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Camera M - Professional Camera

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User Reviews for Camera M - Professional Camera

Love this camera!

Edit after a lightning-fast response from the developer:After trying a half-dozen camera apps with similar features, I landed on this one and was instantly hooked. Intuitive controls and a great design had me snapping happily away early on. My own misunderstanding about file formats and previews led me to believe there was a bug, but the developer reached out and quickly helped me remedy the issue. Now I can safely say that this was the camera app I was looking for all along.

bumbleguff, Mar 18, 2019
Mind-blowingly good

I have bought all of the camera apps. Seriously, almost all of them. And none have had everything I want—until now. A couple of features that are important to me: 1. The ability to control ISO with shutter speed in auto without significant lag...almost no other apps have this and it is the most important feature, in my opinion, for getting quality pictures on iPhone, especially with the wide angle. 2. Deep fusion. 3. An EXCELLENT and intuitive UI that is just a pleasure to use. I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet. If you are a serious photographer you will not be disappointed.

Itsdocyall, Jul 30, 2020
iPhone 13 Pro HDR has gone bonkers!!

Thank goodness for this app. The new camera on the 13’s has no ability (as of now) to turn off the crazy HDR. The pictures are not great if your a serious photographer. Camera M is the complete package. Beautiful interface, precise controls, and the pictures don’t look artificial like coming out of the stock camera app. This app is far better than the stock app, or even Halide! Try it if you want total control!

jeffruth, Sep 27, 2021
Feels Like an advanced version camera+ 2

I used Camera+ 2 & halide to take photos and they're my favourite but sometimes they get the pictures right sometimes until I tried out Camera M It gets perfect shots whenever I use it but it has some problems like the depth mode looks kinda weird and buggy and doesn't focus on the right things but I don’t use the telephoto lens that much so it's just a small problem but this is a great camera app if u just need a prefect without too much going on

peridotcheese3, Dec 19, 2020
Could Be A Great Camera

The camera has a ton of features but half the time they don’t work. For instance I tried to click on the support tab and nothing happens. I try to click on the tutorial tab and nothing happens. They need to add in 16x9 and other formats as it only has one format right now and also they need to add in a picture editor like the other really good cameras on the App Store. Also it is very confusing to figure out when your new at it. Other than that it seems like it is a decent camera but I have others that are better but I will keep trying it every now and then to see if they update these issues because then it would be my go to camera.

PS4guy!, Dec 18, 2018
Responsive Developer

Initially – though I like this app very much - I rated it one star because it kept prompting me over, and over, and over again to rate the app. Asking more than once is annoying; asking more than twice is obnoxious – especially for an app I’ve paid for.The developer explained, however, that this problem is created by Apple, not the developer. That being so, I am revising my review. This app is full-featured, with a user-friendly interface and excellent controls.

Rants-n-Raves, Jan 21, 2018
Absolutely fantastic!

Camera-M just overtook every other camera app I have installed as my primary go-to for photography on iOS. This app is exquisitely designed and a joy to use. The built in guides are great at clarifying the bevy of features this app offers. I love the focus peaking and tracking, the intuitive, accessible controls and the clear feedback interactions (love the half-screen flash to indicate a reset completed). All in all Camera-M delivers the fit and finish I've been looking for in a camera app but haven't found... until now!

Simpson Design, Dec 21, 2017
Best Camera App

I couldn’t decide between three camera apps (Camera-M, Halide, & Obscura 2) so rather than take someone else’s word for it I purchased all three to try. After spending the last couple of days with them how Camera-M isn’t a top 10 app in Photo & Video I’ll never understand.. The only reason I can figure is hype for the others and lack of word of mouth so I’m here to do my part. If I had to rank them it would be:#1 Camera-M#2 Obscura 2#3 HalideThis app just feels well designed, clean, and fun to use. I took my best shots and was most inspired while using it. Obscura 2 had a couple of features that I liked but overall just did not match Camera-M. Don’t even get me started on Halide.. I’ll just say for me it felt like I could have just taken the 5 bucks, set it on fire and got about the same satisfaction.With so many choices out there and so little information to go on it’s hard to settle on one especially with a limited budget but I’m so glad I found this app!

Sooner4Life76, Dec 26, 2019
Didn’t work for me.

From my 35 mm days ... the moment I used my Canon A-1, I knew I had a camera that was functionally exactly how I worked. It was PERFECT! ... for me. The same for the Canon 5D that replaced it. The perfect junction of form and function. Camera M has NONE of that feel. A frustrating hour in was enough to understand I don’t work photography the way this app is set up ... a total lack of intuitive interaction for me.I know a lot of thought went into this format, and I see from many other reviews that a lot of users are quite happy, but it didn’t work for me.I didn’t want to just trash your app, but I will keep looking ... thank anyway.

Terrapin101, Sep 14, 2020
A game-changer if you're serious about mobile photography

Before deciding to give Camera-M a try, I went ahead and purchased Filmic Firstlight. I will just say this: what a mistake. Camera-M has a superb set of tools for a serious photographer. Just by trying its white balance tool, I came to a quick realization of its power. I had assumed Firstlight had a similar white balance feature as its older brother (Filmic Pro). Boy was I wrong! If you understand the importance of being able to set a custom white balance in your images look no further, Camera-M’s white balance tool makes Filmic Pro’s feel like an amateur’s toy. I'm still to try several other of its features, but I'm definitely impressed so far. I'll come back once I have updates on that. To the people behind this app: guys, you really need to have more videos available. One of the reasons I was doubtful to jump on board was the lack of more tutorials. Time to let the world know you're out there!

Yphex, Apr 05, 2020


Camera M is a professional and modern camera designed to do one thing exceptionally well — to help you capture beautiful photos in the highest possible quality with powerful and precise manual camera controls akin to a DSLR. HIGHLIGHTS • Fluid gesture-based native manual controls • Minimum focus distance display for macro photography • Focus Tracking using AI • Focus Peaking and 4x magnifier loupe with panning function • Live RGB and RGB luminance histograms • Manual gray card calibration • Max Image Processing to ensure the absolute best image quality • All the image formats: ProRAW*, RAW*, HEIF*, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG • Multiple modes: Single, Burst, Timer, Live*, Depth*, Dual Photo*, and Bracket • Triple Photo mode with simultaneous ultra-wide, wide-angle, and telephoto camera capture* • Darkroom integration • Great Widgets for photography CAMERA CONTROLS – Manual focus control – Macro and Scene focus presets – Exposure bias control – Manual ISO & exposure duration adjustments – ISO & exposure duration semi-priority modes – Manual white balance temperature and tint control – White balance presets – Gray card white balance calibration – Auto, on, and off flash modes – Manual torch brightness level control – Manual switching between Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras* – Digital pinch zoom with 10x range IMAGE FORMATS – Apple ProRAW* – RAW with stabilization* – HEIF with optional minimum compression* – JPEG with optional minimum compression – TIFF – PNG – Live Photo* – P3 wide color support* SHOOTING MODES – Single – Burst – Timer – Depth* – Dual/Triple Photo* – Live Photo* – Bracket TOOLS – Exposure offset gauge – Focus tracking using AI – Live focus peaking assistant – 4x magnifier loupe with panning function – Minimum focus distance display – Live RGB and RGB luminance histograms – Highlight & shadow alert display – Horizon level with available pitch tracking and flat options – Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio, Quadrant, and Square grids – Siri Shortcuts – Detailed camera specifications display with PDF export MAX IMAGE PROCESSING – Deep Fusion and Smart HDR support for iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 series – Ensures maximum image quality with better noise reduction, image stabilization, and additional processing for all other iPhones and iPads. CAMERA ROLL – Summarized and full EXIF metadata display – Location data display with compass and elevation – RGB and RGB luminance histogram displays – Access to all photo albums and folders WIDGETS – Golden Hour: Sun event times and sun position – EXIF: Summarized EXIF metadata for the last image – Cameras: Hardware specifications for available cameras APPLE WATCH SUPPORT – Shutter button control with timer function – Sunrise, sunset, and Golden Hour display with sun position indicator ERGONOMICS – True one-handed control on all iPhones – An uncompromising approach to user experience in landscape orientation – Cursor and keyboard shortcut support for iPad* TECHNOLOGY Camera M is powered exclusively by native APIs and frameworks.

There are absolutely no dependencies on any outside sources. This makes Camera M responsive and efficient — from its small download size down to its quick app launch times. We hope you enjoy taking amazing photos with Camera M! More information: www.camera-m.com User manual: www.camera-m.com/manual Get in touch: [email protected] Follow us: @CameraMApp #CameraM * These features are available on supported devices only. * Depth capture requires iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS series, XR, 11 series, SE 2, 12 series, 12 Pro series, 13 series, or 13 Pro series. * Depth/Portrait capture for selfies requires an iPhone or an iPad with a TrueDepth camera system. * RAW capture requires iPhone 6s or later, iPad 6th generation, or iPad Pro 9.7-inch or later. * Apple ProRAW capture requires iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Series. * For more information on device and feature compatibility: www.camera-m.com/compatibility

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