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Collage Maker - Mixgram

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User Reviews for Collage Maker - Mixgram

You can only use like 10 features!!!!!

I am VERY disappointed with app ☹️. Well it is nice for pictures and stuff. You can’t put more then 4 pictures in a collage without a member ship. It really annoys me!!!! 😣😫😩😖. I am such a BIG fan of Stranger Things and I was making a collage with some screen shots I had on my IPad. I had over 5 pictures and needed a normal collage with like 7 slots. But since I don’t have the freakin’ member ship I couldn’t do it!!! I understand you really want money but you really need to focus more on the people making collages. Also I understand you think rich people are gonna play your game and use like the yearly and monthly member ship. If you don’t fix how many features people without member ships get… your game is a piece of crap. Bull crap. Please fix that. Thanks

5253535/6/7/8/8/9/9, Apr 19, 2019
Do not recommend

When I first saw this app I was like oh this is perfect. Once I was done making my first collage I wanted to redo it and make a new one. Until it wouldn’t work and kept asking me to buy the stupid premium. Which I kid you not is 5 dollars a WEEK; not a month a WEEK. This is absolutely ridiculous. Who in thier right mind is going to ph 5 bucks a WEEK for this app. Apple Arcade only pays 5 bucks a MONTH not week a month. And you’re only going to use this app probably at max 5 times. Super disappointed in this app and thought it was going to be good. DO NOT RECOMEND.

7;$39:?, Sep 17, 2023
Very Cumbersome and time consuming to use!

The pictures come out great once you are able to finish them, but getting to the finished product is tedious, frustrating and time consuming at best. It is very, very difficult and challenging to edit and delete pictures from a collage once they are added. There is a function to do so, but getting it to come up so that you can access it is often an exercise in futility. If you are adding text to your pictures, that is a whole story all in itself. Better make sure you don’t hit the wrong keys or misspell any words because you can’t backspace like any normal program. You have to save it, delete the entire text and start over. I very rarely write reviews, but I am at the point of extreme frustration with this program, and I really want to like it, but I think I am going to have to try another collage app for my own sanity.

Chopswife, Oct 07, 2017

i made a collage and i was so happy because i finally found an app that doesn’t limit how many photos you use but then when i tried to make a second one it says i have to sign up for the paid version but when i x out it doesn’t make my collage and takes me back to the select photos page. really stupid just make the app paid at this point i really hope this is just a bug or issue with the app because in the description it says you only need the paid version to use certain templates and other features but im using the “free” ones and i still have to pay its all some big scam to make you pay for premium. i am truly disappointed PLEASE FIX YOUR APP or at least be honest with your description

Cotnu!, Jul 01, 2023
Good for not complacted things

This app…. I hate it. It’s good for simple 4 picture collages. It’s good for hours wasted. And if you want to murder someone but can’t get angery enough I would I recommend using this app for a couple hours. Trust me when your done you will be mad enough to kill someone. The glitches are awful and unbelievable. I had to buy premium to use the template I needed to use. You would think with the money i paid it would run smoother. This app reminds me of flappy bird. But worse. I take one step forward just to take 3 steps back. Making a cool looking collage on this crappy excuse of a app takes hours and 5 dollars. I’ve spent hours on this app trying to make one collage and I still haven’t done it. Because I’ll do something then it’ll get undone or a picture will get moved slightly to the right covering a picture and I’ll have to rearrange it again. But I can’t do that with our losing 5 pictures and all the pictures around it moving. I’ve never been the person to write a angery review. But this app makes me want to kill some one. I can’t believe I’ve wasted so much energy on this. If I could give this app -5 stars I would. But the lowest I can give is a 1

gottaloveemma, Apr 03, 2022
Used to love it

This app used to be the best. In the last couple months they’ve made updates that have so many bugs and it’s extremely frustrating. 1. Pictures don’t upload and it continuously scrolls 2. Uploaded videos don’t follow any trimming you did prior to in your iPhone. Makes for editing really hard. 3. Can’t search folders anymore

hannahB_16, Jul 12, 2023
Interesting app

I was trying to find an app that I could put a bunch of pictures in. If this is what you’re looking for this is not the right app for you. You technically can if you purchase the premium pic grid. Want the watermark taken off? Purchase premium pic grid. Lower your standards when downloading app.

icecream🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦, Dec 13, 2022
Overpriced and Underused

Hear me out, You get like one or two free BASIC collages and then they want you to pay $5 a WEEK…This kind of thing you can make on plenty of FREE apps. Adobe Express or Go Daddy Studios for free or much cheaper with way way way more options. Don’t get this app it’s a waste of time and storage on your iPhone and I regret every second wasted on this horribly designed overpriced app. If you have this app and are paying for it you should delete it as soon as humanly possible before you waste more time and money.

Jacob Laster, Aug 25, 2023

You get like maybe 5 free collages... And they’re mostly heart shaped or diagonal, which isn’t really practical for most people. Even if it is for you to just get a chance to test it out; it’s practically... impractical. I’d advise you not to download the app if you’re not looking for the 10+ pictures that are formed in a wall decor aesthetic, just one photo (I mean... it is a collage app, right? Then why can you add only one photo?...), 2 photos formed into a heart shape, or (my personal fav) a square within a square (for when you’re feeling a bit wild)🤣 Let’s not forget the eyeglass shaped one! You can put a picture of yourself and your special someone in the frame of an eyeglass shape! And then add a picture of the sky on top and a picture of grass on bottom where there’s extra room (for a reason no one knows) that you can utilize!🤦‍♀️ Thanks, but no thanks.

Jesus Loves You 123, Apr 04, 2021
Photos always slightly askew after adjusting

I really wanted to like this, especially with the high reviews and range of sizing, frames and customization options. But when attempting to resize a photo within a frame, it is nearly impossible to get it to stay aligned horizontally or vertically. You use two fingers on the touch screen to zoom in or out, but when you release, the photo always skews slightly. It’s only a couple of degrees, but it’s enough to be noticeable if you need something to be straight. There’s no option to rotate by degree to correct it after or to initially just zoom in/out without also impacting the rotation. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you need something aligned with an interior frame wall. It’s maddening enough to cancel subscriptions pending a fix.

Jilane, Aug 11, 2018


Welcome to Mixgram, your all-in-one tool for creating photo and video collages, animated collages, memes, and more! Whether you're a professional designer or just getting started, Mixgram makes it easy for you to express your creativity. Customize from a variety of grids, layouts, and templates, then add your own photos, text, stickers, and drawings to make your designs uniquely yours.

With Mixgram, you can create stunning collages in minutes, choosing from exclusive stickers and filters, or using our cutout tool to make your own. Use our intuitive drag-and-drop feature to move photos and videos between grids. Plus, our powerful Stories Creator tool lets you craft beautiful, engaging stories with minimalist and elegant templates in seconds. Ready for more? Upgrade to Mixgram's premium subscription to access our entire collection of frequently updated collage templates, creative editing tools, a story creator, sticker maker, watermark remover, filters, and fonts. Enjoy a clean, watermark-free, and ad-free editing experience, and immerse yourself in exclusive backgrounds and templates. Embrace your creativity with Mixgram - download now and start creating today! Terms of use: https://www.mixgram.app/terms Privacy policy: https://www.mixgram.app/privacy We're excited that you've chosen Mixgram for your photo and video editing needs. We can't wait to see what you'll create!

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