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User Reviews for Clawberta

It's great but...

I love this game! It's graphics are amazing and all, but there is one problem. This game is obviously meant for younger people and that's great, but the social media spell word doesn't really work with that audience. The spell word is something you can find on their social media page for a prize, but I doubt young kids have social media, at lest not a lot. so having that spell word isn't a huge problem but it's a bit wierd to have that on a game for kids 4+. Don't get me wrong I love the game but there could be other ways to incorporate social media and other ways to do the spell word. For an Example a spell word could be something that you can get rarely for free but you could also just get people to buy spell words and let them choose 5 prizes they want and randomly select one to give them. That was just one of many ideas. I just wanted to tell you that they do this.

dagamerater2.0, May 02, 2019
This game is for ANYONE.

I mean there are people in this world who dislike cute things but this app will make you LOVE cute things. I mean me and my niece play this game and I'm like almost an overgrown adults who plays so that clearly shows this game is for everyone. Or...maybe I have issues XD. Jk jk. But what I think you could add would be a way to play with other players like vs them, trade with them or just to interact with them, all these bonuses would not only get more players to play, but would make it more fun than it already is.That aside, I do love this game right now, especially that you allow players who don’t want to invest money on apps to have a chance to actually get the best of an app for free (although you may have to grind a little to double the coins with the ads), but the ads don’t bother me because there aren’t too many and it’s more of an option they give you to double your reward. So give this app a try people and if something bothers you, write a review for improvement. Simple!

Duckyduxkysuxltnd, Mar 10, 2019
Excellent game, but...

I’ve been obsessed with this game since getting it a week ago. The jokes and little references in all the toys are perfect, and the gameplay is so simple yet addictive. Micro-managing when to spend coins feels a lot more rewarding than in most other games I’ve played, and while gems can easily be earned with ads or surveys, it’s exciting to save up the few I find until I can afford a new hat. However, there’s one flaw that keeps this game from being perfect for me. Every time I leave the app on in the background when midnight rolls over, my daily checklist doesn’t reset. It goes from saying just a few minutes left back to 23 hours, with no way for me to complete it that whole day. I’ve been playing every day since I downloaded this game a week ago, but I’ve only been able to complete four checklists. With eight toys exclusive to the checklist for each world, that’s over thirty toys that I’m missing out on! It’s not a huge problem, but it’s just enough of an annoyance that I have to wait another whole day to do something that’s supposed to be “daily”. If the devs could fix whatever’s causing this bug, or even just fix the countdown for the checklist if it’s intended to scale up like the other timers, I’d be very thankful :)

Fallen- Angel13, May 23, 2019
Maybe this is a little bit rude, but..

I don’t appreciate getting an ad every time I open a gachapon. As someone who’s been playing this game since the beginning, I’d gotten used to casually playing this game with minimal ads. The inclusion of these video ads turn what once was a really smooth and quick-to-play game much slower and more agitating. I understand that nothing can truly be free, and game devs need the money. I’m not that entitled, but surely there’s a different, less intrusive way of putting advertisements in your game. I’m still giving this game 4 stars because I generally really like it! The cute visual design and simple gameplay make me want to continue playing. I personally haven’t gotten many bugs, and my only complaint is the same complaint I’ve given so many other free games. I apologize in advance for coming off as obnoxious, I’d just hate to stop playing this game simply for the ads, and want to be honest about how I feel about them.

HazeyPlumes, Aug 14, 2019
Pretty good, could be better

The game so far is pretty fun, but there are a few problems I have with it.Right now, it sometimes takes just as long to open a gatcha pod up as it takes to reset the machine, meaning you have no hope of clearing it before it resets the contents. In Clawbert Classic the time it took to reset lengthened as the gatcha pod times did, so you could have just enough time to open them all with two slots (or more than enough with three). Even with three slots, I fear that you won’t have enough time to get and open every gatcha pod with the timing as it is now.I also think the button should be moved under the joystick. My game is prone to lag and stuttering since my phone is older than most. When it lags, it seems to mostly only lag when I want to move the joystick right, so it won’t register the joystick movement and immediately hit the drop button instead, grabbing whatever may be underneath the claw at the time. Infuriating if I wanted a rare gatcha pod instead or if grabbing the unwanted pod caused everything to fling to the sides and resettle so the pod I wanted is inaccessible. Clawbert Classic has the button on the bottom, so even if the game lags and doesn’t register the joystick movement, at least it won’t inadvertently hit the drop button before I’ve gotten the claw into the position I want.

JoomaTWF, Mar 09, 2019
Not Getting Checklist Toys

So I love the improvements made from Clawbert. The chance to find toys is fixed and doesn’t decrease after each toy. I also appreciate the caps on the time it takes to open gachas instead of increasing to several hours. These changes make the game far more convenient, and I would like to see some of these implemented into the original at some point.But now I’ve run into a problem. Everything worked fine in Neon Nights, but when I started collecting toys for the Museum of Oddities, I never got any checklist toys from completing the daily checklist. I don’t know what the % chance to get a checklist toy is, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t supposed to be so low that I can complete the checklist goals 10 days in a row without getting a single checklist toy. I’ve collected all the puzzle pieces and normal gacha toys, and I STILL haven’t gotten a SINGLE checklist toy for the Museum of Oddities. I’m assuming this is a glitch, but if it isn’t, then the chance to get a checklist toy should be increased significantly. I’ll keep playing to see if the problem goes away, but until then, I’m leaving this review up.

Nitro Ferret, May 08, 2019
Love the game, But

Hi! I love both Clawbert and Clawberta, and I used to be an avid Kleptocats player. My only thing is the times on the capsules. I’ll grab a regular capsule, and it’ll take an hour to finish... yet I have an hour and 10 minutes until my machine resets. Plus, the gems always spawn at the bottom, and I can’t get more slots without being able to get those. It’s really frustrating as of right now. Clawbert’s times are fantastic, and I saw a review a year ago where the times are higher because of the rarity, but I feel like it’s just a little **too** high? Even when I do my best to budget coins, I feel like clearing the machine is impossible. And if it’s gonna be impossible, please don’t make it one of the checklist tasks.Other than the capsule times, I have no other complaints! Very cute game, very nice and I love the hat references. Love to see something like an among us one or a love live one someday. Maybe Genshin impact. Love the game, thank you so much for making it!!

saddened and betrayed, Nov 04, 2020

This game is so much fun! Even the notifications are amazing! Whenever I play, I imagine one of my original characters in an anime I’m writing as a little girl winning little stuffed animals from a talking claw machine called ClawBerta. Her little brother doesn’t believe that the claw machine can talk, until he meets ClawBert! When the little girl gets older, she falls in love with a girl she kept meeting at the arcade. ClawBerta let her win the most romantic and cute prizes to give to the girl she had fallen so in love with. Anyway, this game doesn’t need to change! It’s so cute and the design is so original! HyperBeard, you may have just made this little girl’s year! ( The little girl, is me!) Hope you enjoy this review, and like my idea of a cute anime book that might make its way onto your TV! I’m planning on downloading ClawBert just to see everything you have added! Have a nice year! BraveClawTheWolfGirl

shining emerald the cat, Jul 02, 2019
New World Idea

I love this game! 5 stars! I have a new world idea which is space, where you can collect alien toys, meteors, planets, stars, astronaut animals, anything related to space! There should also be new hats like the astronaut helmet, alien antennas, planet hat, or something like that. Also, I think you should put more slots into the game, because I unlocked all of them and I still need more room for the collected gachapons. There should be a button that you tap and it gives you a whole shelf of slots, that has a similar format to the toy sections. Each slot you increase should be more and more gems, so it’s really hard to unlock all of them. Lastly, you should add more worlds more often, because I unlocked puzzles, toys, and the checklist toys for every world, and I don’t want to wait so long for a new world. I know it’s not your fault, it’s just simply because I’m addicted to the game!! I recommend everyone should play this game, the graphics are so adorable and the puzzles and hats have so much creativity! I hope you take some of my ideas into consideration! Thank you 😊

SingiBlossom, May 09, 2019
addictive and cute but ..

to start things off, clawberta is excellent to play when you are bored (especially since we all have nothing to do because of the pandemic) it is easy to win but quite challenging enough to keep you busy for hours! the game has so many cute graphics and clawberta is adorable. the hats, puzzles, daily challenges, different worlds, I AM IN LOVE! the toys are absolutely gorgeous and so cute! i love the descriptions for each toy as well :D however, i do see a minor opinion: i don’t like having to wait 30 minutes to open a ball. i think it would be better if the common balls took 1 minute, the large pink balls take 2 minutes, etc etc. i don’t think it is fair for the players to have to wait THAT long for a common toy. other than that, i think clawberta is an excellent game to play and i definitely recommend it to everyone! *it is definitely age appropriate, no bad words/inappropriate content*

umchar444, Jan 27, 2021


Unlock SURPRISE toys as you explore the neon fevered DREAM WORLD of Clawberta, the most RADICAL claw machine and U.F.O. catcher! Get your claws on hundreds of KAWAII gachapon toys from all over the globe.

These toys are just waiting to BREAK OUT and tell their story. What are you waiting for?! Prepare yourself for cuteness OVERLOAD! Collect all 100 toys in one world and unlock the next one. Complete your collection for an EXTRA SPECIAL surprise!!! Oh. My. Claw. Did someone say MAKEOVER?! Dress Clawberta up with all sorts of TRENDY hats and hairstyles as you collect toys, coins and gems and solve PRECIOUS puzzles along the way!

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