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CCM Quiz App

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User Reviews for CCM Quiz App

No ability to return to question once answer is revealed

It’s a good start and will help review, however there needs to be a way to return to the question when the correct answer is revealed. Others have mentioned the same thing months ago so this should have been fixed by now. A larger pool of questions would be beneficial as well. It also would help to have rationales listed with the correct answers.

Catrocamp, May 16, 2022

A quick easy review in catagories to help me stay focused - thank you!

ccm ready, Mar 09, 2021
Helped me pass

This was helpful while prepping for the exam! I used this app daily for about a month until test time. The questions were similar to those on the exam.

DjOfKC, Apr 23, 2023

Easy functionality paired with great content!

GWB666, Mar 09, 2021
Great App

This app is so helpful to run through questions to study for the exam .

laxwatcher, Mar 09, 2021
Pretty decent with room for improvement

Easy to use but needs a way to go back and review answers. Could provide justification for why one answer is correct but doesn’t. Needs more questions to be comprehensive. Small question pool.

Mac the Mouse, Dec 28, 2021
Better than nothing

Practice questions are great but would like the chance to review questions I got wrong to study. You can’t go back after you answer the question

Mldev, Oct 23, 2021
Love it!

Love the shuffle feature and that the questions are broken up into topics.

MomCrom2021, Mar 02, 2021
Quiz app

This is a great prep tool! I love using it while waiting on line when I am running errands!

MommaD!, Mar 09, 2021
Needs work, but certainly helpful

Overall, I like that this quiz app is available. For me, technology like this helps me focus my attention on studying (I’ve always got my phone in my face). The quizzes included seem pretty comprehensive and I do feel like I’m learning important content, however, there are three tweaks I see so far could help this app do more to help purchasers feel like the cost of the app is worth it:1. Include a “Next” button, rather than automatic progression to the next question. I don’t have time to process the correct/incorrect answer message before it’s splashed another question in my face. 2. Include rationales for the correct answer. Some questions are a bit vague and/or have VERY similar answer choices, so rationales for the correct answer would certainly help clarify and educate. 3. For the general quiz, include results pertaining to each of the categories/ knowledge domains to help identify which domains need more attention during study.

NickHasBeenNamed, Jun 10, 2022


Are you a professional case manager studying for certification and wanting to test your knowledge base? An experienced case manager who would like to refresh your knowledge? If so, download this Quiz App, the newest resource to help case managers studying for certification, featuring nearly 200 CCMC-authorized questions.

Available on your mobile device, you can conveniently study on the go, testing your knowledge and mastery of essential case management knowledge domains. Mimicking the question format of the actual exam, you will receive immediate feedback as the app displays the number of correct vs incorrect responses, highlighting potential areas of weakness in case management knowledge domains and available at your fingertips 24/7. Key Features: No repeats until you’ve seen all the questions Automatic shuffle so you remember the answer to the question, not just the order of the answers Gain access to nearly 200 test questions developed by CCMC subject matter experts Motivational messaging to reward and encourage continued success Immediate notification of correct answer Questions divided into key case management knowledge domains Track your progress to know how many questions remain before you complete your session Our system keeps track of your average score and your last score Disclaimer: Purchase of this product is not required. By purchasing or attending any prep courses or study materials, there is no guarantee you will pass the CCM exam.

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