t have a calming and non- frustrating coloring app. I don’t get why there is so many ads and why I have to watch the ads all over again for the same brushes when I try to paint another drawing. This is too much of a hassle just to paint one drawing. I go through watching tons of ads just in one drawing, then I go to another drawing and I have to watch the ads all over again? The ads are frustrating and too long. I only did a 5 star rating because i hope you see this review. I’m never using this app again.

🦋 𝔽𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕤𝕔𝕒 🦋, Jun 14, 2022
Read this plzzz it will save u a lot of ad watching

I love ❤️ the game and the warning ⚠️ that the ad it about to come is great, just wonderful. But there is a few down sides. #1 2 many ads I don’t understand why there’s so many ads. #2 you have to watch and add to get any tools that aren’t the small paint brush or 🪣 . #3 you have to watch an ad to get any color pallet that isn’t the basic colors. #4 you get tricked into having to pay 💰 if your not paying close enough attention to notice the little X at the 🔝 left corner.#5 I was lucky 🍀 enough to notice the X at the top 🔝 otherwise I would have been sucker punchedinto paying. Now finally for the good comments #1 I love the little warning ⚠️ at the top 🔝 about the ad coming and a few days ago every time that little thing popped up and then ran out of time ⌛️ I wouldn’t have to watch an ad #2 the pictures are very fun 🤩 2 color I love ❤️ doing stuff with the hair and shadows.#3 this is the only game I’ve ever had that has a ⚠️ about ads so great 😃 job on that one developers. I’m so sorry about all the negativity towards your game but come on are all those ads really necessary and the paying thing at the beginning come on that’s just stupid. I mean sucker punching people into paying for your game that’s just ridiculous guys come on! You can do better than that so plz fix that thanx bye ✌🏻 peace ☮️ out thanks 😊 for reading!!! P.S I am really sorry 😢 about all the negativity towards your game!

alltheproblems, Jul 21, 2023
Could be SO much better

I don’t usually write reviews, but I feel like this needs to be said. Once I opened this app I realized that they're not many free drawings. So, I tapped on a random one and saw that I needed to watch an ad to color it. I watched the tutorial, but as I started coloring I realized that it let out a lot of information. First, let me point out that I have to watch an ad to access all the brushes. Also, I didn't know how to use the eraser tool. The eraser is laid behind the brush, so whenever you try to tap it, it takes you where all the coloring tools are. The second thing I noticed was the number of ads there were. Whenever I pressed the button where I could either color in the lines or color everywhere, I had to watch an ad. I could be doing absolutely nothing but coloring, and yet I still have to watch an ad. This happened way too many times and I just downloaded the app. It also glitched here and there, leaving me frustrated and wanting to throw something. Maybe if you fixed all that the app would be better. I'm not trying to be rude, but I got really frustrated using this app.

amiya10, May 30, 2021
I love it but 1 prob

I love this game it is won of my favorite games and trust me it is hard to be one of my favorite games but every 3 seconds there is an add and all the adds are like 2 minutes long and there is an add for like everything and I get in the app and there is allready adds so all I am asking is that you make some stuff for free and I get it if you can not take away adds it is apart of games but this one just has a lot of them but please readers download this app it is a bunch of fun and there is a lot of fun drawings but workers can you add more drawings I have allready done almost all the drawings so can you add more please but download this app if you can take adds but beside that I love ❤️ this app it is so fun and so colorful so thank you for creating this game I love it but in the sports section can you add cheer please Ty workers please respond Ty BY!

arililell😜😀, Jul 03, 2022
Nice but I have some Complains (just rateing it five stars to be at the top so you guys can see it)

Get some popcorn and relax because this is going to be a long. Story so I asked my mom to buy me this app she said yes and when I opened the app I decided to look at all the Things and this is read the story all happening. I was going to look at other peoples drawings and like some but I had to get premium to do that. I was so sad please people who made this fix it no hate or anything I just don’t like how I had to buy a whole pack just to like someone’s picture with someone’s drawling like I am good drawer but I love to look at other peoples artwork with this app I can’t and straight to the open the app 👹👹 a add came up I didn’t even get to like at some things people who made this please let me get free to play and not pay to win and not to be rude anything but just is nothing like Colorfly I’m not like pairing it, but this is, this is the distance I would like you guys to add like not people who just got the app use the community like I can’t do that I do not wanna create a whole account just to do that like with most coloring games you can just go to community by the way I love the game but there’s so so many ads

candle😸, Jun 24, 2023
Awesome app but one tiny problem!

When I first downloaded this app I was a little frustrated because I saw that everything was for ads. From drawings to brushes and pallets. However I decided to not deduct the rating because of that since when I got a little used to this app I began not minding the ads so much and actually enjoying coloring. I really love that there are so many colors to choose from (even if it’s for ads). This makes my drawings really vibrant and colorful. And what makes this coloring app really special is that you can share and highlight your drawings which I absolutely love. And I also love how many drawing there is to choose from and also so many topics. I think this is a great app overall and I would really recommend. And to any developers you don’t need to respond for why you put so many ads since I saw your response on other reviews. Anyways thank you for making this app it really turns around my boredom and is super fun when you start getting used to all the ads.

Caroline Goldie Dukal, May 27, 2022
pls read - we need more things!!!

Really good app!! I know it’s still in beta and being worked on, but we seriously need more things - or atleast I have suggestions 😭😭. 1: PLEASE let us post our AI-generated colorings to our accounts. On the app theres already made drawings to choose from and post to your account for others to see and like and comment on, but you can’t do this with the drawings you AI-generated for some reason, which is weird since it feels like the thing most special about this specific app is the AI. We should be able to post our AI-made pieces too! 2: Search bars!!! All apps need a search bar, serious. We need a search bar for searching for other people’s accounts! 3: Not needed, but just a suggestion - what about in the AI section we can look through stuff other people generated and worked on? It’d be cool to see other people’s imaginations and put our spin on it with color! OTHERWISE, ASIDE FROM THE SUGGESTIONS, this is a really good app. Lots of options to color with, lots of colors and shades, no premium/money required options when it comes to the drawings, and lots of different art styles for everybody to have their own thing!!Just add more, don’t get rid of. Good, no bugs, nothing bad, just want more from it!! Especially wanting to post those AI-generated drawings… thanks for reading! Hope the creators read and take note of this, and do it. Hopefully. ❤️

Coco Cola Nut, Sep 20, 2023
Almost five stars but one problem… ( creator please respond )

I was so excited to finally download this game after a while of wanting to. When I first got it, it was so fun to play. I think this game is unique because most of the other coloring games are color by number and don’t let you pick the color. I was a little disappointed that the color pallets had you watch an ad to get but I thought it was reasonable considering ads help fund the game. I was not expecting an ad almost every 5 minutes! I wish I could give this five stars but these ads are outrageous. I’ll probably delete this if it can’t be fixed because it’s already taking up a lot of space in my phone. I apologize if I sound rude I was just trying to get my point across. Greatest of luck to you in the development of your game. It truly is a great game.

Darcy Linn, Aug 06, 2022
It’s generally good

I love this app and I’m really happy with it so far but there are a few problems I’d like the color pop team to fix. The adds, I understand that you need to earn money from your app but maybe calm down on the amount of adds you have. Maybe the adds don’t show up at a random time and instead you just have to look at adds for the colors and/(preferably)or brushes. I have looked at some of the reviews and seen that almost all of the reviews are complaining about the adds, then the team goes to suggest the premium. I see another problem here with this, the premium is very expensive, especially for a game that a lot of people don’t use day to day or even week to week. To improve upon your game, maybe just take out some of the adds and low the premium cost by only a few bucks, which at that point I would 100% buy the premium. Otherwise the game is overall good, the community is amazing and I hope you can keep making this game one of my top player games (right now it’s ranked at #4 in my top played games) great game.

Duolingo fan!!!, Jun 05, 2023


Feel like expressing the inner artist that dozes in you? Choose Color Pop! Color Pop brings you your daily dose of fun with millions of drawings.

You are a brush away from the best coloring experience ! Join the Color Pop community, get inspired, start painting and have fun with the most enjoyable coloring game. The Timelapse feature allows you to visualize, brushstroke after brushstroke, the whole creativity process you’ve been through. So satisfying! Color Pop offers a wide range of features so you can reveal your inner artist: - Extended catalog: mandalas, animals, patterns, florals and more - Easy to paint : tap to color or spill the paint bucket - Fun to use : realistic tools, vibrant colors and advanced effects - Timelapse : easily visualize your whole creativity process - Infinite inspiration : view and share colorings with people from all over the world - Color and paint anywhere! no wifi needed! - Lock lines button allows to stay between the lines while you’re coloring! Terms of Service: https://www.mwm-apps.com/legals/procolor/tos Privacy Policy: https://www.mwm-apps.com/legals/procolor/policies

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