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User Reviews for Chegg Study - Homework Helper

Too expensive for college students

Chegg is super helpful but not a possibility for many college students. It gets very real when you have to decide if you want to eat or get homework help. It would be nice if college students who sign up with a .edu email could have 3 people on an account (“family plan”) can pay $5 each for the subscription each month. I am currently writing this as I got locked out of my account for using a vpn (I also travel a lot and use my account in different places). I also regularly use my account on a few devices at once and it won’t let me use it anymore. I don’t know how willing they are to help but I assume lots of the people working for chegg were once college students with very limited funds who would have loved to have this resource. It is sad that limiting funds can be the difference between academic success and failure. I have a calculus test this Friday and now I’m not sure what I am going to do, I have gotten used to studying with chegg. I would really appreciate some help with this :(UPDATE: the developers respond very nicely to the reviews saying that they can help if we email chegg support, I emailed them months ago and I NEVER GOT A RESPONSE. This company only cares to look good in the reviews but they will not actually help you💗

apsasha, Mar 31, 2020

The recent update has made this site/app completely useless, it makes you pick only two devices to use the site on, which is ridiculous especially if you are trying to access the site on a computer in your school library. Then, after you have registered your two devices that Chegg claims they allow, it still will block you from accessing the site for no reason...none. Additionally, if you have the app installed on your phone you can only use the app, it will block you from using the website if you go to look up a question in you search engine (like google) on your phone even though the phone is a registered device. The app also has less answered questions than the internet version does, I tried using the app only to find out that the internet version has better answers, but I wasn’t allowed to remove the app and only use the internet, since i registered my phone while i still had the app installed the representatives told me I had to wait until the end of the month to switch devices...EVEN THOUGH IM THE ONE PAYING FOR THEIR SERVICES AND COULD PROVE MY IDENTITY. When I called the customer service line for assistance I was on hold for well over 15 minutes and when I finally was able to speak with someone they hung up on me after I expressed my frustration with their product. Overall, not a good update I was a huge fan of Chegg until this last semester which made me switch to course hero.

brokecollegekidzzz, Dec 15, 2020
Read till end

Had an on again off again Chegg subscription for probably 3 years and it has been a life saver for some of my more difficult courses especially Cal 3 and DiffEQ, however I have been charged several times after having cancelled my subscription. I was charged a month after my semester had ended having thought I had paused my subscription so I called Chegg and spent a decent amount of time on the phone with a rep. I was unable to get my money back for that month even though I hadn’t used any of the recourses but they did show me how to end my subscription which I was able to do, or so I thought. Fast forward a month later after not even having the app downloaded I see a pending charge in my bank app for Chegg study. Two charges of $15 for a college student goes a long way especially when I’m stretching to pay my bills, I know $30 isn’t really that much of a set back but I actually had to skip a couple meals until my next paycheck was able to come in bc I had a car payment and rent lol. Chegg has proved to be very useful in the past but I will be looking to other resources in the future. Besides this flaw, the app is excellent and can help you do anything from get all of your homework answers without doing any work to getting a tutor session with some Q&A, but cheat at your own expense because knowledge is power but I guess so is a 4.0✌🏻

busch did 911, Jun 27, 2018
Continuously having account under review

I have been using Chegg for school for about 3 years now. It has been great for the most part as I am able to study and get help when I need it. However, this is the 3rd time my account has been under review. I will study for upcoming tests and will save the questions I need to study and it seems that every time I save more than 3 questions, my account is under review and is temporarily suspended. I don’t screenshot the answers, I don’t login in multiple devices, I simply just save the answer to go back to at a later time. It is really frustrating considering I am paying over $15 every month and I can’t even use the service I am paying for. Why have the option to save questions than report my account for suspicious activity? I read the rules and nowhere does it say that saving questions is against the rules. It is really frustrating when I have an exam coming up that I need to study for and Chegg has the steps spelled out for me, yet my account is under review for suspicious activity for me saving answers to go back to. This is not the first time like I said, this is the 3rd time within the semester alone this has happened and it is really getting annoying when I pay $15. As a college student that isn’t cheap. Do better Chegg

Cheergirl8132, Apr 30, 2023
Device limit issues

I would give a 5 star if it weren’t for some issues I’m having with the device limit that exists with the subscription. I have my laptop and my iPhone registered as my 2 devices. However, on my phone, if I use a different browser than usual to pull up Chegg, it thinks that it is another device when it is actually the same iPhone. My main problem with this is that sometimes I use the Chegg app, sometimes I use a web browser, and sometimes I use Socratic - which takes a photo of the question and inputs it into the search for me. Between all of these, Chegg thinks I am using a different device even though I am not, which really slows down my study process.To branch off of this, I highly suggest that a camera option be added into the Chegg app. This way, instead of having to type in long questions, the user can just take a picture of a question and Chegg inputs it that way. This would eliminate the issue of using a different app, Socratic, entirely, thus also (almost) eliminating the aforementioned device limit issue. Aside from that issue, Chegg is extremely useful. However, as a poor college student, $15 a month isn’t worth such a glaring issue with the device limit. I hope it can be fixed soon.

Cupcakegurl72802, Nov 18, 2020
Worst website and app ever

I’ve subscribed to Chegg multiple times now. They always manage to convince me to subscribe when I’m desperate for help with a class that’s killing me, and every time I think “This couldn’t possibly be as bad as I remember” and every time I’m proven wrong. It’s so much worse. You pay $14 dollars for an app that constantly fights you on things as simple as logging in. I always spend at least 10 minutes trying to put in my information while it spits error after error at me “wE eNcoUntEreD aN eRroR, pLeAsE tRy aGaiN LatEr” until sometimes I just flat out give up on signing in. On the off chance I do manage to get logged in, it then hits me with “It seems you’ve signed in with a new device. You’re only allowed two devices, you can swap devices once per month” despite using THE SAME DEVICE AS ALWAYS TO LOGIN. And if I’ve already used up my one swap per month? Ohhhohohoho well then that’s too bad. I guess you won’t get to use the service you payed $14 for this month. I just had to chat with the helpline to cancel my account because it wouldn’t even let me login to cancel my account myself. Chegg never ceases to make me want to scream profanities while I slam my head against a hard surface hoping it’ll bring me to unconsciousness so I don’t have to deal with the soul sucking system that is their website. Please, save yourself.

FernFellow, Nov 06, 2021
Device Limit?

The only reason Im writing a review and giving it 3 stars is just for this device limit, I have no problem with it just giving me a limit of devices, at first I just logged in through safari in both devices and It was fine but when I downloaded the app to use it on one of the devices I was already logged into, it read it as a new one and it said that I needed to swap devices and there’s only one swap per month allowed, I didn’t mind, I just uninstalled the app from my phone and kept logging in through safari and I had no problem with it, but the last two times I’ve tried to post a question, it asks me to download the app so I be able to post a question, it doesn’t let me do it through safari like it used to, I prefer to use safari than the app because I just type in the question on google and if chegg doesn’t have it It shows me other places where it is and I dont have to type it in twice like I would do If I used the app and it didn’t have the answer. I need two different devices because sometimes I can’t use my phone, so if I have to choose between swapping the device and posting a question now and not being able to use this anymore since I’m not allowed to use my phone sometimes, or not posting the 20 questions THAT IM PAYING TO POST, I don’t think this is worth the 15 bucks. Please fix this, I’ve read the other reviews and I know I’m not the only complaining.

Gillianblanco, Dec 12, 2020
Sharing an account? Really?

Most people who use chegg aren’t dumb enough to share their account because they know they’ll get banned for it. I just got that message for the second time in 3 weeks and got banned for 48 hours after only using my account on two devices (my phone and laptop). I was told this could’ve been caused because I was not allowing cookies, which isn’t true, both devices have cookies enabled. This new system has caused nothing but trouble and for $15 a month I would expect a lot more out of this. If we are paying for questions and are limited to only 20 per month, when we get a wrong answer something needs to be done about that because it’s a waste of a question and in my 3 years of having this app I’ve never had a second person come to answer after the first one. Thankfully, the second employee I talked to today in customer service was helpful and got my account back but as of right now that’s about all the good I can say. Figure out a better way to realize who’s actually sharing accounts because whatever you’re doing right now is clearly not working and it’s costing people a lot of money. At this point it is a practically a scam by doing this to people (mostly already poor college students) and then charging them to subscribe again. I really hope to see a change in this before the new year. Until then, it will remain a 1 Star.

Professional Hockey Player, Oct 20, 2020
Good and very bad :/

This app or “the software company” helpful, but they got somehow frustrating software on their app for smart devices. For example, I paid for the subscription on my iPhone over the safari browser and the log in from the app itself, but when I logged in from my laptop as well after that. And a screen message showed up which saying “you can only log in from two devices for each bill circle (each month)” “Do you want to register this device?” Asking me. And I went a head and clicked Yes since I know this is my second device (the iPhone and laptop). But then asked me which device you want to remove or swap for this moth?! There was three option on my laptop screen (laptop - iOS device - Phoenix .... something like that which was the app on my iPhone) so I removed the third one mistakenly and couldn’t use the app on my phone again which is the only side that allows to take screenshots and pictures of the stuff you want!!! So why?! Want only two devices in this case? Or you just count the safari browser on the same iPhone another device?? This is a bad software !!!

Sher1K, Sep 26, 2020
This is NOT Mathway - This app/site is AWFUL

Shocked at the high rating. I was subscribed to Mathway, which Chegg recently bought. Mathway is one of the biggest reasons I have a 97 in algebra. It saves a running log of previously entered questions so you can simply scroll up and see past problems. It also has the VITAL “steps” feature where you simply click “steps” and it breaks down the answer into tiny pieces so you can really understand how they got the answer. This saved me from failing. $40 for a year. Worth twice that much. I signed up for “Chegg Study”, $20 MONTH (as of 2020), for a package of study products. One of those products is Math Solve. I thought Math Solver was Mathway because why buy Mathway and then not use it as part of the Chegg Study pack??? >> Math Solver might be cool if you don’t know any different. Like my first car, a broke-down heap. At 17 I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Now that I’m older I drive a nice German car and can’t imagine driving that old AMC Concord again. Because I know what’s out there and I know I don’t have to drive a car where I’m afraid the wheels are literally going to fall off. Math Solver is the AMC Concord equivalent of online math help. Highly do NOT recommend because it’s overtly inferior to Mathway. Chegg, get it together. I recommend Mathway. Same company, (Chegg), radically different levels of suckage.

TeMeManquesxoxo, Nov 23, 2020


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