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Chemistry Test Quiz

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Chemistry Test Quiz

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Asad Shoaib
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If you think you have too much Chemistry knowledge then think again, this app is developed for the sole purpose of measuring your Chemistry knowledge. If you think you could take a challenge then this app is for you. This app will take you quiz and on its basis it will predict your Chemistry knowledge score, It will actually tell you, how good chemist you are.

Chemistry Knowledge Test is a fun app which is developed for testing your Chemistry knowledge and thinking capabilities. This app provides its user with the best Chemistry education quizzes related to the fields of all branches of Chemistry. Designed in such a way, So that user’s Chemical knowledge and dexterity could be evaluated. This app will cover the following topics:- • Basic Concepts of Chemistry. • Experimental Techniques in Chemistry. • Gases in Chemistry. • Liquids and Solids in Chemistry. • Atomic Structure. • Chemical Bonding. • Thermo Chemistry • Chemical Equilibrium. • Solutions in Chemistry. (Solute and Solvents) • Electrochemistry. • Reaction Kinetics. • Inorganic Chemistry. • Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity. • Periodic Table and its elements. • S-Block Elements of Periodic table. • Group 3A and Group4A elements. • Group 5A and Group6A elements. • Halogens and Noble Gases. • Transition Elements. • Organic Chemistry. • Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry. • Aliphatic Hydrocarbons. • Aromatic Hydrocarbons. • Alkyl Halides. • Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers. • Aldehydes and Ketones. • Carboxylic Acids. • Macromolecules in Chemistry. • Environmental Chemistry. This app helps user to sharpening their knowledge and senses, help them to prepare for exams or tests which are based on all branches of Chemistry and helps them to increase their knowledge. This app targets people of all ages, even children could enjoy tests created by this app and could enhance their Chemistry Knowledge. This app could be used for the preparation of School, Collage and Universities quizzes and also for entry tests. This app contains cool features like coloring the buttons green if the answer is correct otherwise coloring the button red because the answer is wrong. It provides multi-player functionality which enables you to play against the players around the world. It contains good graphics and less Ads. This app is extremely efficient, it is developed in such a way so that it could run smoothly in any device.

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