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User Reviews for Citrix Workspace

Used to be really good, latest update don‘t recognize external display resolution properly anymore

I used to love this App, however since the last few updates there is a bug/ problem with recognizing external screen resolutions properly leading to a highly skewed picture output on an external monitor when mirroring from an iPad. I‘m sharing this here as a part of my review as unfortunately Citrix makes it impossible for an end user to get help or raise a ticket for this App on their homepage and are always referring you to the IT support from your own company who is administering the system for you. Unfortunately they cannot help with a problem like this which seems to be a bug introduced with one of the latest updates (worked perfectly before). So please dear Citrix developer, if you read this give end users the opportunity to share feedback with you or report a problem and pleas fix this issue as otherwise this becomes very annoying to use. I will defiantly give you 5 stars for this App once the issue is fixed. Thank you.

231179+, Apr 20, 2022
New update working well—fast response from iOS development team

I’ve been using the combination of the Citrix Workspace app and its predecessor Citrix Receiver for almost 6 years now and both have been very useful in improving my efficiency during the day as a long distance commuter by allowing me to travel and use my iPad to quickly connect and work remotely on my work’s Citrix servers. Unfortunately, after I updated my iPad to iOS 13, I was no longer able to connect to my work as the iOS 13 update prevented the Workspace app from communicating with my secure browser. I wrote to the iOS Workspace app team and provided them with the technical information about what was preventing me from connecting, and they listened and released an update within a week that got me back connected to my work! Thanks for the great customer service and enabling me to work remotely again.

987654321+, Oct 26, 2019
an abysmal experience on a mobile phone

Citrix Workspace acts no differently than Citrix receiver for our company’s uses. The app we require is useless on a smartphone, and only marginally navigable on a tablet. Access to highly important, time sensitive information takes WAY too long to navigate to. I have much better luck using a different VNC app into my office computer to access the required app within citrix.The full screen view loses itself when a device is rotated and shrinks down to a postage stamp. If the full screen view returns, the same issue happens again upon rotation. Pinch to zoom is buggy, the VM lags like a 75mhz NEC running Win95, and good luck opening most attachments on iOS... Another place where a regular VNC app excels, as I can open attachments on my actual computer for viewing on my smartphone.Trying to add data or attachments to our chosen app is not even possible on this mobile platform.

bleakcabal, Aug 29, 2018
Great app

Aside from being my personal device, my phone also doubles as my work phone. It’s nice to know that if I needed to jump into work for a moment that I can log in and [kind of] get things done. My only complaint is that even with a large phone screen (iPhone 11 Pro Max), it can be cumbersome to navigate things. Not sure if this is a Citrix app issue or the software that allows me to use Citrix to log in remotely. That’s my only reason for a 4 star rating. While it’s nice to have the option to work whenever/wherever I need to, it sometimes takes pinpoint precision to properly “click” things like scroll bars and drop down menus. Again, not sure if this is the app’s issue, but other than that, great app.

drewboy84, Jan 02, 2020
Good app; Needs to be more touch-centric

Citrix Receiver is great and works admirably; however, there is one major thing that would make the application better. Not sure of the technical feasibility, though.Here is the issue. Working on enterprise apps from a touch-centric device is not easy. Scrolling in Word docs, pdfs, or other applications is a challenge. Moving and resizing windows is also difficult. Editing documents is generally smooth, but has its pain points, too.This may not be anything that Citrix can fix -- it may just be an artifact of navigating windows through a touch interface. Nevertheless, if there is some way to ease the burden of interfacing with a remote Windows machine, that would be a substantial and worthy improvement.

iPersuade, Aug 30, 2017
Now worthless on IPad Pro

Recent updates have made Citrix essentially unusable on an IPad Pro with attached keyboard. Screen frequently “scrolls up” I guess to better see the bottom of the screen, but the mouse still works as though the screen never changed, meaning you have to point about an inch above what you want to click to have a chance of clicking on correct button. Also now a large black bar appears across the bottom of the screen with keyboard and other options on it which does an excellent job of covering up a bunch of the screen and when you have a keyboard attached to the iPad is completely useless. Every time you click the icon to make it disappear it comes back a few minutes later. Without an update, has made the IPad Pro unusable on any Citrix based platforms.

jeff79797979, Jun 29, 2022
Getting there…

Please give us a way to disable the stupid keyboard bar and the Apple keyboard overlay when a Bluetooth (or wired) keyboard is in use. Also, please find a way to keep it from timing out ~30 seconds after switching focus away from the app. It’s a huge pain to re-enter password + 2FA creeds every time. It would also be awesome if Citrix could use the system-configured mouse tracking speed settings. Also, what’s up with the whole screen moving up an inch every time text is entered with a keyboard? The only way I know how to fix this is to CMD+Tab away and CMD+Tab back to the app.Using an Apple Magic Mouse feels great on an iPad Pro M1 12.9”, but it feels weird within Citrix. It’s hard to describe. Speaking of that, the natural scrolling setting needs to be read from iOS system settings. I had to toggle it off in iOS and again in Citrix to get it working the way I like it.

LithiumP4, Jul 06, 2022
Almost there...

As soon as they figure out the issue with iOS connected to an external monitor, I will never use a windows machine or laptop again. Otherwise works seem less on my iPad Pro and iPhone 12! Text to talk feature could use a little improvement - makes you watch it delete everything you just typed and then rewrite it with any fixes - kind of bizarre actually. Otherwise surprised how well it works with Apple Pencil. Business could save a lot of money replacing pricey laptops with iPads using Citrix given that all the heavy lifting/computing power is done on the server, not iPad (which is actually pretty powerful now in and of itself!

Solerider, Apr 05, 2021
More bugs with every new release

The reason I gave Citrix Workspace a 1 star rating is because the iPad app keeps getting more buggy with each release. In the prior release when using the Magic Keyboard I noticed things like the up arrow moved down a list or column. Ctrl-A move up instead of selecting all. And using the mouse and the shift key you cannot select information from the where the cursor is to where you click with the mouse while holding the shift key. Then it takes 4 weeks to get a new update and none of these issues are fixed. I used the Workspace with a Virtual Windows PC and because of these issues, it makes the app almost useless. Also it appears to me there is no quality control or testing before a new release. I will think about changing my rating if the app addresses these issue in the next release and hopefully we do not need to wait another 4 weeks.Gregg

Stortz, Jun 19, 2022
Was great, now it’s not even good.

I used to be able to use this app just fine on my iPad. Then out of nowhere, it just started acting up on me. I can’t use my magic keyboard unless the onscreen keyboard is toggled. You can imagine how annoying it is to try to work and navigate around your screen with a big digital keyboard in the way. But what really drove this review was that, as of recent, it randomly logs me out multiple times throughout the day. When this happens, it won’t notify me, the only way I know is because the app will start glitching and won’t allow me to click or type anything at all. This obviously is extremely disruptive to my work since I have to log in again every time with a 2-step verification. But as of today, regardless if I’m logged in, the keyboard will not type at all. Keep in mind, my trackpad works just fine, but it doesn’t allow me to actually type. The pop up box for the word suggestions is picking up the letters I enter, but they are not displaying on the virtual desktop. You can see the type tool blinking as it usually does when you’re typing in a Word docs, for example, but no words actually populate. Each time I’ve reached out to Citrix, they tell me they can’t help.

torylynn13, Jun 08, 2022


Citrix Workspace app lets you access your SaaS, web apps, mobile, virtual apps, files, and desktops to help you be as productive on the go as you are in the office. If your company uses Citrix, you have the freedom to work on your favourite device from wherever you are. Just ask your IT department how to get started.

HOW TO USE CITRIX Workspace app 1. Open Citrix Workspace app and tap on Get Started. 2. Enter the Server or email address as instructed by Your IT Help Desk or system administrator. 3. Enter your User Name and Password. 4. Select the applications you want to use. 5. For adding multiple accounts, navigate to Settings and tap on Manage Accounts. 6. For Deleting/Editing Account already added navigate to Settings and tap on the Store. HOW TO REPORT AN ISSUE TO CITRIX - Please contact your company's IT support team before following these steps: Option 1 1. Open Citrix Workspace app and tap 'Settings' and then 'Support'. 2. Tap 'Request Help from Support'; This generates an email with log file. 3. Send the email to your company's IT support team. Option 2 1. In the App Store, go to Citrix Workspace 2. Tap 'Reviews' and then tap 'App Support' found at the bottom right of the screen. 3. This launches the Citrix support forum where you can review reported issues OR 4. To report issues, tap the menu icon and create an account first.

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