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User Reviews for CoIIage Maker

You can only use like 10 features!!!!!

I am VERY disappointed with app ☹️. Well it is nice for pictures and stuff. You can’t put more then 4 pictures in a collage without a member ship. It really annoys me!!!! 😣😫😩😖. I am such a BIG fan of Stranger Things and I was making a collage with some screen shots I had on my IPad. I had over 5 pictures and needed a normal collage with like 7 slots. But since I don’t have the freakin’ member ship I couldn’t do it!!! I understand you really want money but you really need to focus more on the people making collages. Also I understand you think rich people are gonna play your game and use like the yearly and monthly member ship. If you don’t fix how many features people without member ships get… your game is a piece of crap. Bull crap. Please fix that. Thanks

5253535/6/7/8/8/9/9, Apr 19, 2019
Very Cumbersome and time consuming to use!

The pictures come out great once you are able to finish them, but getting to the finished product is tedious, frustrating and time consuming at best. It is very, very difficult and challenging to edit and delete pictures from a collage once they are added. There is a function to do so, but getting it to come up so that you can access it is often an exercise in futility. If you are adding text to your pictures, that is a whole story all in itself. Better make sure you don’t hit the wrong keys or misspell any words because you can’t backspace like any normal program. You have to save it, delete the entire text and start over. I very rarely write reviews, but I am at the point of extreme frustration with this program, and I really want to like it, but I think I am going to have to try another collage app for my own sanity.

Chopswife, Oct 07, 2017
Good for not complacted things

This app…. I hate it. It’s good for simple 4 picture collages. It’s good for hours wasted. And if you want to murder someone but can’t get angery enough I would I recommend using this app for a couple hours. Trust me when your done you will be mad enough to kill someone. The glitches are awful and unbelievable. I had to buy premium to use the template I needed to use. You would think with the money i paid it would run smoother. This app reminds me of flappy bird. But worse. I take one step forward just to take 3 steps back. Making a cool looking collage on this crappy excuse of a app takes hours and 5 dollars. I’ve spent hours on this app trying to make one collage and I still haven’t done it. Because I’ll do something then it’ll get undone or a picture will get moved slightly to the right covering a picture and I’ll have to rearrange it again. But I can’t do that with our losing 5 pictures and all the pictures around it moving. I’ve never been the person to write a angery review. But this app makes me want to kill some one. I can’t believe I’ve wasted so much energy on this. If I could give this app -5 stars I would. But the lowest I can give is a 1

gottaloveemma, Apr 03, 2022

You get like maybe 5 free collages... And they’re mostly heart shaped or diagonal, which isn’t really practical for most people. Even if it is for you to just get a chance to test it out; it’s practically... impractical. I’d advise you not to download the app if you’re not looking for the 10+ pictures that are formed in a wall decor aesthetic, just one photo (I mean... it is a collage app, right? Then why can you add only one photo?...), 2 photos formed into a heart shape, or (my personal fav) a square within a square (for when you’re feeling a bit wild)🤣 Let’s not forget the eyeglass shaped one! You can put a picture of yourself and your special someone in the frame of an eyeglass shape! And then add a picture of the sky on top and a picture of grass on bottom where there’s extra room (for a reason no one knows) that you can utilize!🤦‍♀️ Thanks, but no thanks.

Jesus Loves You 123, Apr 04, 2021
Photos always slightly askew after adjusting

I really wanted to like this, especially with the high reviews and range of sizing, frames and customization options. But when attempting to resize a photo within a frame, it is nearly impossible to get it to stay aligned horizontally or vertically. You use two fingers on the touch screen to zoom in or out, but when you release, the photo always skews slightly. It’s only a couple of degrees, but it’s enough to be noticeable if you need something to be straight. There’s no option to rotate by degree to correct it after or to initially just zoom in/out without also impacting the rotation. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you need something aligned with an interior frame wall. It’s maddening enough to cancel subscriptions pending a fix.

Jilane, Aug 11, 2018
App needs work.

I only downloaded this app for the collage option. Since my previous app changed their pre-sets, I figured I’d give this a chance.I had quite a lot of trouble with making a collage, and the quality after saving is not very good. Every time I tapped on one of the images (just to adjust/move them), the app seemed to glitch & want to move the image out of the designated area, which was bizarre & frustrating. Also, there are NOT enough pre-sets for collages. I didn’t find any horizontal ones that fit what I was looking for, which is I made a custom one.The accessibility needs a lot of work. I really do hope the developers will work on this, because if these issues were fixed - I’d re-download the app & pay the monthly fee just for using it.

levi.levitated, Jan 23, 2021

This app was totally ineffective. I spent twenty minutes trying to make a simple collage, because every single time I added a new photo, it would switch the photos around and add random ones from my recent camera roll! I had to keep replacing the photos and adding them in over and over again, and when i clicked the button with the arrow to upload it to my photos when I was FINALLY finished, it wouldn’t even let me! It just directed me to an ad about getting premium. No matter how carefully and meticulously i clicked that button, it would not let me upload my collage, so I had to scrap the whole thing.I am never using this app again. Total scam.

LoganIsRelatable, Jul 07, 2020
The app doesn’t work

Every time I use the app it doesn’t work, I always try making picture collages and any time I want to replace a photo it always spawns multiple of the one I already had and won’t replace it. This app is incredibly frustrating and Poorly structured. Another thing is that you have to pay a lot of money to get super basic things like a circle frame, personally I don’t want to spend $40 a year just to make a couple collages. I have been trying to use it off and on for years to see if it would stop glitching or get any better features but their has been nothing good. The app is stressful and I have never been able to make a collage successfully without running into numerous issues. I would not recommend this app to anyone unless they are willing to pay for the premium because it is a waist of time if you don’t.

paige elizabeth❤️, Aug 22, 2021
Mix Gram a rip

Not worth it . I paid a lot for Mix Gram and it doesn’t work properly . It is harder to use , randomly changes your pictures and photo frame to its liking , not yours . It has also bumped me off the whole app and I lost all work when I went to save the finished product.. Ugh it’s okay at best. I had a better App in the past and now can not locate it and I would pay money for that one .. not this but I am locked in for a year. The best part is you cannot contact them and when you go to send a message they give you two choices for feedback .. the app is great and the app is just okay but it’s locked on the better response.. lol so you can’t even voice your concern . That’s why I wrote this review.

phantomtoni, Aug 02, 2020

I downloaded it and tried making a collage and hated it and tried canceling and unsubscribing less than 24 hours later I have sent COUNTLESS emails and they still charged me after 3 days the ridiculous amount of $30+ for a user UNfriendly app and I HAVE YET to receive a response of canceling my subscription or refund of any kind even tho it says “free for 3 days cancel anytime” this is a LIE this app is no where close to being anything but free and clearly their customer service is BLATANTLY lacking ANY kind of service other than stealing your money!

rb_amick, Dec 31, 2019


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