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User Reviews for Cinemark Theatres

Perfect except removal of tickets to apple wallet

I have been using the app for years now and cannot remember a single real issue since I started using it. However, they recently removed one of the most convenient features. You can no longer add tickets to the apple wallet. This is a bizarre step backwards. They had the best theater experience possible and then just made it worse. I could previously get through the concession stand and ticket booth without ever having to open my phone and get into an app. I could double click my lock button and access my tickets, my movie club membership, and pay for snacks all without having to navigate anything. Please please please bring back the ability to add movie tickets to apple wallet. Other than that, everything else works wonderfully.

BigH65, Mar 23, 2022
Stay Away!

I was excited to download this app. We go to 1 of 3 CineMark theaters in our area at least 3 times a month. Plus we’d just gotten a $100 CineMark gift card. So I thought it would be easier to just use the CineMark app versus Fandango. I tried to purchase 4 tickets through the app and the transaction never completed on my end. I never received a confirmation and my app doesn’t show any transactions in my purchase history, but the amount was deducted from the gift card. I called guest services and Jason was able to see a completed transaction on his end. I told him I never got confirmation and if I would’ve gotten tickets, I would not have purchased the tickets through Fandango for another theater. He sounded perturbed, but he said he would refund the price of the tickets. I went back in to check my gift card balance, and instead of a refund, an additional $14 was deducted from the card. I guess I’ll be using Fandango from now on. I hate that $78 of our friends’ money was wasted and I’m glad I didn’t save my credit or bank card in my profile.

CollinHunt, Mar 23, 2019
Painfully basic

Not sure why this app has such high ratings, it’s an incredibly simple app... The “movies” tab should have all movies that are currently out and also have like six months worth of UPCOMING movies. They got five... the movies tab should be like a mini IMDb or something. Anyway I’m trying to buy a ticket for Spiral that THEY ARE advertising on their app, and you can’t even do it through their poopy simple child app. Unbelievably irritating. The app is just so embarrassing, zero depth, almost no thought put into it, the design is as basic as humanly possible, red and white COOL, maybe you could make a more advanced design seeing as there’s only TWO colors to this apps design. I’m sure Cinemark isn’t paying the developers enough money, and this was the best they could make, so this message goes to Cinemark... Y’all are cheapskates, pay them more for a better app. Anyway it makes me wanna puke 2 stars 🤢🤮

eatmyphuckingballs, Apr 29, 2021

Best thing ever!!! And it is so user friendly. Will never be without itI especially want to send a shout out to Ms. Soto and Ms. Hernandez at the Tinseltown Movies 20 in Pflugerville for the unbelievable service they gave to my family of 12. We purchased tickets on line and when we got to the theater there were some rude teenagers in our seats who acted like they had those seats. Finally after asking to see their tickets they were actually in the front row instead of the back row. From their body language I knew they were trying to pull a fast one. Because of the time it took to get it straight I missed a few min of the movie but and. Soto and Ms. Hernandez made it a wonderful experience. We were seeing Jumanji at Christmastime with my family. Thank you so much to these two ladies. I love Cinemark and the rewards program. Please let these two ladies know how much they meant to me.

Joann$M, Jan 09, 2020
Works well but big bug on new iPhone XR

This app does a lot. I really like it. But for some reason the app doesn’t seem to know that the XR is a FaceID device. I already had the app installed and was using TouchID on my old device. I upgraded to the new XR and then every time I tried to purchase tickets, the app would crash at the point it was trying to display the TouchID prompt. I deleted and reinstalled the app and when signing in, there is a “use TouchID” option even though this is a FaceID device. If I sign in with the TouchID option marked, the app immediately crashes. On an iPhone X and an iPhone XS, that TouchID option isn’t even available. So it appears the developers don’t know anything about the XR. Hope they fix this soon because I prefer using biometrics when purchasing tickets.

kpmac1, Nov 02, 2018
The best movie theatre

Pros: We love to support our local movie theatre. We love their service, the convenience of purchasing our tickets, being a club member for all the rewards and more, they keep it clean. I always ask for the freshest popcorn popping when I’m ordering. I love how they refund my money whenever one of our party doesn’t make the movies (note, you have to ask before your movie starts though) I love how they deliver our food to your seat. I take advantage of that service. We love the reclining and heated seats. 🤗🥰Cons:Wished they brought back the free popcorn refill but I understand the cross contamination part due to Covid 19. Also wished they didn’t raise the price of the Tuesday rates but I understand there’s an inflation on everything nowadays..And a couple of times we visited they were completely out of napkins self help butter machines. They don’t put enough even when you ask to layer it. I love extra extra butter on my popcorn. We asked for some and they gave me some in a cup. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 We learned our lesson to bring our own napkins from home. And disinfectant wipes as we still wipe down the seats and hands before eating. Overall, we enjoy coming to Cinemark Renaissance Rialto. Just please bring back the popcorn refill. 🤞🤞

laupelematalasi, Aug 23, 2022
Your software updates are TERRIBLE!!

I’m not sure what has recently happened with your software but it’s very frustrating! I applied for two of the last ‘special ticket giveaways’ (GEN V, can’t remember the other) and both times, half way through the process of applying, your system would not download/upload and kept giving me error messages. After at least ten attempts when the screen said I got the two tickets but had to click on “get tickets” again, the system would give error messages. The next day I logged in and it still offered me a chance to get the tickets, but when I selected the location, it was Sold Out, on BOTH giveaways. Which tells me you oversold the drawing to begin with and now you’re just wasting our time signing in and out to try to get free tickets. So either honor the tickets you said I was granted/won, by only giving enough tickets in the auditorium OR STOP SENDING ME OFFERS!Just now—I was making another ticket purchase and your system upgrade did NOT carryover my saved credit card information in my membership to make the purchase and had to re-enter the information. Fix the bugs!

LoneRider76, Sep 27, 2023

It’s a great app, service, and theater company. However every time I’ve tried reserving tickets, if I leave the check out page within the app for any reason I lose my cart and yet can’t re-select my chosen seats for 10 min while they’re in limbo until the app cancels the previous purchase attempt since too much time has passed. But there’s no way to actually buy the tickets I’m reserving during that time. Part of leaving the check out page has been to add gift card info, or to re-select food/drink to be delivered thats not showing up on my order so I try to add it again and then lose the option to check out with the reserved tickets and have to wait. So that’s a glitch to be handled too please. Again, overall I’ll keep using the app cause the concept and design is great but please fix these issues.

Lydiamichela, Mar 05, 2022
Great savings

With this app I get to save constantly with rewards. Yes I admit in the beginning I never used it when I bought tickets or anything but when I did start using it and got $3 off and $5 off basically every time I went it was nice. Yes I’d save by just sneaking something in 😂but that’s against the rules and the high prices at movie theaters around the world is just apart of the experience. The workers are nice and honest. I asked a worker named wesel or something like that about what he thought of the movie black Adam and he was honest when he said it was a movie he’d rather watch at home than the theaters. Anyway the workers are great and fast and give you everything you need. Don’t be afraid to ask to turn down the temperature or something because they’ll do it!. They put customers first and make sure everything is a-ok with you.

Martha😼🌹, Nov 08, 2022
Convenient app

user friendly app. Sometimes if you select seats, proceed to checkout and then have a need to go back and either update seats or guest type, you get locked out of the cart and unable to go back and purchase. I usually have to wait the 5-7 mins for the seat selection timer to run out before I go back and start all over. I’ve lost seats due to this faulty area of the app. Hope this can be fixed soon. Also if chair recliner in theaters are broken, take them offline so we don’t have to select them then go to theater and realize chair malfunction. It’s very upsetting. In this Covid-19 era, we can’t be moving around like before because seats are assigned and 6 feet distance has to be observed. Anyways, I’m COVID-19 vaccinated so I’m not too paranoid anymore.

Modell23, Mar 25, 2021


Introducing the updated Cinemark Theatres app. Enjoy easy access to showtimes, movie tickets & info, and the Cinemark Movie Rewards program! With the Cinemark app you can: • Get tickets in advance • Reserve your seats • Access your Cinemark Movie Rewards account • Browse your favorite theatres • View your Gift Card balance • View ticket purchase history Cinemark Theatres offer additional amenities at select movie theatres including: • Comfortable Luxury Loungers recliners • More food and drink options, your favorite concession items, as well as dine-in options • More ways to watch your favorite movies in Cinemark XD, RealD 3D, IMAX, and D-Box Cinemark now presents Cinemark Movie Rewards: Your Path to Free Tickets & More!

Become a Movie Fan for free and enjoy: • Earn 1 point per $1 Spent • Access member exclusives, advance screenings, and tickets • Redeem points for rewards, tickets, concessions, and more You can also upgrade to Cinemark Movie Club, the Movie-Lover’s Membership, and get more: • One 2D ticket per month* • Unused tickets roll over • 20% off concessions • Waived online fees *Visit cinemark.com/movieclub for details If you experience app-related issues please click on More > Guest Services > Contact to report it. Download the updated Cinemark app today!

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