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Christian Mingle: Dating App

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User Reviews for Christian Mingle: Dating App

Too expensive for the service provided

Firstly, $50/month is way too expensive to have someone pay when they’re new to the app. And the 6 month subscription although cheaper ($25/month) HAS TO BE PREPAID! And if I'm a new user and don’t know if I will even like the app and pay the $100+ for the 6month subscription cuz I wanted a cheaper monthly rate but ended up hating it, I’d be losing so much money for nothing! Or if I find someone I actually want to date in that one month and then I still have to pay for 5more months of subscription? For what? They should offer a lower per month subscription rate that doesn’t have to be paid ahead otherwise this service isn’t worth the price. That is just unreasonable. If the monthly rate (at least for new users) was cheaper I would consider subscribing, but $50 per month is just ridiculous. Secondly, the app broke. It signed me out after I logged in on my computer and I cannot re-sign in. When I attempt to sign in (using fb because that is how I created my account) it makes me create a whole new account, so now I can’t even use the app which is pretty messed up if I had actually paid the $50 subscription fee. If the service was less expensive for per month rate I can see myself giving it more stars even with the broken app, but at the moment the price does not reflect services rendered.

Alesya94, Jun 02, 2020
Not Satisfactory For The Price

I had tried the premium membership to have the ability to communicate with those who didn’t want to pay the ridiculous price for a premium membership. I’ve always found that the app is really slow to start up and load. Navigating through the different tabs also takes a bit of time. Some of the settings I had were ignored within search results. On an overwhelming amount of profiles the account hadn’t been active for a considerable amount of time. Quite a few that haven’t been active in months. The price for the memberships is quite steep for the quality and content of the app. It makes me sad as I feel a lot of people think “If only I had premium then I could find someone.” I didn’t have that exact mindset but it wasn’t worth even half as much as the top premium membership for a single month. Roughly $50 for a single month on a slow, mostly vacant app. Definitely hoping some serious changes are put into the app and I really won’t purchase anything further until the content is worth it. Prices that are reasonable for what is being offered for starters.

AssassinCreederJ, Aug 16, 2021
Not A SAFE Site!!!!

This may be something that only happened to me, I don’t know! But, on more than one occasion, in the single month that I subscribed here, my account was hacked, TWICE!!!!!! I had finished all of my settings, and, maybe two weeks later, I not only see some lousy unknown mans photo where mine was, but I’m discovering that all of my inputted settings about everything, from my short bio, to my occupation, about kids, education, you name it, were all changed to someone else’s! And my woman choices were changed from 20-45 years of age, to a bunch of ugly old wrinkled dowagers and battleaxes up into their 80’s!!!!!! After a phone call and finding I had to reset everything myself, plus, one-by-one, delete all of the Viewed Me, and, that I supposedly, Liked or Smiled At, I steadily set out and deleted them all, even tho there were more than 2000 of them altogether! Well, I come back on here now, the day before my single month subscription ends, and find the same theft/robbery is occurring, so, my decision is made, AND I WOULD SUGGEST THAT EVERYONE, TO BE SAFE,AND NOT GET HACKED TOO, DO NOT USE THIS DATING SITE, UNTIL THEY MOST VASTLY IMPROVE THE SECURITY OF THIS DATING SITE!!!!!!!! At least I may have found my Wife on here, tho I won’t know for two weeks yet! But, if not, I don’t know what site I’ll use, anymore!

Bruce MacFergus, Dec 19, 2019
Good but clunky and overprotective

I’m happy that an app like this exists but there are definitely problems with it that prevents it from being good, mainly the layout of the app and how it runs can only be described as clunky, like driving a car with a bad steering column. It takes forever to learn were things are in the app, some things are accessed by buttons in places you wouldn’t expect. and everything seems to take a long time to load, while anything else on my phone takes almost no time at allAnd this would all be forgiven if the price for the services where reasonably priced, but the free parts can barely go anywhere and FIFTY DOLLARS FOR ONE MONTH?!?! I have tried the premium version and it was not worth it for me! Also last thing, I live near the US/ Canada border and the fact there is no way to have matches not in the same country as you show up is a real annoying thing. It’s not a serious issue but a small annoyance, but also most dating sites I’ve been on don’t have this function either but still

Cakester Frank, Aug 03, 2021
Want to like it more, but can't.

My first attempt at online dating. It drew me in because I wanted to find someone who followed Biblical beliefs like I do. However, the hype fell down quickly. The site will treat you great as long as you opt-in to automatically renew your subscription when the old expires. Otherwise you will see all the bugs and flaws it has. States in the app that you can move and scale your profile pictures.....you can't. Free accounts can't view the profiles of people who sent you messages. Just hope they showed up in the "Viewed You" section. Using the app? Well then get ready for lag unlike anything else. Sending "likes" and "smiles" will take a minute each to process. Hope your phone doesn't freeze and crash the app. "F-words" are a common site to see on people's profiles. The terms and service doesn't allow them, but the customer service agents that review the profile don't pay enough attention to care. Speaking of customer service: it's just mediocre at best. They can't really help you. One admitted to me that she didn't know the terms of service. She made up the rule on the spot. Had high hopes going in, but they faded quickly. At least I was able to get a couple of dates out of it. That's the only reason for the two stars. One for each date.

DManBand10, Jan 29, 2019
Disappointed 3 months in. Bad site.

This is a graveyard (DEAD) site and a nightmare to waste money on. The intentions to connect Christians was what drew me in of course. I’d hate to say that but all of the weirdos contact you or harass you, and DO NOT do like I did and make the mistake of paying all of your money so soon just to not meet anyone :( I’ll be honest I’m a very pretty young lady. After being burnt out with reaching out to guys who never logged into the site, I hadn’t logged on in for 2 months because I gave up on this site. When I returned, I got 3 poor candidates who were interested and made the conclusion that this was a poor decision to join. I have had more great conversations with people from the free app (although beware scammers are everywhere in cyber world trying to use others). There is a possibility it could turn around, but I doubt it 3 months later when I’m halfway into my membership which I will not be renewing. Good luck to all who try this but you would be better off paying a bill with the money. I suggest only using for free. Don’t get robbed due to these sites preying on us as Christians desiring true love. Pray before you do things and he will order your steps and give you the desires of your heart. Be patient. God bless.

GracefulExpressions, Nov 26, 2018
Probably one of the Worst Sites for Dating

I wouldn’t necessarily blame the app/website as much as I would the people on the site. On other websites I had loads of success with men interested in me that I was actually quite attracted to, just didn’t work out because we had different beliefs. So, I tried Christian Mingle since I was looking for someone with the same beliefs as I did. I don’t know if the men on this website are stuck up or they aren’t seeing my profile because I have liked 10+ people, have had the app for over a month, yet have no mutual likes yet. Even the men I matched with at 99% and liked will view me and that’s it. No response or likes from there. Wouldn’t recommend to people looking for something specific because you likely won’t get any responses from any people you’re interested in. Now for the website. The subscription is way over priced, definitely for people who make decent money, not college students. Without the subscription you cannot view messages unless the other person has a subscription. Honestly no point in being on this website unless you are willing to pay a lot of money for it. Have tried to give this website a chance since I am seriously looking for a relationship that is centered around Christ, but will most likely delete because of the lack of success I’ve found with this app.

Hbsfnkjcxcbj, Feb 01, 2018
Truly Terrible

I almost never write reviews unless something is very great or very terrible and this is just playing with your emotions and money. I thought it was way to expensive to pay for the premium but it was the only way to get anything done so I bought it and oh boy am I disappointed. At first I got only a few matches at all. I widened my search criteria to as far a I would allow and there are still only a few dozen people. All of the people my age haven’t been active in months and the very few who are active don’t respond. Most of the incoming “requests” are from people who are 40-60 years old. I’m 24. When I talked to support about this their response is to be more open. I don’t know what would they live in but last I checked it is not normal to date someone who is as old as my grandparents or even my parents. The app may be fine if your older but there is no one active below 40 likely due to the outrageous prices. If I see real activity, I change my rating. Until then, this rating is a solid 1/5 starsEdit: I found out that my birthday was changed so that my age was 50 but I did not do this. I changed it back to 24. I am still getting requests from people much older than me though. I was able to spark up at least 1 conversation so far so I’ll give it 2 stars for than but most people my age already passed me by as they saw my age was 50 so they ignored me. I feel like the app has the right idea but has problems.

Mr.Nuke, Sep 27, 2020
Highly unsecure service. Avoid.

I had a long dormant account randomly activated in the past few days. Not by me. I requested a password reset. I then changed the password. Someone had hacked into the account. They changed my info, added their own photos and a location in NY. I'm assuming to scam other members. As I changed info back to me, in minutes it changed back to that of the hacker. The hacker was still in my account. Why didn't Christian Mingle log everyone out of the account when I changed the password? Changing the password again did nothing. I have no issues with any other service but they offer two factor authentication. Christian Mingle does not. Support responses were boiler plate canned replies. Then they suspended me due to suspicion of fraud. I replied back re-explaining the situation. Somehow after suspension the account was again reactivated. I received more email notifications regarding name, location, age, bio changes. Support suggested I make a new email address, ignoring the fact a hacker was still in my account. I had to plead with them to delete my account. I hope it's actually done now. I didn't spend any money thankfully. This service is highly unsecure and "Christian" in name only, not operation.

ryanflucas, Jul 22, 2021
Best $35 I’ve ever spent!! But....

The best $35 I’ve ever spent is on a month membership. If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have been able to message or respond to messages, and I wouldn’t have been able to talk to my boyfriend of a little over a year now! I will always and forever be grateful to ChristianMingle for connecting us.However, I do think that what you charge for membership is steep. $35 per month is outrageous! I can’t remember what it is for over packages, like 6 months and a year at a time, but I know it’s still high. Whereas other dating apps like Tinder charges something like $20 for a 6-month membership. Much more reasonable. You also should be able to have access to basic features like messaging matches without paying IMO. I also didn’t entirely like HOW I was matched to people in my area. I feel like no one came up in my area that fit into my filters or conditions at all. Of course, I ended up meeting and dating someone from a different state.Overall, though, I give this app 4/5 stars because of the issues I mentioned. Above all, I’m happy that I met my boyfriend!

Zoë Dunning, Aug 22, 2018


Christian Mingle is one of the leading dating sites for Christian singles looking for a God-centered relationship. What sets Christian Mingle apart from other dating apps is our success in bringing singles together: our ability to make meaningful connections has made hundreds of thousands of relationships possible for over 15 years! Download the most successful Christian dating app today and start chatting with likeminded singles that share your beliefs.

Online dating has never been easier - with thousands of Christians online, we can help you find that special someone in no time! Not only is Christian Mingle one of the best free and well-known Christian dating apps on the market, but it also provides an easy-to-use communication tool to help Christian singles match and meet. Our user-friendly Christian Mingle app is here to help you anywhere, anytime. Download it today and find your Christian soulmate! ***Christian Mingle Features:*** **Browse profiles of local Christian singles Our smart, intuitive Christian Mingle app makes it easier than ever to find Christian singles near you and jumpstart your dating life! **Find members that match your interest Browse online users and meet other single Christian men and women based on your interests! **Send a “Smile” to your crush Found someone who caught your eye? Send a quick “Smile” and find out if the interest is mutual! **Upload photos quickly and easily Use the app to upload photos from your phone or Facebook! **View all profile activity at a glance Our all-new Activity feed offers improved alerts, activity and chat management, all in a simple interface. ***Get even more with a Christian Mingle Subscription*** As a Christian Mingle subscriber you can access even more features to make better connections: - Send and receive messages — Connect and communicate with other Christian singles. - Messaging+TM — Send messages that can be read and replied to by anyone on Christian Mingle. - Messaging+ Badge – Make your profile stand out for those who see it. - Enhanced Privacy Control — Browse anonymously, hide your status and your profile from searches. - Read Receipts — See if your messages were read. - Share Photos — Send other members photos of yourself. Download Christian Mingle and find your Christian soulmate today! Have questions or want to contact us? Visit https://support.christianmingle.com Terms of Service: https://about.christianmingle.com/en/legal-en/#termsofservice

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