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User Reviews for CameraVision

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

iOS doesn’t allow the camera app to stay in landscape mode when air playing to a smartTV.. this app is EXACTLY the perfect fix to this issue (seriously, Apple??). Now I can clamp my phone to a shelf and project pottery demos from the wheel and painting demos from my desk in FULL SCREEN. So thankful for this and hope it’ll make my classroom that much easier. Can’t wait to test it out on Monday.

becks014, Jan 11, 2020
iPhone 6s - output not full screen

On my iPhone 6s the image seen on-screen and sent to the HDMI is cropped to something slightly less than a full 1080p image. This results in black bars on two sides of the image on my HDMI tv. iOS 12.3.1. If I record the output and use it as the source for a movie, I’ll have a lot more work to do than if I was getting a true 1080p signal. If this is a bug, and it gets fixed, I’d up my rating to a 5.

Buyer Beware 1, Jun 05, 2019
Focus Lock STILL Missing

This app is billed as a potential document camera replacement, but who wants a document camera that focuses on a hand instead of the document?Think of the teachers that use this to do worked examples and demonstrations and their students see constant focus shifting.WHAT KIND OF DEVELOPER IGNORES A VITAL PART OF AN APP FOR YEARS UPON YEARS?

dhusen, Dec 21, 2018
Worked perfectly!

This app is straightforward and intuitive. Worked exactly as needed- only a video shows on the projector screen with no controls.

Elle_milly, Nov 03, 2016
Best overhead projector ever

I routinely demonstrate small objects to large audiences. It is always difficult to find the necessary overhead projection equipment.This app allows me to use my iphone + hdmi converter + car mount phone holder to project an amazingly high quality image.Definitely worth every penny!

genericgio, Sep 23, 2015
LiveStreaming Video from iPhone with no Overlay!

If you are looking to use your iPhone as a full screen video source in OBS or livestreaming, this is the app you need. In fact, it's the only one I have ever found. It works perfectly. $1 is a steal for this, please support this dev because this product is gold.

iRobPod, Feb 19, 2022
Worked like a charm

I was looking for something that could be used as a live camera streamed to my Apple TV. This worked like a charm the first time I fired it up. My intentions were to use it to help with some homeschooling projects. Other uses are obvious such as presentations, document viewer, etc. Thanks for making the exact app I was hunting for!

justinapeterswv, Feb 02, 2019
Generally great. 60fps video preview?

I’ve just been testing this briefly and so far it looks great. But I noticed that if I set video recording to 60fps in the main camera app, I get a much lower latency preview over USB (QuickTime Player). That doesn’t seem to benefit this app, though. Could you somehow switch it to use the the 60fps preview mode if available?

Kenneth Arnold, Sep 13, 2020
Loved it, but no updates rendered it useless

I used this app for years in my classroom. It was the simplest and cheapest way to get a document camera, and the image was always so clear and high quality. I recommended it to everyone. But this summer I upgraded my phone to a 13 Pro, and the image is always upside down. The app will rotate to the side, but will not go upside down to project images. I am disappointed. I really loved this app. Too bad the developers have ignored it for so long.

Lauren E.S., Sep 02, 2022
Worked great for 5 minutes

Wanted to use this app to pipe camera feed from my phone into a live stream. It connected great the first time for a few minutes, but now I just get an alert that says “No External Display” I tried deleting and restarting with no luck. I know I am connected because my screen is mirroring in obs. Please fix!

Photographic inspiration, May 18, 2020


"CameraVision" outputs the images of the built-in camera and the corresponding sounds from the built-in microphone to an external device such as a projector or a TV monitor. This application can be used similar to a "document camera (overhead projector)" or a "live camera" to project documents, objects, people or scenes onto a large screen. In addition, showing a still image from Photo Albums is possible.

A dock/Lighting-connector adapter/cable can be used and the wireless transfer to Apple TV (AirPlay) is also supported. The following adapters/cables are supported: - Lightning to VGA Adapter - Lightning Digital AV Adapter (HDMI) - Apple VGA Adapter - Apple Digital AV Adapter (HDMI) - Apple Composite AV Cable - Apple Component AV Cable - Apple TV (2nd generation and later) This application has the functions listed below. You can set them up easily using the buttons on the screen. - Rear camera / front camera switching - Camera image resolution switching from SD (640x480 pixels) up to Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) - External display image resolution switching from SD (640x480 pixels) up to Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) - Scale mode switching of "Fit", "Fill" or "Resize" - Image rotation switching of "Rotatable" or "Fixed" - Image pausing or playing - Flash light switching - Audio output from microphone - Display of an on-screen pointer at touched position - Display of a grid image - useful to adjust image projection - Display of setting informations on an external display - Image black out switching - Automatic adjustment of focus, exposure and white balance - Displaying a still image from Photo Albums - Image zooming by double-tap or pinch - Paused image saving and sharing * These functions depend on devices and adapter/cables used. * Please unplug and then plug your dock adapter/cable if no image is shown on the external display properly. * Microphone input can be sent to an external speaker via HDMI, Composite or Component cable with the camera image. It can be sent wirelessly to Apple TV (AirPlay). When using a VGA cable, plug an audio cable to iPhone's headphone jack. * To work with Apple TV, tap the home button twice, then go to the leftmost page, tap the AirPlay button, select your Apple TV and turn on mirroring. iOS: Use AirPlay Mirroring http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201335

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