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Sakiko Muto
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Really enjoying this developer’s games. It seems that each new game they release is better than the last... more intricate and creative. They’ve come a long way compared to their very first game. Looking forward to future releases.Thank you!

ally555, Jul 14, 2021
Only took on day but AMAZING

I downloaded this game thinking that it was just gonna be a game about cats or something but instead it revealed my love of escape rooms. Clues are tough but possible and fun, and overall a beautiful game. Would recommend downloading for many reasons.

bananadishwashergirl123, Aug 27, 2021
LOVE!! Please Make More!!!

My friends my family And I are all in LOVE with these games.. Played every single one and hope they make more!!! Adorable Fun Challenging.. fun to play with friends or to pass time.. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Please make more!!!💛

BootsBenny, Apr 13, 2022
Lynchian escape…with cats

David Lynch - Disturbing + Cats = this game. I took off one star because of a poorly one early step requires you to tap on an unmarked area to retrieve an object. Otherwise the puzzle mechanics are well designed. Many are surreal (as to be expected with cats) while remaining mostly intuitive.

Doctor Rhythm, Sep 26, 2021
Whimsical and Engaging

I very rarely post reviews but this game was so visually appealing but also mentally engaging. Sometimes these types of indie style point and games can be either visually beautiful but the gameplay is either impossible or are more of a story with some game elements. I only got stuck once but if flowed pretty easy from there.

Elinor Rigby, Mar 25, 2022
Cat mom

This game was absolutely amazing, I don’t usually write reviews but I just couldn’t resist with this one! Thank you for the experience, I'm off to play the second one in the series!

Purple_ice92, Mar 30, 2022
Waste of time!

I was at first really excited to play this game!! However, when I got to lock five, i got stuck. I had already watched the ad so I got the hint and knew what to do, but the numbers wouldn’t open the cabinet. I even gave up and eventually searched for a walk through, only to find that I was using the correct answer, but the cabinet just wouldn’t open. Am honestly sad because I was so excited to play this game, but there’s only so much you can do. So: if you want a game that doesn’t disappoint you a few minutes in, this game is, unfortunately, not the one for you.

rR0SLYN, May 26, 2022
Amazing series!

I love all of the games from this creator! Not only are the visuals clean, cute, and simple, but they morph into really interesting concepts as you fall deeper into the layers of each level. I have solved two so far, and they are difficult in a clever way that you don’t want to cheat the experience by looking at hints too soon (which are easily accessible and don’t give away too much). Truly whimsical experience that really makes you think.

sam16481549164, Jun 13, 2022
Wonderful game, but I’m stuck.

I didn’t put the driver on before taking the net. And now I can’t proceed. There’s no way for me to get the two items together. :( I don’t want to start from the beginning.

Shirkamisamyogai, Dec 10, 2021
Pretty good game

I finished the game in an afternoon. It was still pretty engaging. The clues aren’t super apparent but they’re still easy enough that you don’t need a hint. Really liked the aesthetics of the game and the concept of going into a different universe/dimension through inanimate objects or dreams. Fun and entertaining.

Tingfjkfffjj, Jul 29, 2021


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