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Cognition Episode 1

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User Reviews for Cognition Episode 1

Really interesting

I really loved the story, this game keeps you riveted till the very end. I've never experienced much in the way of crashes. There's mystery, in-game puzzles and interesting characters to make up a great adventure game. The only thing I'm sad about is that the third and fourth games haven't been released on the ipad yet.

Happily_confused, Nov 04, 2014
Was really looking forward to this app.

Somewhere and sometime it may live up to its better reviews but I will never know. I won't be playing it. It is not a user-friendly game. It does not re-orient on IPad Air 2 and the print on the dialogue at the bottom of the screen is so incredibly small that by the time you find and read it, you have moved on to another screen. I'm really sorry I bought it.

LoveGames707, Feb 12, 2016
Dead end

Don't waste your money. Would like to give more stars (good storyline so far) but game design/mechanics are poor. Spent hours trying to figure out why tape recorder quest is not activating (Terrence won't help and can't call Morgue due to needing Terrence's help). Combed walkthroughs, presented items to all characters over and over and it is just stuck. No matter how much or how little $ paid, game should work and no, Phoenix, I don't want to create an account, just to see if your site might help me. I'm done. I'm ready to go to the dentist at this point.

Minnowva, Jun 18, 2016
Adventure game veteran here

This is one of the best I’ve played. Great story, really cool visual style, 3 dimensional characters, great music and voice acting. The controls work great on a mobile screen, the puzzles are quite intuitive, and the hint system is good.The only reasons why you shouldn’t buy it rare if you don’t like point and click adventure games, or if you don’t like dark & violet content. Otherwise, buy it now! It’s great.

MN Joe, Apr 29, 2021

Wow this game is awesome keep up the good work!

Pootie7185, Nov 03, 2013
Just crashes

First time I ran it, it loaded, I watched the intro, did a couple things and it crashed. Since then, it never goes past the main screen without crashing. I would try the demo first to make sure it works first.

Ray The Video Guy, Jun 16, 2014

This is a REALLY GREAT game! I've played a lot of them and this is top 5 easy. Need a walkthrough tip every once in a while during the cognition feature but long play time, good story, and great value for the price!

RC2013L, Apr 16, 2015

Looks to be a really cool game, but the speech text is so small it's nearly impossible to read. I've contacted devs multiple times, but never get a response.

SecularSurfer, Jan 22, 2016
Cannot get tape player

The other review is correct. I cannot get the tape player, which is clearly a bug. Do not buy this game until the developers address this issue.

SiSantaBarbara, Apr 05, 2019
Annoying bugs and UI

This would be a fun game if it wasn't for all the graphics bugs(popping animations, clipping, material issues) which take you out of the immersion that the story creates. Seems like a sloppy port.

Visen, Oct 20, 2013


Take on the role of Erica Reed, a Boston FBI agent with the power to see the past, in this intense adventure game as she follows the trail of four different serial killers, and a series of clues left for someone with her specific ability. Who’s leaving the clues? How do they know her secret, and what do they want from her?

Find out what the fate of Erica's brother is in the exciting first episode entitled: The Hangman.Get Erica's power under control as you go face to face against a dark serial killer as Erica risks her own life to uncover the mystery behind The Hangman! Developed by a true “indie dream team”, the line-up includes comics artist Romano Molenaar (Batman, Witchblade, Tomb Raider, X-Men) as Art Director and renowned adventure game designer Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight, Gray Matter, and Moebius) lending her expertise as Story Consultant. Now updated with Game of the Year bonus features, including director's commentary, concept art, storyboards, outtakes, and other behind-the-scenes material about the development! And don't miss the GOTY edition of Episodes 1, 3, and 4! Subtitles available in English, German, and Italian. **NOTE: Compatible with iPad 2 and up, will not run on iPad 1**

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