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User Reviews for Cepher

Thank you.

Thank you for making the Apocrypha Books available. And for grouping the all of the books in the manner that you have. I understand that no translation is “perfect” by everyone’s standards, for who can satisfy all? I read it along side our great KJV1611: both this app version and book form. One request though for the app, please add more options to increase font size.

Asian Backstreet, Jun 17, 2020
Such a fantastic app!

I’m thrilled just to have access to the Cepher on the go! Love the landscape mode and the night mode! And the ability to highlight more than one verse is great. The only thing that would make it more amazing would be audio and be able to sync your bookmarks and notes across the iCloud on your devices so I can pick up on my iPhone where I left off on my iPad Pro. As of now this app doesn’t even show up on my iPad Pro under Settings with the rest of the apps. And possibly an app for the Mac somewhere down the road?

BamaCricket, Dec 13, 2017
App no longer producing text and not accessible

I have been using the app for almost a year, I use Voice Over with the iPhone to read text; the app no longer produces text after selecting a book and chapter; I also sent a email to your company via the contact link on their web site, this is a expensive app, great when it worked! iPhone X *Update: this app still does not let anyone who uses voice over with the iPhone X or the updated iOS to use the app or listen to/read any of the content with in this app. It would be great if you guys actually read the comment section here, this app should be universally accessible to anyone whether they have a disability or not, please, learn what accessibility means and implemented for everyone, we really appreciate it… This is godly…

Big Philly Scene, Mar 15, 2018
***Update*** Excellent Resource!!

Initially, I thought the price for this resource was high, but as I have used it for many months, I realize how important and priceless the CEPHER is. I found myself coming back to it alongside other translations and have often preferred it. After regular usage, many of the names are now easier to recall, but the meanings are what heighten the clarification of right many difficult passages. I purchased a hard copy of the 3rd edition of the CEPHER not long after being introduced to the app. I am quite impressed with it (the paper is amazing by the way), but I quickly saw how much I underestimated this app’s functionality and value. I still use both and have even purchased a hard copy of the lexicon.The minor issues I had are next to non-existent now, so they are no longer even worth mentioning. I do, however, look forward to the implementation of audio and will gladly update this review to 5 stars upon its implementation. Thank you CEPHER publishing for your diligence; I am truly appreciative of the work that has gone into this project of recovery.

Brian Redell, Aug 29, 2018
So Thankful

I feel like I’m reading the most correct version of Yahuah’s word for the first time in my life.I view the price of the app as I would a purchase of an actual printed book instead of a typical app. It’s less expensive than buying a hard copy of just about any Bible out there. So now I have a portable, lightweight version with immediate notes about restored names — a very useful tool. To me it’s not as much about app functionality as having a correct resource. And updates are free for life!Hopefully our purchases will provide the needed funds for a small publisher to continue expanding the apps capabilities. I look forward to the planned audio version. I’m also planning a hard copy purchase ... Thanks Dr. Pidgeon and the Cepher team for all your hard work. The Word is essential for our very lives.

Caravaggio09, Jun 30, 2018
All notes are lost and I am devastated.

All praises to יהוה צבאות for this app. It is the perfect companion to the hard copy text that I ordered directly from the Cepher Publishing website. That have amazing costumer service. I love the convenience of this app. I love the ability to click on underlined words to learn pronunciation and definitions (this function works most of the time). I love every feature that is available on this app. What I do not love is the most crucial app feature which seems to be missing from this app. That is an account/sign-in function. I just got a new phone. When I re-downloaded this $22 app and sat down to study the Word, I was shocked to realize that all my notes, highlights, and bookmarked scriptures were gone. I am seriously devastated. All the in-the-moment notes that I’d taken in this app are gone. Simply because there is no option to create an account in order to save precious scripture notes and ideas. Hope this changes soon. Otherwise, I can’t help but feel that all my note highlights and bookmarks are in vain.

Cbrooke16, Apr 26, 2022
App is very rudimentary

The very first thing I noticed was the difficulty in swiping from page to page...it is very frustrating. Sometimes I have to swipe 5-6 times to go to the next page and swiping back is nearly impossible. I would also like to suggest an arrow at the top and the bottom so you could click back and forward. There is no multi-page viewing or cross reference functions. While I do appreciate the translation of the text and the ability to lookup certain words, it would be nice to have a verbal translation of these words.

Justme0405, Jul 14, 2021
A true blessing to read

It’s a blessing that the people over at CEPHER publishing work so hard to give us this translation. I understand what others say about the functionality of this app compared to other bible apps; but the message that is delivered within the CEPHER should far surpass any kind personal problems that people have with the functions of the app itself. I’m sure as time goes on, the developers will add updates to address people’s “ease of reading” issues, but we should put our focus into the message being delivered to use and not into how “easily” we can get it delivered to us. Thank you very much, everyone at CEPHER publishing, for all the work you have put into translating and making an app for modern day reading. I hope to save enough one day to purchase a hard copy of the CEPHER, but am very pleased nonetheless with the purchase of your app. Many blessings to you all and I look forward to what you guys will put out in the future. Shalom

klarsh, Aug 18, 2018
Impressive app with some added features would make it the perfect bible app

I would give a 5 star, but would love for the app to provide a cross-reference feature of precepts that connect other scriptures when hovering over a word. This bible app is filled will a wealth of wisdom, but at times it is hard to navigate because the function of going to the next chapter does not exist. In order to go to the next chapter on the iOS I have to get out of the chapter to enter into the next. If the app could connect to the speak feature on the iPhone it could eliminate the need for audio which would be nice, but in instances when I want to listen rather than read a feature that could highlight the entire passage and the speak feature is activated from the iOS would be nice until the audio feature is add. Other than those 2 request I love the app and the format.

Leigh$26, Nov 29, 2021
A lot disappointed

I had the free app then I decided to buy the paid thinking that it would be on the paid but it not #1 when u reading it doesn’t tell u the chapter u reading from just the verse and the book #2 you can’t flip to the other chapter you have to go back to the book icon for everything and it’s annoying this is a paid app there’s other bible app that it free with those little things on it .. I’m only giving 4 stars until it’s updated...

Nnajah, Jan 06, 2020


The Hebrew word eth (את) means divine, and the Hebrew word cepher (ספר) means book, scroll, letter or writing. Hence, the את CEPHER is the “Divine Book”. This complete collection of sacred scripture restores much of what has been removed and/or incorrectly interpreted in the Bible for centuries! • Sets forth a translation, rather than a substitution of the names of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. • Transliterates over 3,100 other Hebrew names and places without substitution. • Omitted in other translations, the את has been restored over 10,000 times. • Includes all of the 74 previously canonized books, plus another 13 books considered to be inspired and/or historically significant such as Chanok (Enoch) & Yovheliym (Jubilees) from the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as Yashar (Jasher), 2-4 Ezra (Esdras), 1-2 Baruk, and 1-4 Makkabiym (Maccabees) – all published in the chronological order of their writing. • Corrects the errors (for the first time) in Shiyr HaShiriym (Song of Solomon), Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 14, Zakaryahu (Zechariah) 5, Mattithyahu (Matthew) 23, and corrects several other notorious errors found in virtually all previous English translations. • Restores the 29th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles chronicling Paul’s journey to Spain.

The Cepher App allows you to easily search the scriptures by keyword, book, chapter or verse and is loaded with extra features, including: • Note-taking capability with sorting. • Highlighting available in seven different colors. • A Lexicon of all the transliterated Hebrew words found in the את CEPHER. • The Daily Hebrew Prayer. • Links to our Weekly Torah Portion, Dr. Stephen Pidgeon’s blog, articles and other free downloads available our website. One-time cost covers all future updates/ revisions to the text.

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