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Chatbooks Family Photo Albums

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User Reviews for Chatbooks Family Photo Albums

The app is lacking easy use options

I just received my 1st book I ordered last week. Quality’s not bad. There are definitely quite a few improvements that are needed on the app. 1st as you allow access to your phone images, it selects the year you’d like to select images from and it goes to the beginning of the year without allowing you to select your most recent pictures, if you wanted. You literally have to scroll through an entire year to get to what you’re looking for. So annoying!!!! Also, now that I received the book, I’d like to request new copied for other family members with a few modifications. However I can’t find an option to copy the book and make the changes I want. I just emailed the support team. I truly hope they’ll help me make this easy... lastly, I received an email from the CEO regarding security breach on May 5. I also received another email stating there was an issue with my credit card and I should use the link in that email to update my CC#. But when I go to the app to view & update my CC, it’s not even showing me my payment method. I get a blank page. I’m already frustrated. It also takes a long time to view other pages under my profile, order history, etc. I feel like I’m in early 90s, using a dial-up service while I’m on this app. (And I know it’s not my internet service because I just checked on a few of my other apps).

AK_LANY, May 19, 2020
Amazing Customer Service!

I ordered a book for my wife for Christmas. I was so excited for her to see it. I quickly put it together and paid extra to ensure it made it on time. It originally was estimated to arrive on Dec 20 but did not come. I checked everyday and it kept getting pushed back further and further. Unfortunately it did not make it for Christmas. I was pretty bummed. Chatbooks sent me an email to rate my experience. Before even seeing the book, I gave them a low number and mentioned that I didn’t receive the book on time even though I had paid extra to have it here before Christmas. Today, the day after Christmas, the book finally arrived and my wife cried. It’s an amazing product and I was impressed with the print quality. Soon after I received an email from Chatbooks apologizing that the book didn’t make it before Christmas. They took full responsibility and refunded my extra shipping cost and gave me a credit on my account. It’s no nice to see that they care for their customers and try to make it right.Because of that, I will continue to use Chatbooks in the future and look forward to getting our next photo book down.

Dd0986, Dec 26, 2020
Love! Wish there were more features

I love this app! My oldest is now 5 and I hadn’t printed a single picture since before her birth. I’ve been meaning to take some time and make photo albums to get pictures off of my phone. I initially tried Shutterfly but it was tedious, my pictures uploaded completely out of order, and it was taking too much time to put together. Chatbooks has made accessing 5+ years worth of pictures simple. I made my first album for my oldest daughter’s 1st year. I was super impressed with the quality of the hardback book and the photos! I ordered the same for my son immediately and started working on one for my youngest. Now I need to make “yearbooks”! My only “complaint” is that I wish there were more collage configurations! Please, please, please add more options! For example, I wish I could do 3 photos in a row and also the set up where it’s 1 vertical on the left and 2 squares on the right- I wish there was a reversed option! I had so many photos that I used a lot of collages and more options would have been nice. Because of the collages, I also lost the ability to add captions. I didn’t want to waste an entire page on one caption so I wish I could add text to the same page as a collage.

HJB41292787, Feb 14, 2020
Made my grandma cry

I decided to try out Chatbooks after hearing that they now can import from Tinybeans. Tinybeans has limitations with their photo books, specifically their caption lengths. I love that Chatbooks allows the whole caption to be there. The only issue is that the photos are imported as squares and aren’t always cropped how I would want them. But since the photos are still on my camera roll, I can just replace the image with the original.Tinybeans has been great for getting pictures out to my family and friends. However, my grandma is not tech savvy and email frustrates her. She has a friend that is good with facebook, but I don’t post much there. She has been asking for us to send her more photos, but with an infant, who has time for that? I like that you can have a subscription with manual input. Chatbooks keeps tracks of which photos on your camera roll are new and makes it really easy to add these to your subscription photo book. This way I know when I fill a book and don’t need to edit since I already picked which photos to include. My grandma just got her first set of books and she loves them. Now she will keep getting pictures, without the frustration of technology, and I don’t need to put much effort in to send them.

Kiltan, Dec 12, 2019
Loved it until it stopped working

Chatbooks has been amazing for the past two years that I have been using the app. I love each and every book that I have been able to create using Chatbooks, and have loved my subscription books that I linked to my Instagram account. I was very excited about the new update and being able to use the new Roxy Technology to automatically build my albums from my camera roll. I couldn't get the update to work though. None of the messages I was sending to customer service through the app or being answered either. I finally love chatted with someone on their website to try to solve the problem, and discovered that I need to have the latest iOS update to make it work. I have been avoiding iOS updates due to the battery problems they cause. When I went to update my Chatbooks app, the details state that only iOS 10 is required, so I thought it would be fine. I'm pretty bummed that it won't work unless I update to the latest iOS. I'm trying to decide right now if it's worth it or not. I love Chatbooks, but I might need to find another option now. 😭 Once I was able to connect with Chatbooks customer service, they were extremely helpful. ** Chatbooks should update their information to note that the latest iOS update as necessary to make the app work properly. **

Michael's Fancy new Imac, Jun 15, 2018
Not working - Great customer service though.

I have loved the app up until now. Never had any real issues. I just recently went on a trip to Disneyland and have 60+ photos that need to sync and have captions added. The app hasn't been working properly for 4 days now. I like to add captions the same day so I remember what was happening in the picture and funny things that were said/happened. I now have to wait until they all sync and add the captions in all at once. Not looking forward to doing this for over 60 pictures when I could have been doing them each day to stay on top of it. REALLY frustrating.*Update 9/2: was told the app was up and running and mine still is not working and not syncing photos. Tried logging out and logging back in, deleting and reinstalling the app and nothing. Going on 5 days now.*Update 9/9: I updated my review to a 4 star, purely because of Jody in customer service. If the app was working it would be 5 star. I have been dealing with this issue for almost 10 days, and Jody has been amazing the entire time. I LOVED the app before the glitch happened and am bummed out that it's still not working but I'm at least extremely happy with their customer service.

MrsSullivan0819, Sep 10, 2017
No way to change filter

Working with customer service on an issues with selecting a filter, undoing the filter and selecting a different filter. It either lets you have no filter or the original filter selected. Customer service first tried to say “unfortunately there is no ‘undo’ button with the photos edits. So within the app once a selection is made it sticks unless the photo is re-added.” I am editing 100 photos in the book that were manually selected from 400 wedding photos, so I will not be deleting photos to then find and re-add. Then I also pointed out to them that “there is an option that says ‘undo last edits’. It goes back to normal at that point. Then when you go back in to select a different filter the old one sticks. So there is a button, it’s just not working.” They responded with “yes I’m seeing that option as well, can I get back to you via email?” So, it is very time consuming adjusting filters. If only one can ever be selected then there should be the ability to select all photos and edit with the same filter. Instead you have to go in each photo one by one to change the filter. It makes no sense that you can’t try out a filter to see if it goes well. Waiting for their response to see how they will be fixing this issue. Will update rating when there is a fix!

rachi h, Apr 07, 2020
Blown away... :)

I just want to say what a pleasure it has been to use Chatbooks. It is my first time using your service. I created a book for my parents as a Christmas gift, recording our vacation together this past fall. We live far apart and wish we could be together during the holidays.I thought I didn't get it finished in time for Christmas. The original estimated date of delivery was Jan 3rd. Then I got an email letting me know it had shipped and they would get the book by December 31st. But I got a call from my parents today (Christmas Eve). They were so delighted and overcome with the beautiful book and the memories it held. Thank you for the beauty of the product. AND thank you for the folks that undoubtedly worked so hard to rush orders for Christmas. I was satisfied with the original date since I knew it was my own fault I had not gotten it finished and ordered in time. But you all pulled out all the stops for your customers for Christmas! My parents loved it so much it brought happy tears. Thank you for this Christmas gift. Please pass on my gratitude to those that worked so hard to accomplish this at such a busy time of year! Thank you! Thank you! Merry Christmas!

Sarah from Colorado, Dec 26, 2018
Concept is cool but the app has too many bugs

I’ve been using Chatbooks for 5 years now. The concept is very cool and simple. The books themselves are cute and are becoming better quality. At first I had wished the photos were better quality, but with the most recent book I received I was actually impressed with the improvement they’ve had. The text is small. They’ve made improvements but it still seems there’s plenty of room on the page to make the text bigger and/or allow more text. The But what I really want to review is the app. This app is the most frustrating app to use. I’ve never used an app that has as many bugs/glitches as this one does. And this has been constant over the last 5 years. You’d think they’d be able to get it together. Just weird things will happen like I can’t manually sort my pictures how I want, or new pictures are being added to a previous, locked, book. Or the captions say they’re within the allotted space, but then when I save it, it goes to a caption page. Their customer support is easy to contact and always try to help, but they often don’t know why it does it either. They’ll say things like the app is “being glitchy right now” except it’s been 10 months with many app updates and the app is STILL doing the same thing. They need new app developers or something.

ShaylaRae4, Jan 15, 2020
Not user friendly

I downloaded this app because they advertised that they sell peel and stick canvases and their reviews were better than Mixtiles. When I tried to purchase it kept telling me I had an invalid shipping address. I double checked three times. I get things shipped to my house constantly and the address was entered correctly. Prior to checkout, I also tried to create a photo book. I was promised this would be easy and only take about 5 minutes. I was prompted to pick out all the picture I wanted. It said I could choose over 300! I ended up at about 150 pictures. After automatically putting each picture on a separate page they wanted to charge me $90 for the book - I’m not paying that but no big deal, I want fewer pages with more pictures per page anyway. To add multiple pictures to one page I have to create a new page and then fish the pictures out of my camera roll again, then delete the separate pages I no longer want. What a slow and tedious process! Tl;dr: This was way too much work and then it bugged out at the last minute and wouldn’t complete the purchase.

smcninja, Jan 14, 2020


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