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User Reviews for Cartographers

The monsters are ridiculous

When I play with the physical game and the cards are truly random, I very rarely get more than one monster in a row or two per game. Occasionally, but not almost every time. It ruins the game. Sometimes 3 in a row, usually the last round. Sometimes early on… You either spend the majority of the game working around the monsters or they all come in the last round where you don’t have time to do anything. Complained about this a year ago. Forgot I had the game, started playing again and was reminded how bad it was. I see that others have complained about it too. It would be great if it weren’t for the monsters being so ridiculously over done… the other thing that happens a lot is getting ruins spaces right after the monsters where you can’t fill in the spaces properly: Randomly and Occasionally would be fine but this is almost every game.Also, a true option for multiplayer would be appreciated. I wonder if the developers even pay attention to our pleas given that the same concerns are echoed over and over.

Blinkygin, Jan 05, 2022
Registration System is Broken

Overall, the game plays really well. I really like how the game fills in the board and the aesthetics are great! Unfortunately, the registration system is broken if you’ve played another BrettSpielWelt game (for me, Ganz Schön Clever). It does not recognize my email address as being registered and does not allow me to enter my user name since it is already being used. Please fix this so I can play all modes of the game. Thanks!

btmurphy88, Aug 23, 2020
Love the game. The app needs a little work

Not a horrible implementation, but there a couple of issues.#1. There seems to be an issue with the randomization. It seems like about 80% of the time, the first monster card to be drawn is the three diagonal one, or otherwise it’s the one with two separate rectangles. I almost never see on of the other two unless I get three monsters in a game.#2. If there is a way to quit a game in the middle, I haven’t found it. I have to quit the app and restart.#3. Along that line, if I accidentally quit the app, there’s no option to resume a previously started game.#4. Some of the trophies don’t seem to work - I’ve definitely completed all 16 tasks but don’t have that trophy.

Charoco71, Aug 24, 2020
Restarting a Game

The implementation is overall pretty clean but there is little orientation for how to use the interface. This is especially problematic for something as basic as how to start a new game when you already have a game in progress. There is a prompt asking you if you want to continue but there doesn’t seem to be a way to say “No.”

ChrisIsOkayAtThis, Oct 23, 2020
Good game but a bug need to fix

It can’t save the game automatically, after I finished 10+ games, only one game is going to my score board. There is no clear way to exit the game when you finish, click menu? Or? I thought that might be why my game record did not update.

darknightmare2020, Sep 02, 2020
Fun game; a bit buggy

This is a great solo game.I have had it freeze hard a few times, fully losing my game in progress. I suspect this will be fixed with updates.I'd love a synchronous head-to-head mode against friends.

ecgo4, Aug 31, 2020
Brilliant game, decent implementation

I was sad to find that this digital implementation doesn’t have pass and play or online games. Additionally a way to use the app as a simple board would be greatly appreciated. My review will jump to 5 stars if they add these features! Even if they simply make multiplayer based on a random seed (like the iOS version of On Tour!) I think the app would be greatly improved.

GTRichardson, Aug 18, 2021
Love it but...

1) love the app and have a lot of fun playing it. Yes there are things that could be done to improve but over all great job and as updates happen it will get better. 2) one thing I would love is the option to just use the app to play the physical version without having to use the sheets. (Use the physical cards, but the app will act only as a sheet) So that A group could play without having to use the paper up if everyone has it. (Similar to the welcome to... app)

Namtabmi, Oct 21, 2020
Pretty good

Pretty good adaption of the game. One area that needs improvement is when playing offline the AI makes stupid decisions of where to put the ambush cards. It does not choose the best location. It doesn’t exploit open areas, but puts them near the edge of the board so some squares are already covered. The other option that is needed is there should be an undo button in case you make a placement error.

Putzman Rudy, Jun 11, 2021
Excellent Gameplay with confusing rewards

I have played this for three weeks solid. The implementation is excellent and the app works well. I really like the yellow and red options for the puzzles along with the leaderboards. Everything is clear, colorful and I like the intuitive rotation. There are some bugs that could use attention:*music stops typically midway through a game*leaderboards don’t register - example today I reached a score of 60 on red (cards and goals fixed) and it hasn’t registered - and I got scores of 57, 56 and 55 before that which didn’t register either*no explanation of how to achieve several goals - Example: defend against all monsters; I’ve played multiple times to try to gain but the achievement is still greyed out so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong*10 Guild Achievement appears broken since I’ve played daily and (I think) gotten well above this. (25 Guild could be as well but I am pretty sure I need this one first?)

Varianor, Oct 25, 2020


Queen Gimnax has ordered the reclamation of the northern lands. As a cartographer in her service, you are sent to map this territory, claiming it for the Kingdom of Nalos. Through official edicts, the queen announces which lands she prizes most, and you will increase your reputation by meeting her demands.

But you are not alone in this wilderness. The Dragul contest your claims with their outposts, so you must draw your lines carefully to reduce their influence. Reclaim the greatest share of the queen’s desired lands and you will be declared the greatest cartographer in the kingdom. Experience the fascination of this tactical Flip & Write game now as an App. - Nominated for the Expert Game of the Year 2020 - Tactical Legendary Game - Flip & Write game from the Roll Player universe - 3 different modes with varying degrees of randomness - Compete with players from all over the world via weekly highscorelists - Collect Achievements and become the most legendary cartographer of all times. Awards: 2020 Expert Game of the Year 2020 Nominee 2019 Golden Geek Best Solo Board Game Nominee 2019 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee 2019 Cardboard Republic Socializer Laurel nominee

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