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Can you guess the Words?

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Can you guess the Words?

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User Reviews for Can you guess the Words?


I couldn’t even see the hint. I have an iPhone 11. Please update. I downloaded the game all because I liked the show.

Alesia Stephens, Oct 12, 2021
Stopped working

Something happened to game. No longer shows which letters are n the word and/or in the right spot. And does not acknowledge the correct word. I deleted and reinstalled and still nothing.

aligone, Jun 06, 2020

My game isn’t working. It’s not highlighting the letters I have correctly placed.

bellahonor1234, Jun 05, 2020
Just like the game show⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

If you remember Lingo from GSN than this is the exact replica of that game! One comment said ads were intrusive but there are few ads, especially compared to other games. Definitely something I can deal with considering this is so fun!!! Thanks for developing your his app!!!

bonanovas, Oct 01, 2021
Awesome Game!

I finally found a game that I really liked as a word game enthusiast. Unfortunately, I got to 944, correctly guessed the clue and then the app crashed. Now I’m extremely frustrated.

Delight77, Aug 18, 2021
Weird words

Weird uncommon words at least for the United States anyway. Oaken, Billy etc. Used to be fun but now it’s not because of words I’ve never heard of or would even think of.

mamag41, May 02, 2020
Some changes not good....used to be the best Lingo

Too many difficult words and they need to omit proper names like BILLY and PG13 words like the 'P' word for a males private. I'm serious! It was there!!!

MINJLD, Feb 08, 2020
Political Ads in Game Must STOP

Ads periodically intrude in the game. No big deal, until I noticed today the ads are from the Republican committee about New York Governor Cuomo.Did the Russians hack the game? Come on guys...this is supposed to be a silly word game to escape the partisan politics. Can’t play this game if I’m going to be bombarded with propaganda.

Pxveri, Mar 18, 2018

Awwwww...why did you have to go and fix what wasn’t broken?? Graphics are distracting. I’m not six years old!! Geeze.

Super Star App, May 30, 2018
Adverts stop game.

I still don’t like the fact that you can put in any gibberish instead of words. But, in answer to another person’s complaint, I do like words that are not common because it is good for people with a wide vocabulary. But now, when the advertisement for another game comes up and takes over the screen, you cannot get out of it, so your Lingo game ends because you have to restart Lingo. Please fix.

tomaso75, Dec 21, 2020


Words! is a game inspired by the popular game show Lingo. How to play?

The objective of the game is to find hidden words (eg. in 5x5 game mode you should guess the five-letter words in five attempts). The game includes three game modes: 4x4 (easy), 5x5 (normal, default), 6x6 (hard) and 5 Rounds. The drawn word has been hidden on the board. The first letter of the word is always displayed. After entering the word, it will appear on the board. Each letter will be highlighted in a specific color: > Green: The letter is in the right place. > Yellow: The letter is in the word, but it is not the right place. > Blue: The letter does not occur in the guessed word. Game modes: > 4x4, 5x5, 6x6: In these game modes you guess 4, 5 and 6 letter words. Time of the round is limited. > 5 Rounds: In this game you will guess the five-letter words. In the game you have to guess only five words. Unlike other games - you have only one "chance". > Time Trial: In this game you will guess the five-letter words. In the game you have to guess only five words. Unlike other games - you can guess as many words as possible in limited time. > No Limit: You There is no time limit in this mode. You can guess words in: English, French, Polish, Spanish and Dutch language. We wish you many words arranged. The main features of the Words: - Nice graphics, - Many words to guess, - Free for all - Addictive gameplay (similar to original Lingo game) - Achievements to gain

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